Sunday, February 26, 2012

i miss Singapore

I miss Sing-a-pooh! Mama, please, let me go to Singapore this (sort of) long weekend, either it’s on March or April (Easter break). One of the reason why I want to go to Singapore is to watch Wicked. Wicked is a theater broadway live in Marina Bay Sands. Huhuhu. I’d like to call it (watch a broadway) as one of my 2012 resolution. Last year I asked mom to watch Lion King, but ended up having holiday in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. I've already asked a friend who lived in Singapore about the show, the price where is the nearest hotel and what is another interesting point around MBS. Wicked itself will be playing until April 22, 2012. So, it means, I have to go there at least on April to watch the show. 

I also want to take a rest from Jakarta. This city mess my life since Monday to Sunday. Well, non-stop traffic, rain lately, and less rest time. Even in weekend I still have to catch up some things. Never ending to-do-lists kills me. Huhuhu. I even don’t have time to go to the movies and do manicure-pedicure. So, wake up in Singapore, hotel breakfast, less traffic, shopping spree all the day, fancy foods or others gastronomic spree and cute snap shots with SLR and lomo is one of A HUGE DREAM! Whoahh, if I have money my own (I’m on my way to produce some), I will book a flight and straightly go to Singaporeeeee!

My friends asked me to join their Singapore trip with a cheap price + hotel, but I haven’t ask mom about it. I bet she’ll be agree, but the next question is who will be my company there? Mom won’t worry about my itinerary, but, with who I will sleep at night. So, this cheap trip with friends will be postponed and I’ll ask mom to be my company instead. Is it really nice plan as it sound? I will say yes! So, now, let’s hoping mom will approve this plan. Please say AMEN! Meanwhile, let’s work hard. So, we can afford our own holiday with our own money. Can’t wait!

 Wicked's info is here. Do check it!

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