Monday, September 6, 2010

let's jogging

Happy Monday! 

Gotta finish some tasks before holiday actually, but i still managed time to have some fun last weekend. yup, me and friends planned to jogging in Taman Slipi. at the time, i was considering jogging as a fun thing for our weekend (no mall and its thingy for weekend). but, later we ate chicken porridge then off to jogging with taxi. okay, we failed to jogging. hahaha. maybe next time we should sleep earlier so we could jogging earlier too. anyway, we took some photos there. Taman Slipi actually a good city park, the nearest park from my crib. we could reach it by foot, with some risks, but it will be just fine if we do it with fun people like them.

good morning :)

some photos using self-timer. not bad i think. hehe.

next time we should jogging here again. when will we jogging again, friends? i'm looking forward it, and please no taxi and having brunch in mall afterward. hahaha.

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