Sunday, July 18, 2010

pursuing my happiness

It's 2.30 am, and i really really need to sleep as soon as possible. Some stuffs are running in a circle in my mind. Then i'm gonna sing the rest of Can't Fight This Feeling by Glee Cast. Hahaha. I just can't handle it. I hope i could sleep now and wake up today (yeah today) with a better feeling. It's not i felt bad, no, i'm just a bit worry about those stuffs. Brother's college, holiday, and the most important now, my new term and proposal. Why do i have to think about them? The only answer is they are my way to pursue my happiness.

I wont be happy if my family aren't. I wont be happy if i couldn't pass my proposal and thesis. I won't be happy if i let my brother lost in this city. Another news, bloggie, brother will enter an university in Jakarta next month. Ah, and i'm getting confuse about my future. Making proposal, do that and this stuff related to proposal, find perfect subjects, and so on until next year. Fyuh, i hope i could do that better than what i've revealed here. *finger crossed!

Trust me, happiness isn't a stable meaning. It changes if you changes your visions and missions in life. By now, it's my way in pursuing my happiness. By doing my best in proposal, by arranging my next trip wisely, and by letting my family choose what they want. Especially for my brother. If they all are well arranged, i'll be happy. I hope it's not too hard to get them all happy. I hope.

Anyway Happy Sunday everyone. Have a blessed one :)

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