Sunday, December 18, 2011

sum of 2011 : March

Sorry for the pause, let's continue the summary. Hehehe.

Most of the days on March i spent in Jakarta, made some verbatim and continued my thesis. Sometimes i lost my spirit, and i took a day off. Not just one day but some days in a week. I thanked boyfriend for giving me his recorder, the best ever. It helped me, a lot! Parents were celebrating their wedding anniversary. As their presents, i sent a bouquet and an anniversary cake to the celebration. Mom's birthday was coming on the next week. An leopard scraf was my present for her. I knew she loved it so much, so comfort and stylish but i used it most of the time. Hahaha. On March, 30, after i finished my fourth verbatim, i flew back to Medan to find my last subject.

Few hours before departure time, i went to Grand Indonesia with a friend. Okay, it was a suicidal thing because i might happen to be late on the airport and miss the flight. Hahaha, but i took the chance. I went there and bought my lomo film. After that, i moved upstairs and saw an queue for Magnum Cafe, so why not give a try? It was my first visit and i could say it's enough. I'm a fan of ice cream, but i can't eat a lot of them in one time. The menus are great, the decoration and service also. Magnum cafe still opens until now. Go there, and enjoy the great ice cream. Thanks God, i didn't miss the plane. Hohoho. Don't tell dad, okay? :D

Conclusion : i spent this month with thesis thing. a whole month to be exact.

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