Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When I'm holding a frappucino in this very morning

I love greentea frappucino, as you all know. But too bad, my hometown, Manado doesn't have any Starbucks. So, I'd like to sip it before take off. Yes, i'm in airport now and the plane is about to depart soon. I arrived at 3.30 am and nothing has been opened by the time. I was waiting for another hour to find this coffee store is finally open.

While every other consumer ordered latte of coffee, I ordered a cold frappucino as breakfast. Hahaha. I'll be fine guys, no need to worry. Not it's time to call mom and boyfriend, yeyy, I'll have lunch in home soon. So, happy holiday for me and for you too :)

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

sum of 2011 : December

Ah, last post. I finally made it. Hihihi.

I was thinking about Christmas all the time. I bought a small look-alike Christmas tree to put in my buffet. I put Christmas songs in ipod and listening to it all the time. My favorite for this year is Celine Dion's song, The Magic. It was my favorite Christmas song back then  in high school. I don't really like mellow songs to celebrate such a happy moment like Christmas, although i enjoy Buble's album. I love Christmas! Some new dresses and tops are in my luggage now, ready to go. So, wait for me, home.

Boyfriend was here 2 weeks ago, for 4 days. He had a conference and put me in. Hehehe. Finally i have a chance to see my idol, Mrs. Mira Lesmana. Too bad, they don't have Nicholas Saputra with her. I also join creativity and entrepreneuship seminar by Mr. Sandiaga Uno, and my former chairman of foundation, Mr. Ciputra. Thanks to boyfriend, i'm thinking to start a bussiness, but haven't decided the product. Hehe. We also had our late anniversary celebration and watched Arthur Christmas. The movie was great and funny. A good start to glow our Christmas spirit, cause actually i never believed on Santa Claus. Blame the scary Zwarte Piet or Black Pete in Chirstmas celebration back then in Manado. I was scared :(

my Christmas tree. 

One of the Christmas tree in my home. 

Anyway, yesterday was a hectic day. I went to 4 different places to take 4 differents important stuffs. Brother joined me and we had lunch together in Kitchenette and bought a jacket for him, as his Christmas gift. Then, i had a dinner with high school friends. We had a nice chit-chat and did some window shopping. Some of this and some of that happened to us this year and I'm hoping for our best. Dealing with these hard days is not an easy thing to do. Some resolution has to be listed for New Year. Get a job or back to college are my top of list. Hehehe. But for now, let's packing for tomorrow, yes, i'm coming home tomorrow. Super excited!

That's all the summary of 2011. Is it really a bore year? Hahaha, as i look back and read my own posts, i dispose my previous statement and proudly say it is a happy year, like all the years in my life. I have a perfect family, brother back to college, dad's 50th birthday, parents are still together in their 22 marriage life, graduation day, holidays, health, enough food and clothes, and i'm still with the same boyfriend. Hihihi. A happy year indeed.

And the last but not least, i'm wishing you all,

M e r r y C h r i s t m a s
 a n d
H a p p y N e w Y e a r 2 0 1 2

ps : enjoy your holiday
pss : don't forget to list the resolution for 2012. hehehe.

sum of 2011 : November

I'm coming close to the end of summary. Hehehe.

So much fun happened this month. I started it on plane. Hahaha. The next day after graduation, me, mom, dad and little brother flew to Kuala Lumpur. We all were zombies. We all were tired and sleepy. We left the messy room and straightly went to airport on 5 am. We spent 3 days in KL before depart again to Penang. I love KL's airport. We all just found out that KL had 2 airports. It really a heart break for me, as the tour guide. Yeah, i booked two tickets back home from 2 different airlines in different airports. Huff. Lucky us, we catched both of them on time, although we didn't have a chance to have lunch during that rush hour.



On 11.11.11, one of our relatives was married in Bandung. So, me-dad-brother went to Bandung for 3 days. I love travelling with family, eventhough we have nothing special to do. I slept over at friends' crib, while dad and brother slept in hotel. After holy matrimony, me-brother-my friends went to Trans Studio, Bandung. It was my first visit, but i was once went to the same Trans Studio in Makassar. Some of the games are exactly like the ones in Makassar. But, it all worth to visit. We had so much fun there, especially for me and brother. We tried almost all the game, i screamed the most on Vertigo. Hahaha. Dare yourself to have a try, friends.

