Monday, February 13, 2012

Hubba Hubba : an attempt to make a happy monday

Earlier today i browse through itunes and found out one free application named HUBBA HUBBA. The name and appearance attracted me, so i installed it on my ipod. Now, i just gave it a try and just 3 words people, i love it! Hubba Hubba is an application to add some cute stuffs on your pictures. They seperated it to GUYS and DOLLS stuffs. They have hats, mustaches, ties and glasses for GUYS. While for DOLLS they have hats, glasses, earings (and other jewelry), and cute ties. Uber cute!

 me and brother. we could name our own pictures. hehehe.

how the slide show look like.

Do install it on your own gadget. At least this application made my Monday great. I spent today mostly on internet, did some series downloaded i miss last week while listening to One Direction and Foster the People. I also watched the Grammy Awards this morning. Jennifer Hudson sang 'I will always love you' emotionally, so sad. Goodbye Whitney Houston. Anyway, have a great Hubba Hubba afternoon people and happy welcoming Valentine's Day tomorrow :)

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