Tuesday, September 29, 2009

from jeans to blogs

Actually, i planned to watch movie today, since i went home earlier. But, later i spent my time with chatting with my lovely one, sent emails to friends, and packed some of my stuff. I checked out my unused jeans, and planned to give it to my cousin. Well, i got some problems with my current body now. Though i thought i gained weights, in fact, i loss some. Errr..., it's not what i felt, but what people told me and i just realized on this holiday.

Blame this holiday season (a full week), they gave me more chances to sweep mall and spent some money to buy things i want (read it CLOTHES). Yeah, i ended up my holiday with 2 jeans (i loved them both, both of them had faboulous colors i've never have before hohoho), a dress (i'll put my picture with it), and 1 luaran, the cutest thing i purchased lately, so cuteeee.. I can't wait to wear it, maybe next week hehehe.. I found dress and luaran easily from one store in Mangga Dua. But, for the jeans, it took hours, guys.

It's really hard for me to find a perfect jeans (imagine how to find more than 1 jeans!). I have to admit, i have a bit big hip. See, i bold the taboo word for a girl and it all was in my opinion. In one hand, it made me a bit hard to find jeans. But, it also helped me to shape my body and i love my looks in the mirror. I really am. So, why i have to hate my hip, right?

After i loss weights since the end of last year, i have to permak almost all my jeans. I have to resize them to smaller size. Firstly i thought i will solve my problems with jeans, because i hate to wear longgar jeans, and have crushed on skinny jeans since high school. And you know, it didn't work! Yeah, they all had been resized, but, it all made me uncomfort to wear. Some of them loss its taste. Got it? They loss its magic, the one that made me bought them. I felt gulity for them. How i loved them and wear it for long time, and now, i have to let them go. It won't suit on me anymore, so i chose 3 of them to be my cousin's soon. I will miss them. They all my favourite jeans.

Then, now, i have two newcomer on my jeans family. I'll have them ironed tomorrow, but i planned not to use them until next week. Because i planned to use my first skinny jeans this weekend. Ask me why? Because i will spend this weekend with my beloved one, yippiee.. That jeans really suit on me and i used it as the example jeans when i wanna resize my jeans. Huff, i just realized how sad my jeans now. I had exchanged them into something they won't be. I even sadder than them, i broke them, things i loved. But, i know, my cousin will treat them well, i hope it will suit on her (last time i met her, she's bigger than me). Just hopping they all will match each other.

Hahahaha, don't you feel funny, i could be this serious and wrote a long post just because of jeans. Actually it's just a simple part of my daily life. But, i put it here. I don't know why, i just wanna share my stories with jeans. Oya, today i was blogwalking and find an extraordinary blog from a girl, who'd tell her relationship stories widely. She's single for 2 years, and she even said that she started to blog since broke up. Because she had no 'pendengar setia' more. Suddenly i stopped click on hers. Started to ask myself, what about me? I have no 'pendengar setia' either. But, lucky me, i started to blog a long time before i lost it. And next month, this blog will celebrate its first birthday. 1 month from today actually. Whuah,, congratulation for you, bloggie, and for my self as the only author hahahaha..

What will you ask for the upcoming birthday, bloggie? Well, since i have no 'pendengar setia' yet 'pembaca setia', i don't know where to ask. I am confusing what post will i post on that day. But, i will think about it later, wishing i can post something important on that day. Though it's just me, who read my blog, i promise to post something regularly here. This i promise you bloggie (like N*Sync's song-i love this song) and it will be one of your presents hehehe.. Wah, October will come on Thursday, and i'll have a long weekend. Can't waittt!

me, wearing my new dress after Sunday service

Monday, September 28, 2009

quote colongan

Sebenarnya saya pengen nulis blog panjang2, khususnya tentang weekend ini, tapi apa daya, saya capek banget hari ini, dan ada beberapa hal penting yang mendesak untuk diselesaikan sebelum weekend lagi, jadi yah, maapkan untuk posting2 (sedikit) tidak penting ya kawan2 hehe.. Hari ini saya kembali mencontek tugas teman di perpustakaan, tidak banyak untuk kali ini, jadinya saya bengong setelah udah selesai nyalin punya dia dan nyalin punya saya di dia. Jelas kan? Jadi intinya bukan cuma saya yang nyontek, tapi dia juga hahahaha *ngeles.

