Sunday, December 18, 2011

sum of 2011 : October

October was really a "heart break" month. My beloved ones aka my favorite men had their birthday this month. Name it, both of my brothers and also boyfriend (and his brother). My brother and boyfriend's share the same date. What a coincidence. Hehehe. I managed time to gave boyfriend a surprise because his birthday was coming first. I ordered a birthday cake with his face on top. Another presents were coming with me from Jakarta. I knew he was so surprise with my presents, especially with the cake. Hahaha. His mom took the rest of the cake home, left him nothing. Her mom was also impressed with the cake. We spent that day together, prayed and had dinner. Happy birthday, dear!

Few days after boyfriend's birthday, i flew back to Jakarta to celebrate my first brother's birthday. We had lunch together in Pulau Dua Restaurant and also a food test for my graduation party. I haven't chose the restaurant by the moment and accidentally fell in love with it. The location is perfect, have a big parking lot, and the food was okay. So, i booked it and one graduation problem is done. I also picked my kebaya, a week before the graduation and finally it fits me. Ah, i gained weights for the last few months and i have to be fitted in it. Hahaha. Thank God, the kebaya didn't kill me. Hihihi.

October 30, 2011! Graduation day! Hooray! Parents and little brother was here. Little brother also celebrated his birthday few days before my graduation. So happy. We took a photographs together. Brothers look happy to see me finally graduate. I hope they will have more spirit to finish their study path. I love my family and i love my October! As i'm writing this post, i already hand all the photographs. Yeay! :))


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