Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hello new life

There is no doubt in my mind that 2012 is a good year. Every day is a good day indeed. But i have no idea that i have so many goodbyes this year. I have to say goodbye to my college life, love life, and now my home for the last 5 years. And this upcoming month, May, i have to say goodbye to 2 workmates. I gotta admit, this year is a tough year. Positively.

Today i moved out from my crib to a new one, closer to my office. For a better health is a main reason why. Do i feel sad? Oh course. I lived there 5 years, i have so many memories there. I grew up there, i cried there, i spent days and nights with memories there. I love my room, i really am. It witnesses everything in my life. My first day in college, my long night making homework, my special moments with special ones, my lazy days, and days when i prayed harder because i'm on trouble. Life has been good to me for the past 5 years, and that lovely room was my perfect company during them all. I love love love it.

But nothing lasts forever. It wont be my room forever. I, somehow, have to move out. New life was starting and it wont wait for me. I havc to catch them, as hard as i can, because what i do now is for my better future. And i am the one who had responsibility to make it happen. So, i started to look for a new crib around the office. I spent 2 nights on last week looked for a new place. And now, here i am, writing from my new room. It's finally look more lovely than before. I'll post some pictures later people. Now, its time to hit the hay. Good night, lovely people.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

the weekenders

Last week was totally a blast. I and some workmates went to Bandung for a short trip. They've been discussed about this plan before i started work there. So, i joined it in the last minute, when the itinerary is ready. Our destination were Ciwidey, for Friday night. On Saturday, we had a city tour, or i may called revisiting some tourism spot around South Bandung then off the main city, Bandung to have some shopping spree on Sumatera and Riau streets. Some of us also planned to go to Trans Studio on Sunday before we come back to Jakarta. Here's some pictures of us :

It was a nice trip with my workmates. See all the jumping girls in the last photo? It was me and my department workmates. Yup, my departments friends are all girls (two others didn't join us in this trip), so you could absolutely guess how i spent my days in office. It is full with gossips and foods. Hahahaha. But they are fun and since i am the youngest, i feel like having big sisters. I still have to learn a lot from them. And for what i have achieved i thank God. :)