Sunday, June 6, 2010

3rd roll

I wanna cry!! I felt so dissapointed with lomo's last result. Yup, in its 3rd roll, it haven't satisfy me yet. Some photos are just okay with me, while the others were errr, i couldn't name it. Anyway, i thought the Kodak was a good place to process my lomo roll. Better than a small store in Manado i used to process it. But, i have to admit that Kodak didn't process it well so many photos are blur. Not a kind of self-defence, i know i'm bad at photograph, but i promise myself to send my further rolls to Manado, and let mama process it for me.

Anyway, please take a look to my lomo 3rd roll's results :))

my church in Manado

my brother on deck

mom and Daling

me and Bellagio Apt

Bellagio mall

Daling and our hotel in Makassar 

Fort Rotterdam

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