Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nando's for breakfast, why not?

Well, actually it was a bad idea to choose Nando's as your breakfast. Because their menus are spicy and it's not good for your tummy in the morning. But, me, mom and brother took that risk and we ate there before we stroll the city on a day 2 weeks ago in Singapore. I saw the restaurant before escalator to Iluma in Bugis Junction. We were looking for a place to have err, brunch, i might say, because it's already 10 a.m. Then, there was a sign board in front of Nando's and it was told "(just see the picture below)"

outside the restaurant

 i am totally forget the names of these food. they're full with chicken. see the flag? it's a green flag, as i chose the flavour aka lemon and verb.
it means i'm not brave enough to taste their periperi hot flavour. hehehe.. 
it was breakfast, dear Nando's. hehehe
choose your flavour
So, we entered the restaurant and got confused with the menus because it was our first visit. They sell chickens with some flavours. Like you can see in the picture above. The sauce, they call it, PERI-PERI was a bit strange, not a hot sauce i used to eat. I wasn't too satisfy at that time, but breakfast what we ordered were enough. We also ordered hot chocolate for brother and jasmine tea for me and mom. It was indeed a good breakfast to start a day, but i do believe that we shouldn't have breakfast in Nando's but dinner.

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