Jadi, daripada bengong tak berguna, saya ambillah buku Chicken Soup Life Lessons yang nganggur di meja. Berhubung kuliah di Psikologi, kita bakalan sering nemu buku2 serupa di perpustakaan, lumayan buat ngisi waktu luang sebelum masuk kuliah pukul 13.oo deh. Dan banyak quote2 menarik disana. Wah, kalau nulis "kata2 mutiara" saya ngerasa aneh, jadi nulisnya quote aja ya.. Bukan sok2 bule, tapi enakan bilang quote di lidah soalnya hehehe.. Nah, daripada saya lupa semua tu quote2, maka beraksilah dengan memotret mereka! Untung ga ketauan sama si Ibu Perpus dan Bapak Kumis (sumpah, sampai hari ini saya ga tau sapa nama si bapak itu hahahaha), paling saya cuma disindir2 Siska sama Yolan karena si hape ini kameranya ga bisa di-silent! Parah kan? Sekaligus norak hahahaha.. Tapi, berhubung kata2nya pada bagus, saya beraniin deh.. Ini dia mereka :

Yang 2 quote di bawah ini spesial, dapat dari buku kedua yang saya baca, tapi berhubung waktu dah mepet, hanya ini yang saya ambil, tapi kata2nya justru paling menarik menurut saya. Benar kan?

Maka saya pun menantikan waktu bisa tertawa bersama orang2 yang saya sayang dan cintai. Semua itu ga akan lama lagi kok, saya yakin *sambil berdoa sungguh2 hahaha :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

me, leader

"At the end of the day,
you are the leader of your own life.
People provide maps, you choose the path."

Friday, September 25, 2009

Keenan, the third crush

you gotta 'taste' to find it's magic

I have to admit, i read no book this year! Can't you imagine it? I remember my last book in 2008 was another Dee's tittled Rectoverso, and i lend it to my friend, but i'll let her keep it. And this year, i just bought one book and i left it, my still unread Lolita (translation novel, a bored one -novel berat dengan kata lain, sangat Eropa dengan setting tahun 70an-) in my bookshelf, and have no interest in any other book. Well, i read Benny and Mice's caricature about Indonesian's presidents, but it's not a real book, which contents with words, not just silly pictures. SO, Perahu Kertas is my first real book (call it novel) this year. I was about wanted to read Twilight long-long-long time ago, since i watched in in December, last year. But, mm.., somehow, i just think it's not that worted to read, but Paulo Coelho's.

Then, i went to Gramedia yesterday, bought books for me, one from Dee and the other one from Paulo Coelho. I started with Dee's first, i even started read after i finished my previous post last night. This book kept me awake until dawn, really. I miss reading book until dawn. Cried, smiled, laughed because of book, special one. Dee made me happy last night. It was the third night she could me make awake until dawn. First, Filosofi Kopi, second with 11 stories by Rectoverso, and now, Perahu Kertas, with Keenan (and Kugy). Another confessions, i put Rectoverso's sticker on my kost's door and i started to go to Starbucks because of Dee. How to make perfect coffee, though i don't drink coffee. But, i love to smell coffee, and how people depend with coffee, no matter with it price. And, i was happier to know, that someone, was there also, accompany my reading time, he'd just like know, that i am having my time, i was relieved :)

So, here i am. Has just wake up, still not take a bath, but online, just to post about this book. I am in love again and again with Dee. And with Keenan, especially. Somehow, i remember someone when i read this book, similar with Keenan, no need to reveal him here hahaha. I am about name my son Keenan, silly idea, but i liked it's name. Simple, not like my long and meaningless name, but i love my name. Ah ya, about the other book, i planned it to give it to my sister. I know she'll like it, she's mature enough to find the aim of Paulo Coelho's book. How he appreciate woman, so romantic (as i read some opinions about his books). I am charged now, and get ready to falling love again, with book of course hehe. Can't wait till my time come, yippiie :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

twitter shocks

I just wanna post some, errr... , fact, or maybe just issue (maybe) in Twitter lately. They are :

- Oprah Winfrey has passed away!!! OMG, i am not believing on this issue, so i won't tell more about it. I've just got the news today, so, forget it guys, just a silly issue.

- From Indonesia's director, Joko Anwar. Just check this one, and you'll know, why i am still confusing is it fact or just an issue. I have no idea, why he did it. I found this one yesterday on my friend's room while visited her. And we both laughed and questioned about it (well, both of us are Psychology students *hihihi).