A few days after dad went back home, mom was coming to town. Mom stayed in my crib for two days before she flew back to Penang with my aunt. We had a chaos dawn before their departure time. I will always remember that story but i won't reveal here. Hehehe. When mom came back to town, we didn't have so much intimate mother-daughter time. Mom was occupied with relatives issues during the visit. But few hours before her departure time, we went together with brother. She managed to make us happy, as always. I love my mom. (Thanks for the bag, mom. Hihihi)

I also celebrated my first anniversary with boyfriend, through phone, sadly. Hahaha. I went church myself to pray, and boyfriend sent me a video. See his funny picture, this one is too cute. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

sum of 2011 : October

October was really a "heart break" month. My beloved ones aka my favorite men had their birthday this month. Name it, both of my brothers and also boyfriend (and his brother). My brother and boyfriend's share the same date. What a coincidence. Hehehe. I managed time to gave boyfriend a surprise because his birthday was coming first. I ordered a birthday cake with his face on top. Another presents were coming with me from Jakarta. I knew he was so surprise with my presents, especially with the cake. Hahaha. His mom took the rest of the cake home, left him nothing. Her mom was also impressed with the cake. We spent that day together, prayed and had dinner. Happy birthday, dear!

Few days after boyfriend's birthday, i flew back to Jakarta to celebrate my first brother's birthday. We had lunch together in Pulau Dua Restaurant and also a food test for my graduation party. I haven't chose the restaurant by the moment and accidentally fell in love with it. The location is perfect, have a big parking lot, and the food was okay. So, i booked it and one graduation problem is done. I also picked my kebaya, a week before the graduation and finally it fits me. Ah, i gained weights for the last few months and i have to be fitted in it. Hahaha. Thank God, the kebaya didn't kill me. Hihihi.

October 30, 2011! Graduation day! Hooray! Parents and little brother was here. Little brother also celebrated his birthday few days before my graduation. So happy. We took a photographs together. Brothers look happy to see me finally graduate. I hope they will have more spirit to finish their study path. I love my family and i love my October! As i'm writing this post, i already hand all the photographs. Yeay! :))


sum of 2011 : August - September

 In the mid of August, i flew back again to Manado. I stayed for almost 2 months. I was contemplating to work in Manado, but unlucky me mom didn't allow me. So, i gotta come back to Jakarta, either to work or to take master degree. But, mom didn't hide her grateful feeling that i'm home. I was treated pretty well, oh well, i was spoiled by her. Hahaha.

One of good news, i had a lot of dates with boyfriend, too. We already found our favorite Thai Ice Tea (Latte). Hooray! I also started cooking some menus. Mom helped me a lot. I had posted almost all the menus. You may scroll down on September posts to see it. And the big thing was my first teeth surgery. I had 3 surgery for my right wisdom tooth. I couldn't eat rice for a couple of weeks. I have to eat carefully and less chatty. It didn't look like me at all. I am a chatty person and i eat a lot especially when i'm in home. Hahaha. But, i didn't lose any kg after all. Huff.

I spent my whole September at home and it was a bliss. Really.

sum of 2011 : June-July

 me and my supervisor/dean

THESIS! This word happened to appear in my mind when i was recalling past things in June and July. I tried my best to make a best one before deadline. One big mistake happened on June, me and supervisor had a different point of view on my thesis. I changed it about 3 times, before i asked her personally what she want me to do. Once i give her the last one, she said yes, and i can register my name on thesis defense.

On mid of July, i have my thesis defense. I was so nervous, mom and boyfriend were calling all the time to calm me down. My friends also supported me, as i did support them. I took a rest one day before the thesis defense day. I prayed hard, and believe that i'd already worked hard too. So, let God do the rest. On the next day, mom and brother came to town. Mom hugged me so tight at the moment she arrived at my crib. Hehehe. After mom came back to Manado, i continued my revision and the end of July, the judisium was held. I was officially a Bachelor of Psychology. Thanks God!

