Monday, September 27, 2010

one lovely day in Nanny's Pavillon

It was September 9, Epenk's birthday actually, one day before Eid Mubarak. We went to Nanny's Pavillon in Bandung to have lunch. Don't ask me the exact location, because all i know it was located nearby Pramuka park. If i'm not mistaken. Hehe. Sweet looks, sweet place to hang out with girl friends. I was only excited with their waffle ice cream, been craving for waffles since i arrived at Bandung. But sadly to say, i prefer Pancious than Nanny's Pavillon, their taste much better, so do the look. But i love their concept, it's like we visited old nanny's home, the decoration is warm and lovely, especially during a rainy day. 

a bit curious about it. hmm. a face of what?

 Epenk's beef brown fettucini

 my mom's green spaghetti

they're wearing suspender. hehehe.

I was about ordering waffle or pancake at first. People said that it was Nanny's Pavillon's specialities. But, we didn't have a proper meal yet, so, it was best for us to order pasta or rice menu first, then having pancake or waffle as dessert. Here we go. We had Hot Banana (something) waffle after pastas, the look and the taste are just okay with me. Seems like it was a good choice to have pasta first than just waffle, because it won't satisfy your tummy. Hehehe. Anyway, it was a good place to meet friends, taking pictures, from their walls especially. Or if you mind, do take picture with their suspender boys. I wonder why they're wearing suspender. You're under Nanny's eyes, boys. Hahaha.
ps : I went to TreeHouse also, a bit similar with Nanny's ambience. another post is about to come :)

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