Friday, January 28, 2011

instax for valentine

Once boyfriend asked me "Do we have to do something to celebrate Valentine's Day this year? It's our first Valentine." He made me think for a couple of second before i answered YES, but what we are going to do? We're miles apart and won't celebrate it together. I'll be somewhere in Medan, maybe, doing my research, while he'll stay in Manado. But his idea to make this Valentine special was a great idea, and we decided to exchange gifts to each other. 

Surprisingly, his gift came today. Yup, way too long to Valentine's Day itself, and i'm still not ready with my gift. To be honest, i haven't find it but i know what to give. Hahaha. do wait patiently for my gift, boyfriend. I suppose it'll come to you after Valentine :D Anyway, i love love love this instax camera. I owned Diana Mini lomo (i love it also) but always had a thing on polaroid photos. Thanks to boyfriend, now i have my first instax camera and it is his Valentine gift to me. Hihiy!

Then, i tried to use this camera myself. Boyfriend was watching me through webcam and laughing at me all the time. I didn't know how to use it, but to be frank it was so easy. And ta-daaaaa, here i am in a corner of my messy room ( and smiled to you. Happy (early) Valentine's day, folks! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

an attempt to 'see' you

Okay, let say us cheesy but having a webcam with him really really makes me happy. I miss him in many ways. Then one night after i came back to the city, i was charging my itouch and found out that my internet connection was still on. We tried our ym and were thrilled that we could webcam-ing. Hahaha, bad words and bad grammar. We kept on doing this thing everytime we're not busy doing something. In fact, some problems happened and i just can't make it any better but he supports me. My friends also heard my stories and suggest some things to do. While brother teases me but i knew he prays for me too. Just a little braveness to admit that i'm the one who must be blamed on. While in the other hand, i also had a good time with him without thinking that problem. Seeing his face, laughing together (the best part of webcam) and telling our daily activities were my mood booster and lullaby these days. 

Crossing finger the internet connection will still on until i leave the city next week and also i don't have to pay for it. Hahaha. I managed money to buy a modem actually so i could still 'see' him while i'm away. Another pray was i could find the right simcard which can support the internet connection well. Oh, well, this time i pray harder for connection that i've never done before. Having a good internet connection was important nowadays. I realize it, people. Maybe you did long before me. Hehehe. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

dufan in lomo

Last post from home i guess. Just got lomo's lastest result from ASA 200. I once bought lomo's positive and negative roll. Unfortunately i couldn't develop it here, in Manado. So, i'll bring them along with me again to Jakarta. I hope it'll be great, cause most of the photo were captured in Manado during this holiday season. *crossing finger.

I put almost all the photos in my facebook and left some here in this post. My photos in Dufan with Angel last December. I had a good time with her and even impulsively went to Bandung and had a night there with Herlin (my best friend who lived in Bandung). The next day we rushed to travel, to find seats and straightly go to Jakarta. Hahaha. Another crazy times with besties. I miss it.

Anyway, please don't say that i gained weight in these pictures above. Cause yes, i do. I promised myself to manage a good diet this year. Please kindly wish me to get back my "perfect" weight. Psstt, boyfriend also promised me to do the same thing. So, wish him get his too. Hehehe.

Monday, January 17, 2011

birthday dinner


birthday dinner with my beloved ones. boyfriend, bestfriend and brother. we went to one cafe in town with city and beach as the view. to be honest, i want to spend the night just with him. but, the situation made us 4 together in one table. indonesia-malaysia were playing in final  AFF at the moment. we watched nothing but just hearing the noise from another guests while blowing candles and eating my blueberry cheesecake as my birthday cake. thanks for them. i suppose this will be one of the best birthday night in my life. i'm blessed.  


Happy Monday.
I planned to send an email to my dean again this morning but ended up with seeing photos that boyfriend gave me last weekend. I love his pictures and to be honest i tend to see those pictures again and again. If only i could put all our pictures in handphone, i will put them all hehehe. Anyway, i'm going back to Jakarta on Friday after spending a month in Manado. I had great times here, especially with him. We met, we talked, we cuddle (thank God i have a big boyfriend. haha!), we watched movie, we cook and eat together, we fought. Ah, the latter was an annoying one. Can i blame pms? hahaha.. I realized that we are a new couple, and we're about to begin our (real) long distance relationship. I have no idea when will i meet him again and sometime when i think about it i got mad. Not because i don't trust him or trust my self. Maybe the fact that i won't meet him in quite long time and the distance between us are killing me.

