Monday, March 26, 2012

on my purse (for today special occasion )

As an employee, it is my duty to take a part of company's occasion. It will be the second occasion since my first day. For the first time, they didn't call me to help them, because i'm still a newbie in the office. But, for  today occasion, the asked me to be an usher, and i have no other answer but yes. I will go to office earlier, wear a kebaya, have to smile a lot, and do not have to work (nay!). It's not that i love my job so much, it's because i've already postponed two days work since last Friday was a public holiday. I have to work harder on Tuesday then. But no worries, i have a feeling that this week will be a great one.

Since i don't know what to post, i wandered on my room. Silly, yes. I already have a WIFI connection in my room, that's why lately i only catch up with twitter, path and monster pet. I am too lazy to open this laptop and spend a time to write, eventhough i miss writing a lot. So, i took my camera and captured stuffs i will bring later today. I won't bring wallet and my everyday purse, because i don't know the location yet and where to put them safely, thus i put some stuffs in bigger purse. Here are some of them :

keychain, coin purse, extra battery for blackberry, artificial tears, vitamins on lenses box, lip gloss, eyeliner, aromatherapy, and make up remover

You can guess it easily that i will have a hair do and make up today. So, i prepared some of my make up stuffs. I can't easily trust someone's make up tools, especially when there are plenty of us (and lots of other people) wear the same brushes and tools. That's why i bring my essential ones, like lipgloss and eyeliner, because they are sensitive and easily got bacteria. I don't want to go home with irritated eyes and itchy lips :( Anyway, i woke up too early this morning due to my old laptop's download problems. I haven't used it for years and now accidentaly i have to and found out i left it without any upgrades (software and antivirus). Now, let's back to only-an-hour-left sleep before i go to work. Have a blessed Monday, people!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Keep Calm And Carry On

One famous poster/quote from Barker Books, England. I found the app in app-store and just finished the download. Here is one poster I like. Happy Sunday!

Keep Calm And Carry On

Earlier today I browsed through app-store and found out this cool app. Basically I love England and really long to visit it someday and this quote is the most famous quote from England. The app itself allows you to create your own poster/quote. I haven't made it myself but I have watched the story behind it and found some other quotes. This one surely lovely, especially for today is Sunday. Hope this quote will cheer my day, and your day too. Happy Sunday! Xoxo

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Monsters on March

After accidentaly deleted Smurf Village from ipod, i decided to take a break from all game. It was a real heart broken. I started played Smurf Village since last year, after i watched its movie. The movie was just good, but the game is really a heart stealer. I even purchased, okay a lot, smurfberries. I builed their village pretty well, but it all disappear with one touch in ipod touch. OUCH! Since i have several games beside smurf village, i played them randomly. Until one day, a workmate told me to download Monster Pet Shop. Have i told you that everyone in my department own an ipod/android? And they all playing smurf village? It breaks my heart to hear the sounds every harvest time. Huhuhu. But i've promised myself not to play smurf village and i really want to prove that.

So, i took their recomendation to download Monster Pet Shop. The game is about taking care of monster eggs, from the incubator until they're ready to be sold. An customer will come and request a monster, your job is to provide good quality monsters to them. You have your own monster shop and monster in this case is a pet. Hehehe. The eggs itselves remind me about Easter eggs, so colorful and cute. Do download it yourself. Now i'm in love with this new game. Workmates will share me some eggs this week so i could sell the right monsters to my customer. Woohoo!

Anyway, have a good and pleasant week ahead, friends! Don't forget to take a vitamin with you. I thought i got a flu from workmates last week, so it's time to recharge my energy and ready to hit the work tomorrow. Bye bye!