Thursday, June 24, 2010

Switzerland food in Marche

Daddy gave me a big surprise last Monday. He called me right after i finished my last exam on that day and said he's on his way to go my crib. He said he wanna have dinner with me. Yeah, guess it, happy and shock at the same time, cause i thought he's in Manado. But, i went home, took a bath,  waited for his coming, and there i went to Plaza Senayan with daddy to have dinner in Marche. You'll find it easily, right after their XXI Cinema. It was a Switzerland franchise, they have various menus, and the decoration was just great!

 daddy and his salad

 Rib Eye and Mashed Potato

See the flag? Yup, Switzerland's. Overall i enjoy the food, Rosti, and steak. The salad was also good as daddy said. One thing i regret, i didn't order a pizza there. They baked the pizza on furnace. So cute and an unordinary way to bake, like we're back into old days. Daddy gave me a great night last Monday. Ah, i hope daddy will stay longer here, but it is impossible. But i do love the time he's arround. Miss you already! 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

preventive actions

Due to this bad weather brought me into my old habit, consuming junk foods, i decided to take this preventive actions. i am avoiding my self from these two, Starbucks and Burger King. i just can't believe the past weeks i had consumed them regularly. they broke me and added some fats in my body. argh! so, it is my time to say NO from them until next month. yeah, 2 weeks to go and i believe i can do that!

Starbucks's logo in their cup. 
captured last Tuesday.

Burger King's french fries.
captured last Wednesday.

Besides having this unhealthy meals in mall, i also went to cinemas and watched some movies. Karate Kid, Toys Story 3D and Letters to Juliet. the latter i just watched it this morning. my friend made me win 2 free tickets, so there i went this morning. i love Toys Story, funny Barbie and Ken' scenes. hihihi.. watched it yourself. i prefer 2D actually, not a good 3D movie overall. enjoy it. 

ps : ah ya, 3 subjects before i smell holiday (before proposal). yippiieee!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

craig david's songs are the best these nights

Actually i'm just listening two songs from his newest album. Yup, the most popular these days, Don't Love You No More and Insomnia. Kind of songs that could make me singing out loud. Hihihi.. As a fact, I'm not in a good condition, bloggie. Yesterday i went to hospital with a friend, and now she's hospitalizing. It made me down, seriously, because i don't feel good since yesterday. But i forced myself to enjoy the rain this morning and stroll mall this evening. No need to think about any sickness, cause i wont be sick. I hope. Get well soon to my dear friend :)

Anyway, tonight i found many good pictures to be captured in my own room. Hahaha, okay, i just have nothing to do. I supposed to start my proposal actually (i'll do it right after i finish it) but i'm a bit tired and shocked with a bad news above. So, i take my Canny and captured them. Like this. Before you see it, please be tolerate for my ordinary pictures. Am not a professional. Hehehe..

my twin bag with mom

 badminton's bag

monkey's toothbrush holder

Starbucks's list. I am not a fan, trust me.

just purchased this coin bag today 

 and me, as my most favorite :))
(and i like the blur background, yippie!)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

love your body

Just got home after having a late dinner (lunch and dinner at the same time). Actually i supposed to finish my final task and go sleep. But now, i'm writing this post and still do browse through some tumblr. I found this one. Related to my current life as an adult. Fashion isn't everything, guys. Don't waste your money to buys things you don't even comfort to wear it. I believe every woman are pretty and all we have to do is to show it. In wisely and healthy ways. What a meaningful picture plus word, isn't? Pardon the small size, please.

Love your body guys, at least you could think twice to do things on left. You'll get more things in right. They are more reasonable and brings you lots of real happiness than just a pretty face.

Friday, June 11, 2010

sister's day out

I went to campus yesterday to have my final meeting with the dean of my faculty. Call her as one of my favorite Psychologist and i hope i could be as adorable as her in my years ahead. One secret i could reveal here, i want her to be my err, what to name it, proposal guider? hahaha.. I hope you'll understand it, all i wanna say is i think she is the right lecture to help me pass this proposal thingy until i could graduate next year. Please everyone say AMEN. hihihi..

Right after i finished it, i crossed the street and meet my sister, Kgab, in Citraland. We met one of her friend in Adhi Karya before we went to Grand Indonesia and had a lunch. We took pictures there, first attempt for my new Canny. Not bad i think. Kgab took pictures better than me, i was a bit shy to use this 'huge' camera. Long chit-chat there before we watched Sex and the City and moved to Sency to have dinner. As i tweeted, i love it when my sister arround me. It's always a good time to share everything, i knew she could keep my secrets and vice versa. Enjoy your rest holiday in Jakarta, Kgab, and i'm looking forward to stroll another mall with you (or maybe scream at Histeria).

 singing fountain in GI



Last words from me, welcome to FIFA World Cup, guys. Me myself support Portugal while Kgab supports Spain. Let's kick this month of football! 

