Thursday, December 1, 2011

favorite month of the year has come

Finally December came today. The best month yet the most favorite month for all people i guess, especially Christian ones. Children also love this month, for a long holiday and presents. Yayy! So do i. I really love December. Christmas and birthday will come and lotsa presents are waiting for me. But this year is kinda different actually. Since i'm still jobless, be at home for Christmas and New Year is enough for me. Huhuhu. You know, i felt a bit sad and shame to ask more although i knew mom and dad will always love having me at home. So, Christmas at home i guess then ask for some presents. Hihihi. I'll keep the presents as secrets for me until i get it, okay? *fingers crossed :P

Today i got one photograph from my graduation. I took 2 places to take photos, one for canvas and family photograph, while the other is taken in JCC-graduation place. A friend bought me a voucher, and i only had one chance to take photo with 2 other persons. I chose brothers over parents that time, because my dad was already mad because i still took photos while some of our relatives has come to the restaurant to celebrate my graduation. So we decided to take a casual style and it was really a quick shot. Like this one.

we planned this style ourselves in the queue. cheers!

The rest of them will come after December 20th i guess. Can't wait to see the canvas. It will be another good reason for me to bring it home, right? Hehe. Anyway i prepared myself to hear a news today. But they don't call me until now, so i'll call them tomorrow. Please pray for me, guys. I'm hoping to get my first job this time close, but if it doesn't happen, let's try to take master next year. Ah, may God bless my plan, and your plan as well. So, welcome December, bring us your magic for the rest 30 days. Godbless!

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