Sunday, July 11, 2010

tripod for today

Hellow, i'm back again, bloggie. No, my writing mood is still on its way home. I just wanna share you some news here. I won't write such a long post, yeah, we'll see if i can. Hahaha, i love to write, and you know it. So, let's begin my story. Err, i've collected my proposal on Friday. Hey, it came first. Yeah, i'm glad i did it and how i struggled in last minutes, confused about some little thing, should say it little. But, an angel came in right time (my friend, Caroline) and helped me. I was saved. 

Then i got home and it's empty. Mom and brother has back to Manado, and the whole room was a complete mess. Papers there and everywhere, clothes both clean ones or not, and dust. The latter was my biggest enemy in room. And, i didn't know where to start but felt so tired, so i took a nap until night and skipped dinner. I woke up again, and saw the same room. Hahaha, i wish when i open my eyes, i'm already in Manado. I wish i didn't have to clean this mess but spending quality time with brothers and parents. Sounds pathetic already, bloggie? Yes, i miss them. Though they were just leave me for 3 days. Huff..

SOOO, to kill this boredom, i took my Canny again, to capture some mess-spot in my room. But, i found out that i haven't use its tripod. I even forgot how to make it stand. So i tried myself, and it's already stand. A bit scary at first, what if my Canny felt down? ARGH! I will mad as hell to this 3-leg-pole for breaking my Canny into pieces. After i felt it was already saved, i took some pictures. Myself mostly, of course, with some stuffs in room. Ignore the mess, okay? Enjoy it. 

 i did it!

my apple for a day

cutest dictionary (the color not the name)

 tripod's bag

my hair style

Definitely will use this tripod again. But when and where? Hmmm *wondering

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