Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nando's for breakfast, why not?

Well, actually it was a bad idea to choose Nando's as your breakfast. Because their menus are spicy and it's not good for your tummy in the morning. But, me, mom and brother took that risk and we ate there before we stroll the city on a day 2 weeks ago in Singapore. I saw the restaurant before escalator to Iluma in Bugis Junction. We were looking for a place to have err, brunch, i might say, because it's already 10 a.m. Then, there was a sign board in front of Nando's and it was told "(just see the picture below)"

outside the restaurant

 i am totally forget the names of these food. they're full with chicken. see the flag? it's a green flag, as i chose the flavour aka lemon and verb.
it means i'm not brave enough to taste their periperi hot flavour. hehehe.. 
it was breakfast, dear Nando's. hehehe
choose your flavour
So, we entered the restaurant and got confused with the menus because it was our first visit. They sell chickens with some flavours. Like you can see in the picture above. The sauce, they call it, PERI-PERI was a bit strange, not a hot sauce i used to eat. I wasn't too satisfy at that time, but breakfast what we ordered were enough. We also ordered hot chocolate for brother and jasmine tea for me and mom. It was indeed a good breakfast to start a day, but i do believe that we shouldn't have breakfast in Nando's but dinner.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

pursuing my happiness

It's 2.30 am, and i really really need to sleep as soon as possible. Some stuffs are running in a circle in my mind. Then i'm gonna sing the rest of Can't Fight This Feeling by Glee Cast. Hahaha. I just can't handle it. I hope i could sleep now and wake up today (yeah today) with a better feeling. It's not i felt bad, no, i'm just a bit worry about those stuffs. Brother's college, holiday, and the most important now, my new term and proposal. Why do i have to think about them? The only answer is they are my way to pursue my happiness.

I wont be happy if my family aren't. I wont be happy if i couldn't pass my proposal and thesis. I won't be happy if i let my brother lost in this city. Another news, bloggie, brother will enter an university in Jakarta next month. Ah, and i'm getting confuse about my future. Making proposal, do that and this stuff related to proposal, find perfect subjects, and so on until next year. Fyuh, i hope i could do that better than what i've revealed here. *finger crossed!

Trust me, happiness isn't a stable meaning. It changes if you changes your visions and missions in life. By now, it's my way in pursuing my happiness. By doing my best in proposal, by arranging my next trip wisely, and by letting my family choose what they want. Especially for my brother. If they all are well arranged, i'll be happy. I hope it's not too hard to get them all happy. I hope.

Anyway Happy Sunday everyone. Have a blessed one :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

steam boat and BBQ always made me (goddamn) full

Steam boat and BBQ were two things i am avoiding now, after i felt so goddamn full today. Me and 4 other friends went to Hanamasa Resto this noon to have early lunch. We arrived there before the restaurant open (how embarrassed) and spent more or less 2 hours there. Fyuhh.. Just 2 words : GODDAMN FULL!

Hanamasa itself serve various dishes, especially Japanese ones. Robotayaki, Shabu-shabu, Takoyaki, and so on. They also serve fresh fruits and many kind of dessert. The most important part for me. Their podeng was nice, i liked it. I've almost gave up for the Steam Boat. The soup was plain and the variations menu for d Steam Boat was less than for BBQ. I wish they serve fillet fish, but all they have are siomay and meatballs. We payed IDR 98.000 @ person. Actually i'm not fully satisfy, but i'm full already. Hahaha..

the view inside

 me and my girls in Hanamasa

Anyway, i also had Steam Boat and BBQ in Singapore. I lived in Beach Hotel, nearby Bugis Junction and next to my hotel was a restaurant. They only open since 4pm up to midnight and sell these kind of meals. It's about 16 SGD for one person, include Steam Boat and BBQ. It's cheaper if you pay before 5 pm or come after 11 pm, about 14 SGD. It will be more expensive during weekend, about 19 SGD. Their systems are diffferent with in Hanamasa. I don't know how to explain that, but i more enjoy Singapore's Steam Boat and BBQ restaurant. We could choose the soup, either it is Tom Yam, Chicken, or Mala (too spicy for me). They also serve many seafood and more BBQ meat. One good point for my brother, they serve fried fries and it is his favorite. These pictures below were from my second visit to this restaurant. First we have different place for Steam Boat and BBQ for eating inside, then we moved outside and have the same place for them. And, it's cheaper, btw. Hehehe..

meat with spicy sauce for a perfect BBQ

brother's favorite which Hanamasa doesn't have

don't forget to eat vegetables

Wah, a long post about Steam Boat and BBQ. I prefer Singapore's lots more than Hanamasa and other buffet in Indonesia. I tried Hartz Chicken twice and wasn't satisfy though it was goddamn full too. Hahaha.

