Sunday, February 26, 2012

i miss Singapore

I miss Sing-a-pooh! Mama, please, let me go to Singapore this (sort of) long weekend, either it’s on March or April (Easter break). One of the reason why I want to go to Singapore is to watch Wicked. Wicked is a theater broadway live in Marina Bay Sands. Huhuhu. I’d like to call it (watch a broadway) as one of my 2012 resolution. Last year I asked mom to watch Lion King, but ended up having holiday in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. I've already asked a friend who lived in Singapore about the show, the price where is the nearest hotel and what is another interesting point around MBS. Wicked itself will be playing until April 22, 2012. So, it means, I have to go there at least on April to watch the show. 

I also want to take a rest from Jakarta. This city mess my life since Monday to Sunday. Well, non-stop traffic, rain lately, and less rest time. Even in weekend I still have to catch up some things. Never ending to-do-lists kills me. Huhuhu. I even don’t have time to go to the movies and do manicure-pedicure. So, wake up in Singapore, hotel breakfast, less traffic, shopping spree all the day, fancy foods or others gastronomic spree and cute snap shots with SLR and lomo is one of A HUGE DREAM! Whoahh, if I have money my own (I’m on my way to produce some), I will book a flight and straightly go to Singaporeeeee!

My friends asked me to join their Singapore trip with a cheap price + hotel, but I haven’t ask mom about it. I bet she’ll be agree, but the next question is who will be my company there? Mom won’t worry about my itinerary, but, with who I will sleep at night. So, this cheap trip with friends will be postponed and I’ll ask mom to be my company instead. Is it really nice plan as it sound? I will say yes! So, now, let’s hoping mom will approve this plan. Please say AMEN! Meanwhile, let’s work hard. So, we can afford our own holiday with our own money. Can’t wait!

 Wicked's info is here. Do check it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First day equipment

Yesterday was my first day at office. Well, it run well, since I have nothing to do, seriously. Hahahaha. I only browsed with blackberry, okay, too bad this office doesn't allow us to browse others but office's business. So, I'm now writing from blackberry and praying that this weekend I can have another posts to share.

Here's what inside my bag yesterday. Pencil box, multifuncional purse (I put cards and money), to-do list notes, bottle, snack/candy, mascer, bb's charger, hand sanitizer, small purse (mostly for coins), tissue and ipod's bag. I left pencil box and charger at office yesterday but today I added book in my bag.

Now, I'm waiting for 5.30pm. It's time to go home. Hooray! Hope you all have a great night, folks, without rain, hopefully.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

a new plot of life

Happy Sunday, folks.

Tomorrow, i will facing another first life experience. I will start a new plot of life called work. It's my first real job, since graduation last year. I already sent many letters, emails to many office around Jakarta and almost took some jobs. But this overthinking-and-definitely not a risk taker personality made me pass them all. Until one day, i got a call from AF (my current office, i might say) and offer me a job. The whole process was very smooth, from the first interview till the medical check up.

To be frank, work wasn't my first plan for this year. I want to continue my master first, but this jobless thing force me to prove that i can work too. So, i let God decided and He amazingly give me this job right in time, to teach me how to save money, to live life as an adult, to prove that i could take responsibility and the most of all, to thank Him. Here i am now, stepping outside my comfort zone, from parent's little girl to an office staff who has to work from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. Phewww. Please pray for me, cause never in my life i have this sort of tight schedule. My body and soul will positively drain. But worry not, i already plan some stuff to cheer me up. So, happy working dear me!

*backsound : Working Song from Enchanted, Walt Disney.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day 2012

 they say love is unspeakable. 
you feel love. uniquely.
cause love has different language to each of us.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hubba Hubba : an attempt to make a happy monday

Earlier today i browse through itunes and found out one free application named HUBBA HUBBA. The name and appearance attracted me, so i installed it on my ipod. Now, i just gave it a try and just 3 words people, i love it! Hubba Hubba is an application to add some cute stuffs on your pictures. They seperated it to GUYS and DOLLS stuffs. They have hats, mustaches, ties and glasses for GUYS. While for DOLLS they have hats, glasses, earings (and other jewelry), and cute ties. Uber cute!

 me and brother. we could name our own pictures. hehehe.

how the slide show look like.

Do install it on your own gadget. At least this application made my Monday great. I spent today mostly on internet, did some series downloaded i miss last week while listening to One Direction and Foster the People. I also watched the Grammy Awards this morning. Jennifer Hudson sang 'I will always love you' emotionally, so sad. Goodbye Whitney Houston. Anyway, have a great Hubba Hubba afternoon people and happy welcoming Valentine's Day tomorrow :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

5 things I should shout 'Thank God It's Friday'

These things made me so thankful today :

1. Have a red velvet cake by Union as my breakfast. Heaven is surely made by it (minus the nuts). Hehehe.
2. Only spent an hour to finish a psychotest. Wish me luck!
3. Tried out a famous 4Fingers with Inggrid. And also first visit to Epicentrum Walk.

4. My college best friend, Fetri, had her birthday today. Happy birthday to her.
5. We had fun on Ocean Park then took an early dinner together on Nanny's Barn. With the birthday girl of course.

 the birthday girl

In conclusion, today is a well spent Friday. Thanks God :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

sure i wanna read these books,

if i had a bookshelf like this one. Please please please..

5 good things about Saturday

Yes, of course Saturday is everybody's favorite day in a week, but these 5 things made this Saturday good to me.

1. Have brunch with family. Tried a new restaurant is our to-do list every Saturday.
2. Manicure and pedicure. Since i found out that manicure and pedicure price are so reasonable (i could pay it, no need to ask money from mom) and also had a relaxing effect, i managed my time to have it both every 2 weeks. So, pretty nails everytime.
3. Watch a lastest episode of The Big Bang Theory. It's funny, as always.
4. Instagram-ing some pictures. Do check mine here.
5. Gonna have some massage soon. Time to recharge my energy.

So, i'm leaving now. Hope you all have a good Saturday too. xoxo