Well, lately i got bored with Twitter but i still tweet, maybe more often then before actually (due to many complicated feelings lately) . So, i chose to protect my twitter account, for some good reasons actually. If you wanna follow me, send me a request first. I won't let everyone knows what i am thinking and has done. This blog has explained my life widely to the ones who wanna know me. Just explore it and enjoy it yourself yaa :)

at night thinking

things at night thinking

As you can see from the picture above, i have many things to think every night, though i'm on a long holiday (10 days). But, the most important thing to think at night is my still unfinish 8 pages Klinis translation. I wish i can finish it at least the end of this week, before start my last week before UTS! OMG, time flies so fast, i even didn't dream anymore about October to come, because October looks so near from today (*lebay). Yeah, i am currently dreaming of December now. About holiday and some of my birthday wishes, let us crossing fingers together, guys hahaha. But, i have to pass one sidang and all my classes well before that and i am on my way. So, let's studyyyy ^^

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

we're on corridor 8

I woke up late (again) today. Finally i can enjoy of waking up late these days, eventhough yesterday i just made my homework and chat-ed with Desipus, who'd came to my room and had great time here. Hahaha, i am so lazy ya? But, for today, i felt so much excited, to eat out especially, since i was afraid to get migraine today due to my meals these days was so unhealthy. Yes, it was. I know i've been craving for that meals for a month, but, i also afraid or maybe scare to get migraine again. I ate no vegetables, since Saturday! I just had bananas, papaya, and oranges to balance my nutrition. I had no yogurt also, whuah, i was so unhealthy for these days. That's why i am so glad to eat out today, and even glad-er to go to this mall, PIM.

Yeah, it's been a long time since my last visit for this mall. It is located in South Jakarta, which is a bit far from my residence (halah!) in West Jakarta . But, thanks to Bus Transjakarta to make it more reacheable now, for just one trip, on corridor 8! One trip equal with IDR 3500, guys! Only IDR 3500 and you don't have to exchange bus, but arrive safely on that mall already. Just took Lebak Bulus bus, and there you are, in PIM already. You'll arrived at their bridge, next to Dairy Queen, how lovely, but i don't have them for this visit hehehe..

here's the whole map of Bus Transjakarta

We're sweeping this mall first, looked for Loloy's chair and a magnetic board for me in ACE Hardware, this shop was watering my mouth, i adore their kitchen collection! I was eye-ing for some stuff there, and planning to go there again with mom or daddy on their next visit hihihi.. Then, we went to the 3rd floor to had lunch. Me and Loloy ended with Dabu-Dabu Express, and had their spicy foods, while Desipus and Steffi had menus from Sumpit. We went to XXI afterward, to see what movies are playing on that time, and suprisingly they had 3 studios for G-Force, so we had no choice but G-Force. In 21 even worse, that had all Indonesian movies (Get Married 2- i want to watch it because i've watched Get Married 1 but they all didn't agree with me, Meraih Mimpi-Indonesian first cartoon movie, Preman In Love- i just saw Tora Sudiro as the actor, Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2- mm, no comment, but 2 studios playing it) and The Grudge 3, huff..

Actually, i liked to watch movie, too, but the thing is, it cost IDR 50000 for a ticket! Aaarrgghhh, for only seeing guinea pigs, i have to sacrifice my IDR 50000, tidak relaaa! But, i've bought the ticket already, so i just have to make my self enjoy the movie, well, not bad-lah hahaha.. I confused with the tittle first, until tonight, me and Inggi (i even discussed with her for this thing, hahahaha) and we conclude, that G for G-Force stand for Guinea Pig which is means marmut in Indonesian. Three guinea pigs also the main casts for this movie and one mole (tikus tanah) and many "kecoak" - iuwwwhhhh..

see? how weird they are ><

Finally, we stopped by at Hero in ground floor, they bought some food materials and fruit, while me myself just bought these cute snacks, my next-t0-be-breakfasts for tommorow, before i go to eat out again. Now, i am craving to vegetables and hate the fact that i can't cook here, eventhough i want to. Just a simple tumis bayam (how simple it is, but i miss it a lot!), huahh, i miss my cooking time in Manado and the fact i have everything to help me cook there. But, for what i had eaten today, i am glad. It turned out healtier than yesterday. I had vege-soup as my dinner actually, it made me so full now. Well, i still craving for vegetables and will have it tomorrow, yippie!! No more unhealthy day :)

i don't call them unhealthy snack hihihi

Sunday, September 20, 2009

tangan gatal ga nulis :p

Berhubung punya kesempatan online, tangan saya jadi gatal kalau cuma posting tentang Idul Fitri hahaha, jadi saya mikir apa lagi yang mau di posting, dah ah ya, gimana tentang liburan Lebaran ini. Tampaknya itu ide yang bagus, tapi berhubung jadwal liburan saya masih kacau, saya milih posting teman saya liburan ini deh :)

