Friday, October 28, 2011

Union Bakery

Yesterday, i went out with a lovely friend, Desi. Graduation is coming for several days and we're no longer college girl. So, as a farewell to college life, we decided to have a fancy lunch together. We went to Plaza Senayan, and had lunch in Union Bakery. It was our first visit to that restaurant. I don't really like the ambience, full of smokers (hoek) and it has a glass ceiling. Hot indeed, we did feel uncomfortable with that situation. But, the food came to save us. They are great, and have average prices. I once read on someone's twitter (she's an Indonesian artist), Union Bakery's red velvet is the best in town. So, i'm looking over the menus, but surprisingly it doesn't there. Huff. I straightly chose another menu, Bourbon Pork Ribs, and fortunately its good. When we almost stepped outside the door, i finally saw it. The famous RED VELVET, but it's not a cupcake. I thought that the red velvet will come in cupcake looks, but it's not. It's a red velvet layer cake. So, i'll save it for take away. And now, i've finished it and forget to take its picture, but the taste is really good. Yup, i could say, it was the best red velvet in Jakarta. I want moreeee :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

converse, again

Converse was my shoes in high school.
Basically i am lazy girl who hate to wear sporty shoes. It takes time to bind it. Flats do faster and more cute. But society told me that Converse was on. At least you should have one pair of them to wear at Saturday in school. My high school was kinda strict with the shoes rules. You have to wear black shoes from Monday to Friday then free shoes in Saturday. I also have a college boyfriend in my last grade in high school. He was wearing Converse everytime we met after school. So, i put it in mind, in time you enter college life, you'll wear Converse until you graduate.

Converse was my shoes in college.
I moved to Jakarta and brought along one pair of Converse. But, living in Jakarta, gave you many many option of things. Many restaurants is in here, many malls, many bookstores, and many shoes stores. No doubt my heart goes to flats again. I still bought 3 more Converse these years, but ended up by giving them all to friends and (hiks) throw them. I was thinking not to wear more Converse. It was a symbolize of teen life, a rebel time of our life and now, i'm facing life as an adult. Being a fresh graduate with no recent job gave me more time to rethink about many things, choosing best shoes is one of them. No more sneakers, but high heels.

Converse is my newest sandals.
Sandals should be feminim in my opinion. I collect some sandals and wear it any time i don't have to wear shoes. At least i have to bring one sandal when i go back to hometown. It's easy to wear, comfort, fit in jeans also, and have various type and colors. You have no reason to refuse sandals. And now, Converse sandal came to rescue me. They made a very comfort sandal, with their own touch. It looks like sandal, but it was Converse. See? I love this sandal to bits, my feet loves it too. I hope, Converse will produce new type of sandal more, i'll grab them all :))

first week in Jakarta (through instagram)

Heyhoo. I'm back to the city, to prepare some things in terms of my graduation by the end of this month. I arrived safely exactly a week ago and already tired now. For the first two nights here, i didn't sleep at my crib, i haven't clean it yet cause i have to accompany my sister in hospital. She had an appendix surgery on Monday and had no company, so there i was. Slept over at the hospital for two days in a row, with an unhealthy condition is bad, guys. Huff. But still, the next day, i have to fit my kebaya and make sure mom's is ready too. Mine is not ready yet, i'll pick it up  tomorrow i guess if i have company.

On Saturday i went to campus with a friend to attend jobfair. My faculty held that event and one of the reason why i come back to Jakarta is to find suitable job for me. One big company has already interviewed me, i had pass two others already but still waiting for the best one. Being a jobseeker is not my thing, to be honest i'd like to take master next year. Meanwhile i have to find a job to keep me in this psychological test and stuff. So good luck for me and you.

I also went out with Arlene. We talked about everything, yet the main topic was her recent relationship. I'm so happy to see her smiles all over the talk. We ended that day by watching Smurf and having ramen as our late lunch. It was also a late celebration of her birthday, a month ago. I wasn't in town on the time. One last thing, i'm glad because Arlene also loves Peach Sus that i chose for her. It was my favorite cake in Starbucks by the way. Have i told you that i so miss Green Tea Frappucino back in Manado? Finally i had tasted it again with my girl.

And yesterday, my brother turned 19 years old. Happy birthday to him. We went to Pulau Dua Restaurant for lunch. Too bad it was located nearby MPR - DPR building and there was an demonstration by the time. We couldn't pick taxi easily so we asked the police to help us. Fortunately, we didn't face a long crowd in our way home. I straightly called mom and tell her to watch news, in case me and brother was shown up in that demonstration. Hahaha.

his mie ulang tahun / birthday noodle 

So, that was my week.Yes, it's kinda strange to start a week in Wednesday hahaha. I won't use that term of course, it just one of my case in this city. All of the pictures were taken with my ipod and have been edited in instagram application. It was my last addiction lately, to capture pictures, edit it and post it. Too bad i have to find wifi connection everytime i'd like to upload some photos, but no big deal for these days. Hihihi. If you have instagram account, do follow mine (annavaganza), in time i can online, i'll follow you back. Have a great day! xoxo

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

happy birthday dear:)

I'm blessed to have a very humble boyfriend, who always accept all my silly habits. I like to make personal nicknames to most of things in the world, especially for things which happen in my daily life. So, no wonder i have million nicknames for boyfriend, since the first time we've become friends. Hahaha, it was a year ago. Time flies, right, Xiao Po? 

Then, few days ago was his birthday. I won't tell you the number, to make him comfortable (giggling all the way.hihihi), but let me give you some of the photos on that special day. Last year i gave him a picture, later i put it on BBM's display picture. Just a picture, but i knew he loves it to the bits. A simple photo of me, holding a doll, an eeyore, and a paper "Happy Birthday, nduttt". Yup, that time i call him Ndut. But this year is kinda bit different. I was here, so i can greet him myself, so here i am went to his crib. I brought him a cake, with his face on the top of it. To make it complete, i also gave him a card and some presents. It was a relieving moment so far, more than my own birthday. We ended it with a fancy dinner and pray together. 

Happy birthday dearest one. Thanks for being real, warm, and big-hearted. Love you!