Sunday, June 10, 2012


These are things i considered as happiness, especially for these days :

- wake up in Friday, have a good feeling that weekend is about to start!
- wash then blow dry in saloon. mood booster!
- take a picture than post it in instagram.
- listening to others song through Path. cool application.
- download new cool apps (especially if they are free. hihihi)
- wake up everyday before alarm and realize i still have minutes to snuggle on bed.
- mom's call every Saturday and the other days.
- eating spicy food. 
- meet up with high school friends.
- revisiting campus and malls around there.
- funny chit chat with work mates. they are hillarious! hehehe
- finally find a new sleeping lamp. woohoo.
- perfectly fit in kebaya i will wear at sister's upcoming wedding, though i gained some weight. 
- go home on time without overwork.
- bernadi's corned beef. yum yum yum.
- sweet words, sweet text and sweet affection. thank you.