Saya mencuri start Lebaran dengan maen2 sama teman2 ke Waterbom PIK. Namun, berhubung memasukkan foto2 dengan baju renang sedikit mengganggu keamanan dan kenyamanan semua pihak, saya tidak bisa memasukkan foto2 tersebut *harap dimaklumi yaa. Tapi, yang pasti saya me-negro disana! hahaha.. Panas banget, kulit kaki tuh berasa udah kebal sekebal2nya sama panas. Secara kita pada berenang tengah hari tanpa persiapan maksimal, karena terbukti Natalia pusing, saya-Natalia dan Devi lapar, Inggi haus, dan jadilah, kita makan besar disana! Dan lanjut sampe mual dan akhirnya kita kedampar lagi di Jco di Emporium dan menikmati si Jcool couple tercinta :)

Trus besoknya saya bertemu dengan teman2 aneh, yah, berhubung pada beragam karakternya makanya saya bilang aneh ya. Ada dari Maranatha Bandung, BINUS Jakarta, Atmajaya Jakarta dan kita semua pada makan bareng di Solaria, Mall Ciputra. Sebenarnya saya cuma tahu 1 dari mereka, dan jadinya saya kenalan sama 5 orang lagi, yang bingung saya itu anak BINUS apa UNTAR *kebanyakan nanya tentang BINUS soalnya hehehe..Intinya mereka ngajakin Lebaran-an di Anyer deh. Well, saya ga gitu antusias lagi mendengar kata Anyer atau Pulau Pramuka beserta ajakan kesana deh. Secara sekarang saya lagi menghindari 2 cowok yang terus2 "meneror" untuk kesana dengan niatan backpacking-an! TIDAK!!! Apa bisa saya backpacker-an? Ga deh, ada yang mau ke Bali aja ga? Tapi dengan syarat ikutan tour. Ada ga? Saya mau deh, daripada backpacker ga jelas, ihhhh.. Mending saya isi liburan ini dengan sesuatu yang menyenangkan, seperti maen2 sama benda ini niiii..

maapkan rambut saya yang ganggu banget dan si anak ganteng di belakang saya

Saya sebenarnya ga ngerti tentang kamera2 gede kayak gini. Pernah sekali saya nemanin Syl hunting kamera gede gini di Pacific Place, trus minta2 supaya dibawain Stewart dari Singapore, dengan maksud supaya bisa foto2. Tapi, pas kemaren jalan, saya malah bisa meluk2 benda 1 ini. Dia lucu bangettt x) Ga jelas juga ini masuk D SLR ga sih? Yang pasti dia gede, berat, hasil fotonya belum tau, tunggu dimasukin CD dulu deh, baru saya bisa tau. Pengen minta sama papa, tapi kok berasa ga butuh ya? Saya lebih butuh orang yang ikhlas dan senang hati memotret saya, daripada berat2 megang benda ini dan mencari objek foto. Anyone? hohoho..

Umm, apa lagi ya? Yang pasti saya puas mainin si kamera ini. Ntar minggu depan kayaknya saya ketemu dia lagi, yang pasti sang empunya harus ikhlas saya mainin kameranya hehe *pinjam ya bang Ober hehe.. Saya sendiri menanti ada hal2 menyenangkan sepanjang minggu ini bersama teman2, tapi apa daya, tugas translate Psi Klinis kali ini parah banget! Serius! Wah, tampaknya saya harus menunda senang2 dulu ni, moga2 cepat kelar, amin :)

Mau tau yang bakalan jadi teman begadang bikin tugas saya, ini ni :

tapi, tugas blum klar, kayaknya dia udah duluan abis ni hehehe

Idul Fitri 1430 H

Just dropped by tonight to say
"Selamat Idul Fitri 1430 Hidjiriah,
Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

flying without wings

While facebook-walking today, i found a link in one of my friend's page. I suprised to know that she linked this wonderful song sang by Ruben Studdard, while me, loved Westlife's. I loved this songs, as much as many people did on early 2000's. Westlife, esp Shane, sang really good on this song and made me put it as one of my Westlife's best songs.

