Tuesday, July 13, 2010

steam boat and BBQ always made me (goddamn) full

Steam boat and BBQ were two things i am avoiding now, after i felt so goddamn full today. Me and 4 other friends went to Hanamasa Resto this noon to have early lunch. We arrived there before the restaurant open (how embarrassed) and spent more or less 2 hours there. Fyuhh.. Just 2 words : GODDAMN FULL!

Hanamasa itself serve various dishes, especially Japanese ones. Robotayaki, Shabu-shabu, Takoyaki, and so on. They also serve fresh fruits and many kind of dessert. The most important part for me. Their podeng was nice, i liked it. I've almost gave up for the Steam Boat. The soup was plain and the variations menu for d Steam Boat was less than for BBQ. I wish they serve fillet fish, but all they have are siomay and meatballs. We payed IDR 98.000 @ person. Actually i'm not fully satisfy, but i'm full already. Hahaha..

the view inside

 me and my girls in Hanamasa

Anyway, i also had Steam Boat and BBQ in Singapore. I lived in Beach Hotel, nearby Bugis Junction and next to my hotel was a restaurant. They only open since 4pm up to midnight and sell these kind of meals. It's about 16 SGD for one person, include Steam Boat and BBQ. It's cheaper if you pay before 5 pm or come after 11 pm, about 14 SGD. It will be more expensive during weekend, about 19 SGD. Their systems are diffferent with in Hanamasa. I don't know how to explain that, but i more enjoy Singapore's Steam Boat and BBQ restaurant. We could choose the soup, either it is Tom Yam, Chicken, or Mala (too spicy for me). They also serve many seafood and more BBQ meat. One good point for my brother, they serve fried fries and it is his favorite. These pictures below were from my second visit to this restaurant. First we have different place for Steam Boat and BBQ for eating inside, then we moved outside and have the same place for them. And, it's cheaper, btw. Hehehe..

meat with spicy sauce for a perfect BBQ

brother's favorite which Hanamasa doesn't have

don't forget to eat vegetables

Wah, a long post about Steam Boat and BBQ. I prefer Singapore's lots more than Hanamasa and other buffet in Indonesia. I tried Hartz Chicken twice and wasn't satisfy though it was goddamn full too. Hahaha.

Here's some tips from me if you planned to eat in any all-u-can-eat restaurant.
1. Pick what you want and finish it. In Hanamasa, they'll ask you to pay any unfinished food. 
2. Less drink and no rice. Rice made you feel full faster and you couldn't eat others.
3. Still eat vegetables or fruits. For you own good, friends.
4. Don't forget to take a breath. Hahaha, just rilex a bit if you feel full already. Walk around, texting or something, then back to your meal again. Hehe..
5. The last but not least, prepare your tummy. Skipped breakfast or just have fruits as breakfast is a good preparation before you eat these "whoahh" food.

Enjoy your Steam Boat and BBQ :)

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