Monday, December 27, 2010

How i miss blogging via laptop. Putting and editing pictures, editing posts, and giggling all the time remembering stories from the pictures. Ah ya, Merry Christmas dear friends. I hope you had a very great time with your beloved ones, family-friends-lover. Mine was full with good food and great family. Thank God.

*i'm praying for a great New Year Eve too.

Friday, December 17, 2010

as far as i can remember

Hello. I'm quite surprise that my internet connection is still on, although i haven't pay it. Not that i didn't have money, but i feel like using modem is a best way for me now. I'm not a internet freak, i use internet just for blog (cause i forgot how to post via blackberry, huhu) and to find some sources for college stuffs. So, maybe it'll be my last post from laptop this year and i'm gonna put pictures here. Hihihi..

Well, related to the title, i was blogwalking on my own blog these hours. Yeah, i spent hours reading my own blog, reminiscing some stories, laughing, feel the urge to delete some posts, mad on it, and a bit teary at last. But, i'm glad, i have you, bloggie, although lately you didn't have my whole attention. But don't worry, i'm still here, pouring you with my feeling, thoughts, daily stuffs, just like now.

I'll be home for Chirstmas, like last year. Last Christmas, as far as i can remember was in Medan. Yup, me and the whole family from daddy's side were in Medan, celebrating my grandma's 75th birthday. Then, 2 days after Christmas, we (minus dad) flew back to Manado and celebrated New Year and my birthday of course in Manado. I brought lomo with me, spent birthday with my friends and family. A happy celebration, as i remember. Ah ya, me and mom were cheated to brother. We opened his facebook and found out his girlfriend while he was playing outside. Hahaha. Yeah, it was all last year stories. Now, i'm facing another great holiday. Christmas, birthday, and New Year with beloved ones, and i won't ask for more.

ps : dear Santa, although i said beloved ones is more than enough for me, but i do hope you'll send me a true love. a big one santa, cause i heard many bad news about heavy rain in hometown. okay, thank you. *kiss kiss!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

in days count

1. I'll finish my final exam regardless the marks. Hehehe. I felt bad this semester.
2. I'll check all mother's request as 'checked'.
3. I'm gonna eat waffle and ice cream from Pancious. I've been craving for it since I got my ticket home.
4. Me and brother will find little brother's request. I knew I couldn't find it myself.
5. I'm gonna drink quickly everytime I go to mall. Hehehe..
6. I'll find my second birthday gift for my self. I also have to tell Epenk to bring the first one. I-am-indeed-beyond-excited!
7. Should manage time to pack. Huff, clumsy me.
8. I'll meet him and spend times together. Woohoo!
9. I'll be 21yo. A bit scary but I know I'm gonna enjoy my day. Hihihi.

Monday, December 6, 2010

cookies stories

Happy dawn everyone. Yup, this dawn I'm writing a new post, trying to use my blackberry again. To be frank, i dislike writing in blackberry. Unfortunately, due to this holiday season are coming in weeks and the lack connection in Manado is await, posting via blackberry is the only good solution. So, we'll see if its work like last year.

Anyway, I'm having my first final exams in hours count. 6chapters about counseling and psychotherapy. Oh, please kill me because there are still lots of therapy to be read. And I'm a bit hungry. Huhuhu.. I wish I had some breads in my room, but I have none. But, lucky me, I found some snacks, like this chocolate chips. Yeyy! Give me a toast! I'm munching on it while writing this post actually. Hihi.. I can't resist its good smell. Hmm, heavenlyyy. I like FA though I'm not a big fan of chocolate and chips. You should try yourself and will fall for it.

Ah ya, yesterday I also browsed some kind of stuffs I'd like to have for my upcoming birthday. Ice cream cake was one of the top list. I'd like to blow a candle on it, but the main problem is how can I bring it in 3,5hours flight? Huhu.. My D said that I shouldn't bring it to Manado but eat it in Jakarta. I'm into pieces T.T Then I turned to Harvest cake, but he refused again. Huhu.. I'd like to blow a candle this year. But I have no favorite cake in hometown, that's why I listed cake I like in Jakarta to be brought home. Huff, maybe I should ask him to find me a tasteful cake, cheese cake will be better to be my birthday cake. Hehe, sorry for my endless wishes dear boyfriend. Did I just say boyfriend? Yup, one of my birthday wish has just fulfilled a week ago. I'll spend my birthday with someone and I love that fact. Hehe.. I wish I could write posts about him later. I promise you, bloggie. No need to worry, you'll have tons of sweet memories.

