Thursday, January 20, 2011

dufan in lomo

Last post from home i guess. Just got lomo's lastest result from ASA 200. I once bought lomo's positive and negative roll. Unfortunately i couldn't develop it here, in Manado. So, i'll bring them along with me again to Jakarta. I hope it'll be great, cause most of the photo were captured in Manado during this holiday season. *crossing finger.

I put almost all the photos in my facebook and left some here in this post. My photos in Dufan with Angel last December. I had a good time with her and even impulsively went to Bandung and had a night there with Herlin (my best friend who lived in Bandung). The next day we rushed to travel, to find seats and straightly go to Jakarta. Hahaha. Another crazy times with besties. I miss it.

Anyway, please don't say that i gained weight in these pictures above. Cause yes, i do. I promised myself to manage a good diet this year. Please kindly wish me to get back my "perfect" weight. Psstt, boyfriend also promised me to do the same thing. So, wish him get his too. Hehehe.

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