Thursday, January 26, 2012

dinner was on me

Call me moody if it comes to cooking. One day i'll be the enthusiastic cook but the next day i wont do a thing in the kitchen and let mom do herself. Yeah, that kind of moody. But 2 days ago, when i was shopping with mom, i crossed the meat section, saw some minced beef and suddenly thinking about spaghetti bolognese. So, i straightly grab the other ingredients, such as champignon mushrooms, tomato sauce and the spaghetti itself. The rest were available in mom's kitchen. It took half an hour to prepare the things, before another hour to cook the sauce. One key, according to the recipe, to make a perfect bolognese sauce is to cook it as long as possible
(more less 2 hours! if you can wait that long. hahaha) in a low heat. Perfecto bolognese sauce!

 some of the ingredients

 boiled spaghetti

my spaghetti bolognese

I'm trying to write the recipe in English, but i find it a bit hard, so just google it if you want. Hehehe. All you'll find will be an easy recipe, trust me, just like one i had home. It even could make mom said the sauce smells really good. Brother said it was a tasty one. Too bad dad wasn't at home, so did my other brother. So, i'll cook it again someday and i hope i can cook the other also. Hehehe. So, have a nice dinner everyone!

Monday, January 23, 2012

maddy i-tunes

itunes 10.5

Dan seriusan, lama-lama bergaul dengan sensivitas i-tunes yang sangat tinggi bisa membuat saya "gila". Awalnya bermula dari niatan saya meminta iphone kepada si papah sebagai kado ulang tahun. Kalo tidak berhasil, saya sudah meniatkan untuk membelinya dengan uang sendiri (plus ditambah papah karena uangnya belum cukup. hehehe). Tidak tanggung-tanggung saya menunggu demi mendapatkan iphone 4s yang dijual di operator gsm ternama, kurang lebih bulan depan. Jadi deh saya dan pacar rajin browse, mulai dari harga, fitur dan warna soft jacket-nya. Kerajinan memang, tapi untuk sesuatu yang dinanti kan apa salahnya.

Tapi akhirnya sebuah video yutub mengubah dunia ini. Bahwa ketika iphone jatuh dari ketinggian >1meter, kerusakan layarnya bisa amat parah. Ngeri, boss! Belum lagi harganya muahal ya. Hahaha, niat membeli pun berkurang. Untungnya lagi, pacar saya pintar dalam mengakali napsu belanja saya. Dia, dengan pintarnya, berhasil membuat blackberry terlihat lebih berharga dan pintar (dan murah dalam pemakaian) dibanding iphone. Untuk masalah instagram, sebuah aplikasi yang membuat saya ketagihan akhir-akhir ini (dan alasan kuat saya untuk membeli iphone), bisa dia akali dengan mengijinkan saya membeli sejumlah aplikasi lainnya dan juga sejumlah games agar niatan beli iphone saya mereda karena memiliki ipod saja saya sudah cukup puas. Hayoo, kurang pintar apa lagi si boss satu ini. Hihihi. 

Pacar pun akhirnya berbaik hati mengupgrade iOS ipod touch saya, menjadi iOS 5.1. Hasilnya? Luar biasa kosong! Saya histeris, tentu saja, tapi saya tahu si pacar akan sigap mengatasi histeria saya dengan pelan-pelan men-jailbreak ipod dan mengisinya dengan sejumlah aplikasi. Tapi tetap kosong dibandingkan dengan penuhnya ipod saya kala sebelum di-upgrade. Nasi sudah jadi bubur, maka sekarang mari kita taburi dengan abon aplikasi yang banyak. Meskipun awalnya kesusahan dalam hal sinkronisasi, akhirnya itunes yang telah di-upgrade membantu saya dalam mengisi kembali ipod yang kosong ini. Akhirnya, sekarang ipod 'agak' berisi, meskipun belum montok seperti pemiliknya. Hehehe. So, sekarang saatnya bermain, kembali mengedit foto dan mengisi lagu. List lagu ipod nihil, saudara-saudari. Pacar haruslah bertanggung jawab karena telah menghilangkan semua playlist dan lagu dan video dan podcast saya. HIHIHIHIHI *giggling all the way*