That's why i feel so random these days. I lost my appetite. Another thing that annoyed him. I'm sorry. But this childish side in me who always want to get what her wants is shown up now. Life has treaten me so well the last 30 days. Christmas, our first real date, birthday, New Year, his parents' anniversary, family gathering, yeah all good days. I. just. want. more. But now i felt a bit lost. I do plan my future but somehow i feel confused. Thesis, which suppose to be the first thing in my mind doesn't attract me. Family, my supporters, i know they love me, but they dissapointed me lately. Maybe it's better for me to fly back to Jakarta. I'll get back my me-time, rethink about things i should do. Sort of self-relief thing. Unfortunately, after i get my self relief, i can't fly back to Manado, but have to start my research. Huhuhu. I'd like to come to Manado anytime soon. How i wish Jakarta-Manado is like Jakarta-Bandung, so i'll be home every weekend after research. sigh.

See, how random me today. Sorry for this random post. Please crossing your fingers and pray for my better mood. I really want to have good days before leaving this town, and i won't let this bad mood ruins it. Huff. Hey, mood booster, where are you?

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Was blogwalking and found these stuff. Do bold yours. 


1) Striped. > underwears and shirts hehe
2) Winter vacation. > daddy, can i have it this year?
3) Minty breath.
4) Warm hands. > I got it in him cause mine is cold. huhu
5) Sublime.
6) Proving people wrong.
7) Sketching.
8) Steel drums.
9) Tampons.
10) The Sims 2. > Yeah, although i haven't play The Sims again for years. hehe
11) Kissing. > :*
12) Backpacks. > I'll like to try it sometime.
13) Cloudy weather. > let's sleep!
14) Picking out presents for people. > And vice versa of course. Hahaha.
15) Kevin Flamme. 
16) Boys. > I'm a girl.
17) Old movies. > cartoons especially.
18) Reminiscing. > the good and the bad. the happy and the sad.
19) Mario Party.
20) Orange juice.
21) Interesting people.
22) Late-night texting. > Now late-night calling :)
23) Cool teachers. > and lectures.
24) Levi jeans. > they fit in me.
25) The city bus.
26) Cardigans. > i wear it to campus
27) Sneezing.
28) Drinking cold water.
29) Finding money in my pockets. > i love it. hahaha.
30) Making connections.
31) Books. > good books for sure.
32) Bolding surveys.
33) A clean bedroom.
34) Collages.
35) Meeting people.
36) Comfortable positions. > who doesn’t?  
37) Headphones.
38) Marathons.
39) Packing to go somewhere. > rempong and excited at the same time. Ihiyy!
40) Mascara.
41) Daydreaming. > like now.
42) Possibilities.
43) Ramen.
44) Notepads. > i am dependent with memopad on blackberry.
45) Burt’s Bees.
46) Babysitting. > come to mama :)
47) Actually getting homework done. > yapp, of course.
48) Feeling good about myself. > It's the best feeling in the world!
49) Complimenting people.
50) Post Secret.
51) Confiding in people. 
52) Themed things. > i did to my wardrobe.
53) T shirts.

54) Gentlemen. > especially with Broery's voice. hahaha.
55) Singing harmonies.
56) Being surprised. > as much as i hate it, i guess. hehehe.

57) New clothes. > err, i haven't shop this year. haha.
58) Target.
59) Long eyelashes. > can i exchange mine with brother's?
60) Bright Eyes. > *wink wink
61) Naps. > hooammzz.
62) Nicely-dressed boys. > with a nice hair cut. 
63) Barack Obama.
64) Tweezed eyebrows.
65) Inside jokes. > it's a bit embarrasing but i do love my own joke and often laughing about it again alone. hahaha.
66) Eye-contact.
67) Acronyms.
68) Thinking.
69) Animals.
70) Collecting turtles.
71) Understanding. > no doubt!
72) Friendship bracelets.
73) Meaningful items. > for being so meaningful
74) Simon & Garfunkel.
75) Silly pictures. > hahaha, i do like it.
76) Raspberries.
77) Not going to school. > err, i like it (sometimes). hehe.
78) Star Trek.
79) Reading blogs. > of course.
80) Showering away problems. > hush hush.
81) Worn-in shoes.
82) Paranormal televison shows.
83) Facebook chat.
84) Baked ziti.
85) Visiting my elementary school.
86) Soft blankets. > And warm ones too, since I chill easily..
87) Big words.
88) Staying up late. > for good reasons. 
89) Second chances. > Who doesn't want this?
90) Piggy-back rides.
91) Saying words over and over until they sound really strange.
92) Surrealism.
93) The feeling of relief after going pee. > hihihi, can i bold it twice?
94) Home videos. > but i also like theater.
95) Unusual names. > I was born to create them. Hahaha.
96) Diving boards.
97) Smilies. > :) :) :)
98) Cats.
99) Feeling better. > And feeling best afterward.
100) Considerate people

Thursday, January 6, 2011

things that make me happy

I could list thousand things that make me happy. Really. But now, i'm gonna list things that makes me terribly happy lately. 

