Thursday, September 30, 2010

TreeHouse and it's sausage

Welcome another sleepless night. Hehehe. I've just printed my lastest revision for my thesis. May everything runs well, so i could move to the next step, find the subjects! But now, i gotta finish my ppt and collect it to my friend. And i got bored, so here i am, posting another ramble post. No, actually, i am about posting about TreeHouse Cafe in Bandung.

I edited some pictures in a couple of days ago, just like this one. You could see it clearly in clockwise.
1. our cocktail, i give up with its taste. not good at all.
2. angel was playing with cherry from cocktail.
3. chic sausage. the sausage was good. their specialities, btw.
4. me.
5. chessy pizza. thin but so nyummy.
6. sit in their garden's stone-chair.
7. chic cordon bleu. err, not bad.
8. then, angel again.
9. centre : TreeHouse Cafe

We went there ourself (just me and Angel) because we didn't know where to have lunch and won't bother the boys. Glad that we found this place, near to Herlin's crib. Especially the weather was good at that day, no rain at all. It was our last day in Bandung, we had a long night afterward until we arrived again in Jakarta. I won't forget that night, dawn and day afterward. Things happened, and i was all a sleepy head at that time. Hehehe..

Monday, September 27, 2010

smiling all the way

I love my last weekend. An usual one, since brother moved here. We went to church together and had lunch afterward, mostly we had disscussed about the place since the previous Sunday. So, after church we straightly went to the place, or mall. But yesterday, daddy was here and i-am-beyond-excited about this thing. I haven't go to the same church with daddy in Jakarta, although he's often come here for a visit. So, i won't waste my time. I dressed up earlier yesterday, met them in brother's crib and went to church by foot together. After church, we had lunch in Puri Indah Mall and eye-ed in Ace Hardware. Mom gave me a job to find a perfect kitchen set for her, or create one. Dad and brother was eye-ing on sofas all the time. I felt they're somewhat similar at the time. I love them both, to be honest. Hihihi. They made my day :) 

Then we ate out again at night. Plus a long chit-chat about my future (read: thesis). Daddy was the one, who gave me courage and be my biggest supporter about my thesis. He offered me (and will accompany me) to fly back to my homeland, Medan (err, deep inside my heart, i'd love to say Manado is my homeland, but my 'blood' won't let me. hahaha) to do my research. One thing for sure, it'll be a pricey thesis. sigh. Too bad my supervisor disagree with my idea to do research in Jakarta, so i gotta back to Medan to check all my subjects. I hope i could make it faster, so i won't back there more often than i think i would do. *crossing fingers! A week to go anyway, but i haven't finished my proposal yet. Let's find subjects, do research, make a report, and so on. Some steps has to be finished by the end of this year. Hahaha, obviously, my day will be busy with these stuffs. But no worries, i will survive.

You know what? As much as i love to smile (and bigger than that), I love my daddy. I do.

one lovely day in Nanny's Pavillon

It was September 9, Epenk's birthday actually, one day before Eid Mubarak. We went to Nanny's Pavillon in Bandung to have lunch. Don't ask me the exact location, because all i know it was located nearby Pramuka park. If i'm not mistaken. Hehe. Sweet looks, sweet place to hang out with girl friends. I was only excited with their waffle ice cream, been craving for waffles since i arrived at Bandung. But sadly to say, i prefer Pancious than Nanny's Pavillon, their taste much better, so do the look. But i love their concept, it's like we visited old nanny's home, the decoration is warm and lovely, especially during a rainy day. 

a bit curious about it. hmm. a face of what?

 Epenk's beef brown fettucini

 my mom's green spaghetti

they're wearing suspender. hehehe.

I was about ordering waffle or pancake at first. People said that it was Nanny's Pavillon's specialities. But, we didn't have a proper meal yet, so, it was best for us to order pasta or rice menu first, then having pancake or waffle as dessert. Here we go. We had Hot Banana (something) waffle after pastas, the look and the taste are just okay with me. Seems like it was a good choice to have pasta first than just waffle, because it won't satisfy your tummy. Hehehe. Anyway, it was a good place to meet friends, taking pictures, from their walls especially. Or if you mind, do take picture with their suspender boys. I wonder why they're wearing suspender. You're under Nanny's eyes, boys. Hahaha.
ps : I went to TreeHouse also, a bit similar with Nanny's ambience. another post is about to come :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Braga dan Asia Afrika

Braga is a well-known spot in Bandung, just like Kota Tua in Jakarta. Many old buildings along the road, good place to take pictures. Me, Angel and Ando went there in one rainy day. As a matter of fact, everyday was a rainy day in Bandung. A bit cold weather for us, but we still arrived there and even more than just took pictures, we also went to Asia-Africa Museum. The museum wasn't as big as Jakarta's, don't have numerous rooms and horror stuffs (hahaha, i only find it in Kota Tua) but the building is still in a good condition and we can also use it for conference.

in front of the museum

inside the conference hall

Ando acts as a president. hehehe

Ando, me and Angel. Triple A on a rainy day. 