sum of 2011 : May

Highlight of May was daddy's 50th birthday celebration. I flew back to Manado two days before dad's birthday. I stayed there for a week and went back to Jakarta after celebrating my best friend, Angel's 22th birthday, a week after dad's. Me and boyfriend made an opportunist deal when he flew back to Manado. He agreed to bring dad's birthday present and as a replacement, i have to bring his books. FYI, he always brought lots of books and those are heavy, like seriously. But it was our deal so we have to take care the stuffs we brought along with us. At first, dad looked sure that i put his present in my big luggage, but when i pulled out boyfriend's big yet heavy stuffs, he looked confused and gave me the hey-where-is-my-presents-and-what-is-it-in-the-big-bag look. Hahaha. I took dad's present so did the cake 2 hours before the celebration. SURPRISE! He loved it to bits. I already discussed with mom about the presents, months before the birthday. Mom and brothers collected all the photos and scanned it for me. Boyfriend accompanied me to make an order in Bandung and also bring it to Manado. Angel also prepared dad's big cake. Thanks to everyone!

For Angel's birthday, i went with her and boyfriend to ate lunch together. We went to her temple afterward. It was my first visit. Hahaha. I know, we have been friends since junior high school. She had visited my church several times but i haven't manage time to go to her temple. It was a nice visit as you could see from the pictures below.

sum of 2011 : April

April was uber fun!

Got my last subject, did a great interview with her and straightly went back to Jakarta. The next week, boyfriend came to town. We spent 2 full weeks together. SO HAPPY! AND FUN AS WELL! We watched Disney on Ice together, though frankly the show was kinda bored. We also celebrated our monthly anniversary together. We went to Bandung, arranging surprise for Dad's upcoming birthday. Even one day, we went to Bandung back and forth. Super tired but happy. Ah ya, we also discovered new eating places, new favorite duck in Bandung and pasta in Jakarta. We both love pancake, yes! So, Pancious is our savior. Hehehe. At last, we spent Easter together. Hey boyfriend, thank you for coming!

sum of 2011 : March

Sorry for the pause, let's continue the summary. Hehehe.

Most of the days on March i spent in Jakarta, made some verbatim and continued my thesis. Sometimes i lost my spirit, and i took a day off. Not just one day but some days in a week. I thanked boyfriend for giving me his recorder, the best ever. It helped me, a lot! Parents were celebrating their wedding anniversary. As their presents, i sent a bouquet and an anniversary cake to the celebration. Mom's birthday was coming on the next week. An leopard scraf was my present for her. I knew she loved it so much, so comfort and stylish but i used it most of the time. Hahaha. On March, 30, after i finished my fourth verbatim, i flew back to Medan to find my last subject.

Few hours before departure time, i went to Grand Indonesia with a friend. Okay, it was a suicidal thing because i might happen to be late on the airport and miss the flight. Hahaha, but i took the chance. I went there and bought my lomo film. After that, i moved upstairs and saw an queue for Magnum Cafe, so why not give a try? It was my first visit and i could say it's enough. I'm a fan of ice cream, but i can't eat a lot of them in one time. The menus are great, the decoration and service also. Magnum cafe still opens until now. Go there, and enjoy the great ice cream. Thanks God, i didn't miss the plane. Hohoho. Don't tell dad, okay? :D

Conclusion : i spent this month with thesis thing. a whole month to be exact.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sum of 2011 : February

I stayed in Medan for a month and already finished 4 interviewed at the time. I lived with grandma and some relatives there. It wasn't that hard to adjust living with grandma. I eat and sleep regularly hehe. Dad and brother came to visit me. We went to dad's homeland, Balige and mom's homeland, Samosir. We also did some city tour ourselves to some tourism spots in Medan, such as, Istana Maimun, Tjong A Fie mansion, Merdeka Walk and Tip Top Restaurant.

Pardon me, for not posting such an interesting post about the spots i mentioned above. So, let me give you some pictures. I visited them all in one day with brother. Most of the pictures were taken by him. Istana Maimun is a sultan house. It was a huge building in the middle of the city and has a strong Moslem influence. While Tjong A Fie mansion was a Chinese mayor house. It also a big building with many rooms and windows. A nice relative accompany us in Merdeka Walk and we walked along the street and ended the day with a nice ice cream in fancy old restaurant, Tip Top. If you have time to visit Medan, you should visit the spots. At least you know that not only Bataknese people lived there. Hehehe. Enjoy Medan!

Istana Maimun. 

Tjong A Fie Mansion.

Merdeka Walk and Tip Top Restaurant. 

The rest of the month, i was doing my research. It drives me crazy.