Happy Monday!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Zangrandi Ice Cream

If you ever tried Ragusa Ice Cream in Jakarta, i bet you'll love Zangrandi Ice Cream too. You can try it if you go to Surabaya first. Hehehe.. I went to Surabaya 2 weeks ago, but unfortunately i couldn't manage time to post about the only place i excited to go in Surabaya, beside Tunjungan Plaza as well. Thank God i went there with my high school friends. Good ice creams, good place, good chat, good friends, that's all you need to have a great weekend :)

meet my ice cream : Copabanana

ps : i wish i could share you more pictures about Surabaya, but unfortunately i didn't bring my camera along with me, neither D SLR or lomo. So, i only took some pictures by blackberry and you knew how bad it was. yeah, like pictures above.

pps : Surabaya was as hot as i recalled. Err, maybe hotter. But i love their new airport. Somewhat similar with Changi, in my opinion :p

wishes list

Ignore the title please, because in fact i won't ramble in here about my wishes. One month prior to my birthday actually and surprisingly i don't come with (lots) wishes this year. Maybe just one wish, a silly one. I only wish i could have 2010 again, or maybe longer than it should be. I just love this year and a bit worry about next year. Hahaha.. Silly wish right? Will someone surprise me with this gift? No one can, for sure.

Anyway, i lied to you if i said i have nothing on wish list. Maybe each day i woke up, i've already have a wish. A simple one, i wish i could have lunch in some places (i'm all about good food *pardon me hehe) or i wish i won't be late to campus. Just a little wish everyday. But it'll be different if you list your wishes for your upcoming birthday. I did it months ago. Some wishes were on my lists, some were checked, yet some are about to be fulfilled. Another silly list about things i need to have or at least i thought maybe i'll need it someday. Actually i could make a new list, butttt, somehow i just need the time could walk slower then i'll have more time to rethink about things i like. Though i know, in the end  i want nothing but Hermione's pendulum to travel through times. Hahaha..

My friend, Desi, was here for hours ago and teased me about many things today and vice versa. Suddenly she asked what i want for my birthday. Okay, she's really a good friend. Hahaha.. She told me that once i pointed 'a thing' in one shop to her and said that i want that thing. I recalled it for minutes before i got what 'thing' and automatically i said yes, i still need it. Though it wasn't on my list anymore. Hehe.. Ah, maybe i should write down again those things and remind my friends that they still have one month to prepare their gifts. Hahaha.. I love listing stuffs i like as much as i'm happy having those stuffs again and again. Sorry for my ramble post tonight, bloggie. But don't you think that time flies so fast this year? Cause i do.

Monday, November 22, 2010

a picture of diana

Just found this picture from tumblr. My own Diana is on my right, next to my old wallet. I'm about to finish the current roll as soon as possible. A bit curious on how good this ASA 200 roll could develop images. Fingers cross they'll be good images, so i could still use the roll. Now it's way too hard to find the old one. Huff.. Diana Mini oh Diana Mini. Me love you!

Monday, November 15, 2010

photo hunting 1 - Monas

Hallo bloggie.
Saya super-duper kangen. Beneran deh. Kayaknya kebanyakan kegiatan di kampus maupun luar kampus sampai tak sempat (banyakan sih karena malas) update blog. Hey, kali ini saya khusus online untuk kamu loh. Yah, sebelum saya menghilang kembali seminggu ini, ada tugas kenegaraan yang perlu diemban (mulai lebay), saya update-update dikit lah ya.

Kemarin saya dan anak2 kampus yang menamai diri Club Photography Psychology UNTAR pergi ke Monas rame2. Ceritanya sih photo hunting gitu. Ngumpul deh di kampus jam 7, oh Tuhan, susahnya bangun pagi setelah malamnya begadang2 tak jelas, tapi kita semua kekumpul kok. Dikit sih, 12 orang aja. Katanya yang lain pada ga bisa, yowess, masih ada hunting berikutnya. Hehehe.. Naik busway sama2 deh, then next stop Halte Monumen Nasional di depan mata. Monas, kami datang!