Flying Without Wings
Everybody's looking for that something
One thing that makes it all complete
You find it in the strangest places
Places you never knew it could be

Some find it in the face of their children
Some find it in their lover's eyes
Who can deny the joy it brings
When you've found that special thing
You're flying without wings

Some find it sharing every morning
Some in their solitary lives
You'll find it in the works of others
A simple line can make you laugh or cry

You'll find it in the deepest friendship
The kind you cherish all your life
And when you know how much that means
You've found that special thing
You're flying without wings

So, impossible as they may seem
You've got to fight for every dream
Cause who's to know which one you let go
Would have made you complete

Well for Me, It's waking up beside you
To watch the sunrise on your face
To know that I can say I love you
In any given time or place

It's little things that only I know
Those are the things that make you mine
And it's like flying without wings
Cause you're my special thing
I'm flying without wings

And you're the place my life begins
and you'll be where it ends
I'm flying without wings
And that's the joy you bring
I'm flying without wings

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

another good thing about today

You can read it, right? Mom sent me some food from Manado and supposed to be arrived today. I missed Manado's cuisine, spicy ones like these two. I am just got it, and tasted it, yummyyyy :) Want some? No way! I'll keep it until my vacation next week hehehe.. Me likey :)

Hello Kitty candies

When i was on vacation with my mom, about a month ago, i was on the store in one mall, walked seperate with mom. I am a kind of girl who will always lost in mall, i guess hahaha. I like sweeping all part on the store, checking all lane, especially on a big mall. That's why i like going to grocery store, even an Indomaret. I have its card already! hahaha.. I love Carrefour, Hero, and Giant, even more when i got many cute things to buy. I am so ibu2 ya? hahaha..

Then, i got a package of Hello Kitty candies, so cute, and i bought it to be my souvenir for my college friends. I shared 3 candies to each of them. When i looked on its back, i got something. It putted some words in English and Japan, the same word. So, i checked all my girls' too. But, for what i got, i was happier than them.

What i've got were :

See? Kiss, Date and Marriage!

Three happy things in life in my hand. I wish i can have them all in life real soon hahaha.. Actually i planned not to eat those candies, but, i already ate 'date candy', so maybe 'kiss candy ' will follow and 'marriage candy' can close my Hello Kitty candies part. Ah ya, another special thing about Hello Kitty, she doesn't have a mouth. Why? Because Hello Kitty doesn't speak with mouth, but by her heart. She speaks us, with an universe language, called love. How sweeettt :)

what i get from my text book

If i have time i like reading or just seeing (huff, ya, cuma membalik2kan halaman aja maksudnya hahaha) my Psychology text books. Like today (serious!), i read my Educational Psychology by Santrock. I found this silly cartoon, read it yourself and find what i've got that made me chose it to be my second miscellaneous hehe..


Monday, September 14, 2009

aliran sesat di Manado

Hayoo, pada dengar berita akhir2 ga? Coba deh nonton Tv One dan Metro TV, berita yang satu ini lagi banyak banget muncul. Yaitu berita tentang Pdt. Herman Kemala dan ibadahnya yang dinilai sesat di Manado.

Yah, ini sih bukan gosip baru tentang aliran sesat di Manado. Udah dari saya SD udah ada gosip gitu, bahkan ada sejumlah rumah (gede banget) yang disinyalir merupakan tempat ibadah mereka. Salah satunya itu rumah teman, tapi untuk yang itu kayaknya bohongan dijadikan tempat ibadah deh, soalnya setau saya teman itu agamanya Katolik, sedangkan aliran2 itu biasanya dari Protestan. Ingat yang namanya Gereja Setan ga? Nah, heboh banget tuh gosipnya di Manado.

Ada banyak orang bilang bahwa Manado itu adalah kota seribu gereja. Banyak banget gereja di Manado. Tiap beberapa meter pasti ada gereja. Bahkan bisa saja 2 gereja hadap2an dan jemaat mereka itu penuh! Bayangkan ada berapa banyak umat di Manado, karena bisa dipastikan hampir sebagian besar penduduk Manado beragama Kristen, baik Protestan maupun Katolik. Dan sejauh saya tinggal disini, saya puas banget melihat kerukunan umat beragama di Manado. Khususnya di hari besar agama Kristen, pas kita ibadah para umat Islam yang menjaga gereja kita. Jempol saya semuanya untuk mereka! Salut!

