Sunday, July 11, 2010

Suckao for Max Brenner

Please don't mind what i've wrote on the previous post, cause in fact, here i am, wanna share you my experience in Singapore, last week. It's hard for me to choose what will be my first post about my recent holiday. But, i chose Max Brenner because i have less pictures of it, so it's easier for me to post about them. A small shop in Esplanade Mall, next to Cookie Museum. They sell a best chocolate. Yup, a chocolate shop :)

The decoration was simple, the service was two thumbs up. And their men looked like Korean guys, so cute and pretty - as Mom's said. Hahaha.. The food were also awesome. I must say their waffle was heavenly delicious. Actually i'm not a big fan of chocolate, but mother and brothers are. We also order it's signature chocolate drink, Suckao, and i felt "sakaw" already with that drink. Too chocolate in my taste, so we couldn't finish it. But the waffle and banana bread were safe and sound on our tummy. Hihihi.. A truly high-recommended chocolate shop. Just stopped by there if you're in Singapore, because their another branch is in Australia and Phillipine. About the price? They're okay, not pricey, but the service, once again, two thumbs up :)

brother and mom (chocolate lovers)

munchies waffle - waffle from heaven

banana bread - eat it and you'll feel full 

suckao and it's equipments

 their 'back-stage'

sorry for a blur picture, yup it's me and Max Brenner

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