Lagi panas banget lagi. Iya tahu, matahari pagi memang bagus, tapi ini panas. Panas gerah karena abis ujan sebelum itu. Yah, alamat kita semua cranky deh dan nyerah ga mau naik ke atas. Panas plus ngantrinya bak ular melilit2 gitu. Bagi2 tiket deh ke pengunjung lain, moga2 mereka ga kasih ke pengunjung lainnya lagi karena malas ngantri. Padahal harganya lumayan loh, dari masuk hingga ke atas bisa Rp10K perorang. Berhubung saya pernah naik tahun lalu, saya sih ga gitu penasaran. Teman2 yang belum naik juga tampangnya biasa2 aja, jadilah kita banyakan poto2 di luarnya aja, plus di dalam museumnya. Adem loh museumnya, saya betah lama2 di situ. Ada banyak diorama juga, mini2 sih, ga kayak ukuran asli. Bolehlah kecuali lagunya kayak lagu dangdut gitu yang mengiringi. Hahaha.. Imajinasi saya tampak berlebihan ini. Hahaha..

Trus, emm, ah, teman kita datang bawa sepeda. Poto2 lagi deh dengan sepeda. Okei, saya jujur ga tau naik sepeda dan hampir jatuh karena sok2an naik sampai akhirnya ditolong sama sang empunya. Yeyy, tak jadi jatoh gratis di pelataran Monas deh. Hehehe.. Kita lanjut akhirnya naik taksi ke Sarinah, makan di GM rame2, trus balik naik busway lagi ke kampus. Sumpah, kemaren itu asli panas ga ketolongan. Akhirnya kita pisah di Circle K deh. Sungguh sayang saya tidak menemukan magnum di sana. Padahal saya ngidam dari Monas sanking panasnya tu Monas. Fyuhh..

Langsung deh pada rencana ke lokasi2 baru. Ada yang mau ke Bogor (saya mau!), ada yang mau ke Kota (err, saya rada2 mau hehe), ada yang mau ke Karimun (okei, ini lebay untuk kategori pemula, bung! hahaha). Saya sih mau2 aja kemana2 buat poto2, daripada kamera cuma kepake poto2 muka saya sendiri gitu. Lomo aja hampir abis roll-nya kemaren. Sengaja sih, supaya bisa ganti roll baru, penasaran hasil dari ASA 200 lebih tepatnya. Kait2 jari semoga dia nongol. Aminnn.. Mari kita photo hunting lagi kawan2 :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Judulnya aneh ya? Saya bahkan tidak tahu judul apa yang bagus untuk post ini, tapi judul di atas benar2 menggambarkan apa yang hendak saya tuliskan sekarang. mungkin lebih tepat jika judulnya ada Wisata Kuliner di Tegal. Tegal, sebuah kota di Jawa Tengah menjadi tempat liburan (sekaligus kerja) saya dan beberapa teman minggu lalu. 5 hari di kota itu membuat kami menjadi petualang kuliner dan menambah berat badan. Haizzz, efek paling menyebalkan sehabis liburan. 

Kota Tegal sesungguhnya tertata dengan baik. ada 1 hal yang paling menonjol di tempat ini adalah banyaknya gambar/iklan Teh Poci dan Teh Tong Tji. Hampir setiap warung makan ataupun toko memakai gambar kedua teh ini. bahkan jika anda memesan teh poci, anda akan disuguhkan poci tanah liat ukuran kecil, cangkir kecil, bisa dari tanah liat ataupun keramik yang berisi gula batu putih. Teh sendiri merupakan komoditi utama dari daerah Jawa Tengah, khususnya Tegal. 

Sebagai pecinta makanan pedas, saya awalnya cenderung pesimis mengenai kuliner di Tegal. Apalagi setelah bertanya pada teman saya yang anak Tegal, dia amat sangat tidak bisa memakan makanan pedas. Nah loh, bagaimana nasib saya? Sejam sebelum berangkat baru saya ingat bahwa saya tidak membeli sambel botol sebagai penyelamat citarasa. Namun ternyata, saya menemukan sambel yang gila2an di Tegal, bahkan dari makan malam pertama saya di sana. Menyenangkan! Perjalanan saya dan teman2 pun lancar karena kami semua adalah pecinta pedas. Sambel, mari silahkan datang. 

 soto tauco - sauto di daerah Talang.

 olahan swike (kodok goreng).

sajian teh poci di sate Wendy's 

nasi lengko. isinya hanya nasi, kerupuk, tahu, ketimun dan saus kacang. 
benar2 bukan selera saya. 

 nasi gombyang, seperti nasi rawon di lidah saya. 

menu sate dan gule kambing Wendy's. sate kambing terenak menurut saya.

sajian bebek goreng Haji Slamet

rombongan lengkap.

