Monday, July 5, 2010

hello and goodbye

Hello, July. I haven't greet you here. Thank you for the good start. I owed you lots of story here. Anyway, it was all good story. Thank you.

Goodbye, holiday. I am facing a big deadline this Friday. And haven't finish it yet. ARGH! (obvious in 4 words and 1 mark, bloggie).

Hello, two guests. I love you both. I wish i have a bigger room to make you both more comfort. And more time to stroll this city. And eat out together. And take more and more photos. And watched each others sleep, and lots of silly conversations. Too bad we're not complete in this journey.

Goodbye, my lovely opung. I love you, from my deepest heart, not just words without meaning on a board. I wish i could see you again in this December or anytime i go to Medan, but God loves you more than we do. I know you will rest in peace in heaven. Ahh, i don't know what will happen if i go to your home again. I will cry, a lot. Selamat jalan, opung.

Hello, fat. I wish i don't mention you here, but you were accompanying me during this holiday. You grew up easily in my every gulity pleasure. Though you wasn't show up that often, but you were everywhere.

Anyway, can you help me to say goodbye to you faster than it should be? I beg you, dearest fat. Hahahahaha..

Hello, bed. You just have no idea how i've missed you, especially today (and the whole holiday). I had another tiring day, and tomorrow are waiting for me to have some journey. 

Goodbye, proposal. Don't worry i'll hit you if i have time. I promise you i'll make you clear at least this Thursday Friday morning. Just be patient, okay?

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