Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First day equipment

Yesterday was my first day at office. Well, it run well, since I have nothing to do, seriously. Hahahaha. I only browsed with blackberry, okay, too bad this office doesn't allow us to browse others but office's business. So, I'm now writing from blackberry and praying that this weekend I can have another posts to share.

Here's what inside my bag yesterday. Pencil box, multifuncional purse (I put cards and money), to-do list notes, bottle, snack/candy, mascer, bb's charger, hand sanitizer, small purse (mostly for coins), tissue and ipod's bag. I left pencil box and charger at office yesterday but today I added book in my bag.

Now, I'm waiting for 5.30pm. It's time to go home. Hooray! Hope you all have a great night, folks, without rain, hopefully.

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