1. Smelling mom's cook. She's the best chef in the world. The best mom also. 
2. Found a new simcard since the old one disappointed us. Well, i'm still using the old one actually. 
3. Chatting via bbm with my brother. I'm so glad he finally bought blackberry. Hehehe. 
4. Seeing my dad and mom on church, sitting with brothers and enjoy the service.
5. Eating food which i've been craving about since ever i left this town. 
6. Err, have i told you that i become a fan of black forest now? yes, i do now. hahaha.
7. Internet connection in my house is getting faster. Woohoo!
8. Playing ipod with brother. 
9. Sharing stories with my best friend. 
10. Listing these happy things in my blog :)

I know i'll have many happy things in 2011. But to be honest, i can always find things that make me happy or even terribly happy. Good life is sorrounding me.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

welcome to 2011

Happy New Year 2011

I felt so blessed. I have my spirit full tank now. I'm gonna enjoy 2011 as much as i did in 2010. Although i'm gonna facing many many tough days and struggle while pursuing my own happiness (read: bachelor degree). No worries, cause i'll be fine. I just know that. I love my life and everything within. So, 2011, impress me more. 
God Bless you all :)

akhirnya 21

Heihooo, akhirnya saya punya kesempatan untuk online via laptop. Berarti post kali ini akan disertai cerita yang cukup panjang, plus beberapa foto. Yup, post kali ini tentang ulang tahun saya yang ke-21 tahun kemarin. Saya genap berusia 21 tahun kemarin, 29 Desember. Detail banget ya? Kali2 ada yang tiba2 kepikiran pengen ngasih kado ya mana akan saya tolak. Hahahaa.. Saya senang sehari kemaren, meskipun agak sedikit merasakan aroma konspirasi dari sang pacar dan sahabat saya. Tapi akhirnya malam kemarin ditutup dengan hal2 manis dan bahkan berlanjut hingga hari ini.

Emm, perihal kado, tidak banyak sama sekali. Bukan suatu tradisi di keluarga saya untuk merayakan ulang tahun. Yah, termasuk perayaan memberikan kado. Kadang suka iri deh lihat keluarga yang hobi ngumpul dan tukaran kado sama keluarganya karena itu bukan tradisi di keluarga saya. Saya pribadi kurang begitu menyukai kejutan. Anehnya saya suka bersikap spontan (baca:impulsif) untuk banyak hal seperti berbelanja atau berjalan2. Hal itu salah dan saya tahu itu, tapi untuk bersikap lebih bijaksana dan asertif juga akan lebih baik.

Harapan saya pribadi untuk usia 21 tahun ini juga tidak muluk-muluk. Menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik adalah hal mutlak, ditambah kesehatan dan kekuatan untuk bisa menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik itu. Mungkin bagi sebagian orang lebih baik membuat list, saya juga sih sebenarnya, tapi entah kenapa saya terlalu mencintai usia 20 tahun saya dan berharap dia bisa bertahan lebih lama. Jadinya saya menjalani usia saya kali ini dengan semangat usia 20 tahun saya. Masih hangat semangatnya, masih cukup kuat usaha untuk menjalani hidup dan masih cukup banyak cinta serta kebahagiaan untuk sekitar. Hidup saya bahagia. Saya puas dengan fakta itu.

Semoga usia ini membawa banyak keberuntungan bagi saya, baik dalam kehidupan pribadi saya, juga dalam aspek2 lainnya. Saya, seperti biasa, tidak mendapat banyak hadiah ketika ulang tahun. Yah, meskipun tahun lalu hadiah saya cukup banyak sih. Hehehe. Tapi tahun ini, saya ditemani oleh orang2 penting dalam hidup saya. Keluarga, sahabat dan pacar. Bahkan makan malam pun rame2, meskipun di hati kecil pengen berdua pacar sih. Oops, tapi gapapa, untuk yang udah terjadi kemaren udah lebih dari cukup untuk menemani saya di usia 21 ini. Saya senang. Puas. Bahagia. Terima kasih 21 tahun kehidupan ini. Masih banyak tahun2 penuh kejutan dan kebahagiaan lainnya. Saya yakin itu.