Here's some tips from me if you planned to eat in any all-u-can-eat restaurant.
1. Pick what you want and finish it. In Hanamasa, they'll ask you to pay any unfinished food. 
2. Less drink and no rice. Rice made you feel full faster and you couldn't eat others.
3. Still eat vegetables or fruits. For you own good, friends.
4. Don't forget to take a breath. Hahaha, just rilex a bit if you feel full already. Walk around, texting or something, then back to your meal again. Hehe..
5. The last but not least, prepare your tummy. Skipped breakfast or just have fruits as breakfast is a good preparation before you eat these "whoahh" food.

Enjoy your Steam Boat and BBQ :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Suckao for Max Brenner

Please don't mind what i've wrote on the previous post, cause in fact, here i am, wanna share you my experience in Singapore, last week. It's hard for me to choose what will be my first post about my recent holiday. But, i chose Max Brenner because i have less pictures of it, so it's easier for me to post about them. A small shop in Esplanade Mall, next to Cookie Museum. They sell a best chocolate. Yup, a chocolate shop :)

The decoration was simple, the service was two thumbs up. And their men looked like Korean guys, so cute and pretty - as Mom's said. Hahaha.. The food were also awesome. I must say their waffle was heavenly delicious. Actually i'm not a big fan of chocolate, but mother and brothers are. We also order it's signature chocolate drink, Suckao, and i felt "sakaw" already with that drink. Too chocolate in my taste, so we couldn't finish it. But the waffle and banana bread were safe and sound on our tummy. Hihihi.. A truly high-recommended chocolate shop. Just stopped by there if you're in Singapore, because their another branch is in Australia and Phillipine. About the price? They're okay, not pricey, but the service, once again, two thumbs up :)

brother and mom (chocolate lovers)

munchies waffle - waffle from heaven

banana bread - eat it and you'll feel full 

suckao and it's equipments

 their 'back-stage'

sorry for a blur picture, yup it's me and Max Brenner

tripod for today

Hellow, i'm back again, bloggie. No, my writing mood is still on its way home. I just wanna share you some news here. I won't write such a long post, yeah, we'll see if i can. Hahaha, i love to write, and you know it. So, let's begin my story. Err, i've collected my proposal on Friday. Hey, it came first. Yeah, i'm glad i did it and how i struggled in last minutes, confused about some little thing, should say it little. But, an angel came in right time (my friend, Caroline) and helped me. I was saved. 

Then i got home and it's empty. Mom and brother has back to Manado, and the whole room was a complete mess. Papers there and everywhere, clothes both clean ones or not, and dust. The latter was my biggest enemy in room. And, i didn't know where to start but felt so tired, so i took a nap until night and skipped dinner. I woke up again, and saw the same room. Hahaha, i wish when i open my eyes, i'm already in Manado. I wish i didn't have to clean this mess but spending quality time with brothers and parents. Sounds pathetic already, bloggie? Yes, i miss them. Though they were just leave me for 3 days. Huff..

SOOO, to kill this boredom, i took my Canny again, to capture some mess-spot in my room. But, i found out that i haven't use its tripod. I even forgot how to make it stand. So i tried myself, and it's already stand. A bit scary at first, what if my Canny felt down? ARGH! I will mad as hell to this 3-leg-pole for breaking my Canny into pieces. After i felt it was already saved, i took some pictures. Myself mostly, of course, with some stuffs in room. Ignore the mess, okay? Enjoy it. 

 i did it!

my apple for a day

cutest dictionary (the color not the name)

 tripod's bag

my hair style

Definitely will use this tripod again. But when and where? Hmmm *wondering

Monday, July 5, 2010

hello and goodbye

Hello, July. I haven't greet you here. Thank you for the good start. I owed you lots of story here. Anyway, it was all good story. Thank you.

Goodbye, holiday. I am facing a big deadline this Friday. And haven't finish it yet. ARGH! (obvious in 4 words and 1 mark, bloggie).

Hello, two guests. I love you both. I wish i have a bigger room to make you both more comfort. And more time to stroll this city. And eat out together. And take more and more photos. And watched each others sleep, and lots of silly conversations. Too bad we're not complete in this journey.

Goodbye, my lovely opung. I love you, from my deepest heart, not just words without meaning on a board. I wish i could see you again in this December or anytime i go to Medan, but God loves you more than we do. I know you will rest in peace in heaven. Ahh, i don't know what will happen if i go to your home again. I will cry, a lot. Selamat jalan, opung.

Hello, fat. I wish i don't mention you here, but you were accompanying me during this holiday. You grew up easily in my every gulity pleasure. Though you wasn't show up that often, but you were everywhere.

Anyway, can you help me to say goodbye to you faster than it should be? I beg you, dearest fat. Hahahahaha..

Hello, bed. You just have no idea how i've missed you, especially today (and the whole holiday). I had another tiring day, and tomorrow are waiting for me to have some journey. 

Goodbye, proposal. Don't worry i'll hit you if i have time. I promise you i'll make you clear at least this Thursday Friday morning. Just be patient, okay?