Monday, January 16, 2012

facebook and its timeline

The story started yesterday. I usually open my blackberry after i woke up in the morning. Err, sometimes i even checked it first before i pray. Okay, many times, please forgive me, dear God. But something happened. The site wasn't open, easily like ever, i tried to put my email and password there, and it said that the email and password didn't belong to me. O ow, someone has playing with me. Unlucky me, i have several things to do yesterday, like went to church, went to relative house, went to another relative house, ended in book store then home. So, i just checked it again in the evening after dinner. As the facebook said, someone has changed my password at Saturday night around 10pm. It didn't say who is she/he and i have no idea. But worry not, i have a new password here, and i did install it again in my blackberry, so, i'm in facebook again!

I also changed my timeline, since this year. Pardon me, but i feel a bit awkward to reply others' birthday greeting through this timeline. So, i haven't reply any of them. Thanks for the greeting anyway! I like the new timeline, honestly. Bigger pictures, a cover (aside the profile picture), chronological things in our whole life since birthday until the present time. My favorite part,of course. the cover. I always imagine this blog will look like this. It has a customize cover with my favorite font and pictures. Let's wishing someone will come and rescue me-and this blog- from ordinary look. Hihihi. Do make your timeline, pal because it's cool (though boyfriend taught it's not. huff).

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