Thank God It's Friday

I am indeed a boaster in this post. But, this is my blog, isn't it? So, i could write everything i want and no one will complain. Hihihi.. Life treats me well until this Friday, and i proudly say Thank God It's Friday. I've just got home after surviving in library for almost 7 hours to make my final paper for one cruel subject finish. We did it well, at least, we completed all the chapter he had request us. So, lazy weekend, let's come into my room :))

Another good news, i've finished some exams and wont think about the result. I knew i did it well, thou not best. Yeah, you know me pretty well, bloggie. I strolled Jakarta for the last two days, one to get my Baby Canny in hand and yesterday for my sister. In this post, i wanna told you all about Baby Canny. Not a real Baby and it's name isn't Canny. I have a new camera, a D SLR, finally. Babeh gave me a permit on Tuesday and straightly i went to get it myself on Wednesday. Happy me :))

Not an expensive one actually, but at least it produces good quality pictures. I bought no lens with me but its bag. But i also got a tripod to make a self potrait. Hihihi, i couldn't be happier. Actually daddy had told me to buy a D SLR on my birthday last year. At that time i said NO, because i still have Olympus camera digital and had a crush on lomo. So, i chose lomo, until now, i fell again for Canon, and here i am holding my Canon 1000D in my hands. I love it. Thanku daddy :))

me at JPC Kemang

me and Desipus

 first attempt in outdoor (Central Park)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

3rd roll

I wanna cry!! I felt so dissapointed with lomo's last result. Yup, in its 3rd roll, it haven't satisfy me yet. Some photos are just okay with me, while the others were errr, i couldn't name it. Anyway, i thought the Kodak was a good place to process my lomo roll. Better than a small store in Manado i used to process it. But, i have to admit that Kodak didn't process it well so many photos are blur. Not a kind of self-defence, i know i'm bad at photograph, but i promise myself to send my further rolls to Manado, and let mama process it for me.

Anyway, please take a look to my lomo 3rd roll's results :))

my church in Manado

my brother on deck

mom and Daling

me and Bellagio Apt

Bellagio mall

Daling and our hotel in Makassar 

Fort Rotterdam

Friday, June 4, 2010

some stuffs in early June

Welcome to June.
I know it's kinda lame greet guys, but i hope you all enjoy this month this far, aren't you? I've already smelled holiday thought it's still month to go to my own holy holiday. Some stuffs has happened during this first week. And i know weeks ahead are more interesting than this one.

Tomorrow, i'll start my final exams until last week of this month. Yeah, still need to collect my proposal too, and i haven't manage time to even start it. I am indeed a true procrastinator. Besides i still have some tasks related to final exams to be finished asap. Have to manage my time wisely or i'll destroy my whole final exams. Think first think, and for the first week, i have 2 exams and 1 session. God bless me. 

I've scheduled some big plans for my family. But, daddy once dissapointed me with his bossy style about this plan and i was irritated. So, we did re-schedule all and pray for the best. My brothers were also supported me, so we got a win-win solution. In some point, i do feel that my bossy style is like daddy's. Yeah, like father, like daughter, in my case, i am his only daughter.  Hihihi, me miss you, beh :))

Emm, what else to say? I have my lomo's result in hand and a bit sad for it. Not as good as i expected before. But, we all are learning on life. And it means i have to study about lomo harder thou i'm eyeing on d-slr since ages. Daddy has promised me to buy one d-slr. I hope it doesn't mean as my bday present, because it's still long way to go. Hahaha.. But, let me coloring my day with lomo until i get my new camera. 

So, let's coloring this June, guys :))

ps : anyway, i survived from massive headache by picture above. a good (sorry i've almost finished it) sandwich, Monsiure something and caramel frappu. i prefer greentea lots more. nothing beats it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

my life would suck without you

Finally i finished my long-long-long paper from Interview Technique subject. Please don't ask me about the amount of papers i wrote (not literally of course), i won't count it until i package it well tomorrow. Anyway, i'm not singing a song from Kelly Clarkson. I am her fan, but lately i kinda dislike her voice, more rock than what she used to when i was in junior high school. But i've just found some stuffs which are perfectly complete my life, especially during these weeks. Yeah, without you guys, my life would suck! 

meet them,

Acer, Epson, cute paper bags (i love it to the max, cute isn't? hehe), and pringles-es.
my life would sucks without you