ps : i'm not saying i wont buy an iphone or maybe ipad but for now, i will enjoy my ipod to the fullest. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

facebook and its timeline

The story started yesterday. I usually open my blackberry after i woke up in the morning. Err, sometimes i even checked it first before i pray. Okay, many times, please forgive me, dear God. But something happened. The site wasn't open, easily like ever, i tried to put my email and password there, and it said that the email and password didn't belong to me. O ow, someone has playing with me. Unlucky me, i have several things to do yesterday, like went to church, went to relative house, went to another relative house, ended in book store then home. So, i just checked it again in the evening after dinner. As the facebook said, someone has changed my password at Saturday night around 10pm. It didn't say who is she/he and i have no idea. But worry not, i have a new password here, and i did install it again in my blackberry, so, i'm in facebook again!

I also changed my timeline, since this year. Pardon me, but i feel a bit awkward to reply others' birthday greeting through this timeline. So, i haven't reply any of them. Thanks for the greeting anyway! I like the new timeline, honestly. Bigger pictures, a cover (aside the profile picture), chronological things in our whole life since birthday until the present time. My favorite part,of course. the cover. I always imagine this blog will look like this. It has a customize cover with my favorite font and pictures. Let's wishing someone will come and rescue me-and this blog- from ordinary look. Hihihi. Do make your timeline, pal because it's cool (though boyfriend taught it's not. huff).

Monday, January 2, 2012

finally 22

Last Thursday was my 22th birthday. I made a BBM status " I will always (shop at) FOREVER 21". Perfectly wrong in grammar but it just a joke for myself. I will be 22, unlike the yellow big store in Grand Indonesia named Forever 21. Hehehe. Btw, i don't really like to shop there these 2 years. In years before was better, but lately, i don't know how, but they lost their young taste. It's like an FO in Bandung, or i can say, Secrets FO in Bandung is better than F21.

Sooo, hows the celebration?
I went with family to City Extra Restaurant, to have some seafood. It was a nice lunch, because i haven't eat since last night. Just 4 of us there, my first brother is still in Jakarta. Ah ya, i didn't get any presents from my family like last year. Well, if they gave me a chance to choose my present, i'll directly ask for an iphone. But later, i'm thinking about vacation. They'll take the same amount of money, right? But worry not dear me, i will pick the best later. Hehehe.

Then, we shopped with mom in Manado Town Square and stopped by to sip a Thai Tea. But sadly, they run out of it. Huhuhu, one bad thing happened in my birthday. Parents were going home, so i waited patiently for my boyfriend to come and we had dinner afterward. Blame the retentless rain, my friends came late. I've already finished the dinner before they come. A cute friend gave me cupcakes. They are too cute to be eaten. But today, i'll finish them. Hahaha. I also got 2 other presents from my friend, a singing eeyore and an owl necklace. It's a nice thing to have people who remembered your favorite thing. Not to ask them to give you such a thing, but to remember you. I feel like i'm living in someone's life by that memories. I'm getting older, and sometime i'm afraid that i will running out time and won't be here for a long time. Then, birthday is my time to rethink about it. But knowing that these people will always be there for me, remember me the way i want to be remembered, it's a bliss. It really is.

Happy birthday dear me. Happy new year people. Have a joyous year ahead. xoxo.

another story about birthday : it was very first birthday with less pictures. my blackberry is off due to all the greetings (i'm thankful, i really am) and i didn't bring the extra batteries. my ipod wasn't good enough to take an indoor pictures. brother and boyfriend, and friends bb run out of batteries also. rain outside. and i forgot to bring extra polaroid film. so, i only had a few, but that day was a happy one. i'll keep it in mind :)