Guci, Tegal

Baturraden, Purwokerto

Sepertinya saya masih akan mengunjungi kota Tegal di tahun ini. Semoga kali ini ada hidangan kuliner lain saya bisa saya cicipi. Meskipun sepertinya hampir tiap olahan khas kota ini sudah saya rasakan, bahkan hingga ke tempat wisata andalannya, Permandian Air Panas Guci dan Pantai Alam Indah. Hanya saja kota Tegal agak panas karena dekat dengan pantai dan juga tempat-tempat makanan khas yang terkenal tidak cukup terjamin kebersihannya. Untungnya saya dan teman2 tidak ada yang sakit sehabis dari sana. Saya mungkin sedikit lelah saja. Tapi pengalaman 5 hari di Tegal benar2 menyenangkan hati saya. 

Inyong mau ke Tegal lagiiii...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

letter for beloved ones

Dear God,
Thanks to Your guideness for me in October.

Dear Dad,
Thank you, you've come back again to the city.

Dear mother,
I adore you.

Dear brother,
Thank you for making me cry these days. I'll support you all the way.

Dear baby brother,
Thank you for your sillyness. I miss you.

Dear close friends,
Thank you. I couldn't ask for more. Be healthy, be nice, be yourselves.

Dear eeyore and gloria,
You both aren't the sweetest ones, but we love you and will take care of you.

Dear homeland, Medan,
Please help me to appreciate you more.

Dear rain,
I've never thought that I could loathe you this much lately. Sorry.

Dear latte,
I wish I could have you today.

Dear D (or whatever name I gave you),
Thank you for the lurve-thing. Me likey a lot :)

The last,

Dear October,
Thank you. You are wondeful!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Saya bukan pencinta binatang dan saya tahu bahwa adek saya lebih mencintai binatang dibandingkan saya. Sehingga ketika ide "mengunjungi Ragunan itu menyenangkan" dia kemukakan minggu lalu, saya hanya bisa pasrah untuk menemaninya. Jadilah minggu lalu kami ke Ragunan berdua. Itu sepertinya pengalaman pertama saya, karena saya tidak mengingat dengan jelas kebun binatang itu. Saya tahu saya pernah ke Taman Safari, tapi ke Ragunan, saya sangat lupa. 

Areal Ragunan amat luas, hari yang amat panas, pengunjung yang amat ramai. Tiga hal yang membuat saya tidak menikmati perjalanan di Ragunan. Namun apa yang ada di sana sih cukup lengkap. Khususnya untuk Primata, sampai ada lokasinya sendiri. Lengkap dengan saudara2nya. Hahaha. Pesan saya sih, jangan mengunjungi Ragunan di hari Sabtu atau Minggu, rame banget! 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Singapore in lomo

I've developed lomo's recent roll and got the result. Err, it's better in my opinion, among all rolls, but unlucky me it went worse in my picture. When i came to capture things (buildings, brigde, mall), the results were great, but when brother or friend took my picture with lomo, it was blurred. Sad me. Anyway, for these good pictures in Singapore (i remembered that almost all film on that roll were taken there), i share these pictures. Enjoy Singapore with my lomo.

Places : Merlion statue and nearby, Chinatown, and USS.

pulkam tersingkat

Minggu lalu saya menghilang seminggu karena berada di kota asal papa saya, Medan. Bahkan saya pergi ke sana berdua sama papa plus ditambah kedua om saya. Tujuan utama sih saya mau mencari subyek namun akhirnya kita malah ziarah ke makam opung (kakek-nenek) dari keluarga. Perjalanan pulkam kampung tersingkat sepanjang sejarah saya, tapi kadar komplitnya tetap tinggi. Hehehe..

Ada 1 tempat baru yang menarik untuk dikunjungi. Dibangun oleh seorang Jenderal ternama di Indonesia, T.B Silalahi di tanah kelahirannya, Balige. Jaraknya kurang lebih 6 jam perjalanan dari kota Medan. Daerahnya panas, namun ternyata memiliki areal besar berisi hal2 menarik seputar orang Batak. Saya salut sama bapak Jenderal ini. Dia membangun daerahnya sendiri, membudayakan Batak di tanah Batak, agar anak2 jaman sekarang tidak lupa tentang leluhur mereka. Areal itu bernama T.B Silalahi Center.