Thursday, September 23, 2010

Braga dan Asia Afrika

Braga is a well-known spot in Bandung, just like Kota Tua in Jakarta. Many old buildings along the road, good place to take pictures. Me, Angel and Ando went there in one rainy day. As a matter of fact, everyday was a rainy day in Bandung. A bit cold weather for us, but we still arrived there and even more than just took pictures, we also went to Asia-Africa Museum. The museum wasn't as big as Jakarta's, don't have numerous rooms and horror stuffs (hahaha, i only find it in Kota Tua) but the building is still in a good condition and we can also use it for conference.

in front of the museum

inside the conference hall

Ando acts as a president. hehehe

Ando, me and Angel. Triple A on a rainy day. 

Next, we walked along the road and find Braga street, or i might say Braga site. Not a long road, some stores, bakeries and restaurants, lots of arts places, also Braga CityWalk. I'd like to post some pictures here, but lots of them are my friends'. Maybe later i'll ask them before i put here. Anyway, Braga was nice. I've never been to Paris, but maybe on Braga you'll find 'Paris'. Yeah, as they say, Bandung is Paris van Java. Lots of bakeries, unique street lamp and bigger sidewalk to make us more comfort to cross the street. Too bad, rain was completely fooled us and i was afraid of my camera, so we didn't take too much picture here. But what have been taken were great so far. We like to visit Braga again!

our actual look at that time. umbrella, hoodie, but still  taking photos. hehe

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