Friday, October 28, 2011

Union Bakery

Yesterday, i went out with a lovely friend, Desi. Graduation is coming for several days and we're no longer college girl. So, as a farewell to college life, we decided to have a fancy lunch together. We went to Plaza Senayan, and had lunch in Union Bakery. It was our first visit to that restaurant. I don't really like the ambience, full of smokers (hoek) and it has a glass ceiling. Hot indeed, we did feel uncomfortable with that situation. But, the food came to save us. They are great, and have average prices. I once read on someone's twitter (she's an Indonesian artist), Union Bakery's red velvet is the best in town. So, i'm looking over the menus, but surprisingly it doesn't there. Huff. I straightly chose another menu, Bourbon Pork Ribs, and fortunately its good. When we almost stepped outside the door, i finally saw it. The famous RED VELVET, but it's not a cupcake. I thought that the red velvet will come in cupcake looks, but it's not. It's a red velvet layer cake. So, i'll save it for take away. And now, i've finished it and forget to take its picture, but the taste is really good. Yup, i could say, it was the best red velvet in Jakarta. I want moreeee :)

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