Sunday, December 18, 2011

sum of 2011 : May

Highlight of May was daddy's 50th birthday celebration. I flew back to Manado two days before dad's birthday. I stayed there for a week and went back to Jakarta after celebrating my best friend, Angel's 22th birthday, a week after dad's. Me and boyfriend made an opportunist deal when he flew back to Manado. He agreed to bring dad's birthday present and as a replacement, i have to bring his books. FYI, he always brought lots of books and those are heavy, like seriously. But it was our deal so we have to take care the stuffs we brought along with us. At first, dad looked sure that i put his present in my big luggage, but when i pulled out boyfriend's big yet heavy stuffs, he looked confused and gave me the hey-where-is-my-presents-and-what-is-it-in-the-big-bag look. Hahaha. I took dad's present so did the cake 2 hours before the celebration. SURPRISE! He loved it to bits. I already discussed with mom about the presents, months before the birthday. Mom and brothers collected all the photos and scanned it for me. Boyfriend accompanied me to make an order in Bandung and also bring it to Manado. Angel also prepared dad's big cake. Thanks to everyone!

For Angel's birthday, i went with her and boyfriend to ate lunch together. We went to her temple afterward. It was my first visit. Hahaha. I know, we have been friends since junior high school. She had visited my church several times but i haven't manage time to go to her temple. It was a nice visit as you could see from the pictures below.

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