Monday, September 27, 2010

smiling all the way

I love my last weekend. An usual one, since brother moved here. We went to church together and had lunch afterward, mostly we had disscussed about the place since the previous Sunday. So, after church we straightly went to the place, or mall. But yesterday, daddy was here and i-am-beyond-excited about this thing. I haven't go to the same church with daddy in Jakarta, although he's often come here for a visit. So, i won't waste my time. I dressed up earlier yesterday, met them in brother's crib and went to church by foot together. After church, we had lunch in Puri Indah Mall and eye-ed in Ace Hardware. Mom gave me a job to find a perfect kitchen set for her, or create one. Dad and brother was eye-ing on sofas all the time. I felt they're somewhat similar at the time. I love them both, to be honest. Hihihi. They made my day :) 

Then we ate out again at night. Plus a long chit-chat about my future (read: thesis). Daddy was the one, who gave me courage and be my biggest supporter about my thesis. He offered me (and will accompany me) to fly back to my homeland, Medan (err, deep inside my heart, i'd love to say Manado is my homeland, but my 'blood' won't let me. hahaha) to do my research. One thing for sure, it'll be a pricey thesis. sigh. Too bad my supervisor disagree with my idea to do research in Jakarta, so i gotta back to Medan to check all my subjects. I hope i could make it faster, so i won't back there more often than i think i would do. *crossing fingers! A week to go anyway, but i haven't finished my proposal yet. Let's find subjects, do research, make a report, and so on. Some steps has to be finished by the end of this year. Hahaha, obviously, my day will be busy with these stuffs. But no worries, i will survive.

You know what? As much as i love to smile (and bigger than that), I love my daddy. I do.

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