Next, we walked along the road and find Braga street, or i might say Braga site. Not a long road, some stores, bakeries and restaurants, lots of arts places, also Braga CityWalk. I'd like to post some pictures here, but lots of them are my friends'. Maybe later i'll ask them before i put here. Anyway, Braga was nice. I've never been to Paris, but maybe on Braga you'll find 'Paris'. Yeah, as they say, Bandung is Paris van Java. Lots of bakeries, unique street lamp and bigger sidewalk to make us more comfort to cross the street. Too bad, rain was completely fooled us and i was afraid of my camera, so we didn't take too much picture here. But what have been taken were great so far. We like to visit Braga again!

our actual look at that time. umbrella, hoodie, but still  taking photos. hehe

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hari-hari Hujan

 Halo halo Bandung!

Hujan. Hujan. Hujan terus. Saya kehujanan terus sepanjang bulan September ini. Bahkan seminggu di Bandung pas libur Lebaran kemarin plus tanpa kendaraan membuat saya makin puas mandi hujan. Tapi bukan berarti ga senang ada hujan sih. Saya senang memandang hujan. Bergulat dengan bedcover dan eeyore di hari hujan sambil minum coklat panas itu menyenangkan. Apalagi jalan sehabis hujan dan mencium baunya. Itu menyenangkan. Tapi saya yakin, tidak ada yang suka liburan di kala hujan deras. Di kala hujan sederas2nya tidak terjadi sekali sehari, namun beberapa kali dalam sehari.

Seminggu di Bandung dengan persiapan menyambut hujan yang minim (saya malah membawa sendal, 1 cardigan tipis plus celana pendek yang akhirnya tidak terpakai) saya pun dipaksa menyesuaikan diri dengan hujan. Akhirnya menyerah dan membeli hoodie. Cukup itu saja sampai dia dekil nyampe Jakarta. Hahaha. Sepatu kets saya saja akhirnya menyerah. Di akhir perjalanan dia rusak, benar2 setelah nyampe di Jakarta. Untung saya tidak sampai sakit hingga hari ini. Cuma sedikit kecapaian dan kurang tidur saja. Dan naiknya timbangan. Masalah khas di tiap akhir liburan. Hehehe..

Tapi di atas semua itu, liburan seminggu kemaren di Bandung menyenangkan. Diluar fakta hujan turun dan tempat makan pada tutup. FO ramenya bukan main, dan err, susahnya nekat2an naik taksi ke Lembang pas hujan, tetap saja sedikit mengganggu liburan kita. Belum lagi enegnya cium wangi bubur McD, yang tetap harus disyukuri dia setia dengan layanan 24 jam-nya. Terima kasih buat McD. Kami mencintaimu selama 2 hari di minggu lalu. Hehehe.. Kok berasa kayak ngasih ucapan terima kasih ya? Saya sedikit mendramatisir bagian ini sepertinya. Hehe.. Yang pasti saya senang liburan kemaren. Ayooo, kapan lagi kita jalan2? :p

Saturday, September 18, 2010

in need of sleep and more sleep

Hi bloggie. How do you do? I am happy and tired now. I spent a whole week in Bandung with besties and had a great trip there. But, in time i went back to the city, i have tons of things to be finished, mostly are campus stuffs. Not to say i'm whining now, or pretend i am happy with that, in fact i just need some sleep. Give me more than 10 hours sleep (and good food afterward) then i'll be ready to be a busy bee again. Hehehe..

Hope you're not boring with my words " i have many stories to share to you, but later i'll post it if i have more time", because in fact i do have lots of stories and pictures to be shared, but don't have more leisure time to produce a good post(s). Though i love to post some of them now badly. I gotta finish my second revision because i have important things to do on weekend. I'm beyond excited about this thing actually. Hihihi..

So, just a simple hi, now. See the picture above? Maybe some of you could guess it easily that i wore a baloon hat from Pizza Hut. Yup, that's true. Maybe i was away and had a holiday in a week, but we have nothing to be eaten that McD and Pizza Hut. So, we rushed on it, grab some pizzas, chicken wings, salad and my lovely blueberry milkshake. Ehmm, i'm thinking to have a pan of pizza tomorrow. Sounds great, huh? We'll see, bloggie. Hihi. Have a nice weekend :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

let's jogging

Happy Monday! 

Gotta finish some tasks before holiday actually, but i still managed time to have some fun last weekend. yup, me and friends planned to jogging in Taman Slipi. at the time, i was considering jogging as a fun thing for our weekend (no mall and its thingy for weekend). but, later we ate chicken porridge then off to jogging with taxi. okay, we failed to jogging. hahaha. maybe next time we should sleep earlier so we could jogging earlier too. anyway, we took some photos there. Taman Slipi actually a good city park, the nearest park from my crib. we could reach it by foot, with some risks, but it will be just fine if we do it with fun people like them.

good morning :)

some photos using self-timer. not bad i think. hehe.

next time we should jogging here again. when will we jogging again, friends? i'm looking forward it, and please no taxi and having brunch in mall afterward. hahaha.