Dulu saya anggap biasa aja semua itu. Tapi, ketika kuliah di Jakarta dan saya harus berbaur dengan teman2 agama lain, Islam khususnya, saya agak risih sendiri. Maaf teman, tapi seumur2 saya tidak pernah punya teman yang memakai jilbab. Sedari TK saya sekolah di sekolah Katolik, kalaupun saya punya teman Islam (saya punya 1 teman Islam pas SD), dia tidak akan kelihatan Islam, karena dia sendiri pun harus mengikuti pelajaran agama Katolik di sekolah. Saya juga tidak pernah merasa perlu bertoleransi kepada yang sedang berpuasa, karena ga pernah punya teman yang puasa. Sekarang semua berubah.

Salah satu teman saya akan pergi umroh Rabu ini. Satu hal baru lagi yang saya pelajari tentang Islam. Nanti sekembali dia saya rasa saya akan penasaran seperti apa disana. Saya banyak belajar tentang agama mereka. Don't get me wrong, please. I am not on my way to change my religion. Cuma saya merasa saya perlu tahu tentang agama mereka supaya lebih tau cara untuk berteman dengan mereka dan tidak merasa aneh. Mungkin teman2 saya di Manado akan kaget melihat saya punya teman berjilbab, tapi mereka teman saya. Saya nyaman dengan mereka, dan tidak ada yang salah dengan itu. Saya berusaha memahami mereka, sebagaimana mereka memahami saya dan teman2 lain yang Kristen.

*Saya mulai bercerita ngalur ngidul, hadehhh..

Kembali ke Manado dan Pdt. Herman Kemala. Saya kurang jelas dengan berita ini, hanya saja dikatakan bahwa dia menggunakan kekerasan dalam ibadahnya. Dan tempat ibadahnya itu dekat dengan rumah saya dan RM. Mawar Sharon (ayamnya enak dan gede banget!). Tapi, saya sendiri kurang tahu tentang ibadah di tempat itu, Merciful Building, yang katanya ada 2 gereja disitu dan juga ada teman jualan souvenir khas Manado. Yang pasti kasus ini menyangkut agama. Tapi kok kayak ada 'permainan' di dalamnya. Katanya sih ini cuma masalah iri aja, karena gerejanya Pdt. Herman itu lebih'laris manis' daripada gereja yang satunya itu. Aneh ga sih?? Pengen komen tentang itu, tapi maap sangat maap, saya ga pernah ikut gereja lain di Manado, jadi ga ngeh tentang ajaran2 mereka. Yah, kalau sampe gereja itu laris manis, penuh dengan jemaat, menurut logika aja, ga mungkin ngajarin yang salah kan?

Saya ga tau saya terlalu naif menilai yang ginian ato apa, tapi saya sendiri punya beberapa poin yang saya nilai minus untuk ajaran semacam ini. Saya tipe yang sangat konvensional dalam hal prinsip beragama, dan saya merasa tidak ada masalah dengan itu. Saya tidak gampang ikut arus untuk mencoba gereja ini itu (saya tidak nyaman dengan itu semua soalnya), saya tidak bisa dengan mudah menerima ajaran baru, dimana semua yang bermasalah di ajaran ke-kristen-an merupakan ajaran baru. Banyak sekali aliran dalam Kristen, dan kadang itu menjadi masalah antara kita, meskipun kita sama2 Kristen. Yah, baru2 ini saya menemukan 1 masalah tentang hal itu soalnya. Tapi, sekali lagi, itu tetap agama.

Kembali ke ajaran agama, tidak ada agama yang menggajarkan salah. Itu hal yang pasti, dan jika sekarang ajaran seseorang dipertanyakan, itu berarti karena mengganggu orang lain, dan dalam hal ini adalah orang yang ditampar oleh Pdt. Herman Kemala. Menampar, menurut pembelaan Pdt. Herman dimaksudkan untuk mengajarkan kebenaran kepada orang itu. Di berita lain karena Pdt. Herman kepanasan dan dalam kondisi marah. Aneh! Saya ga mau nilai tentang hal ini lah, mau itu karena iri, atopun memang ajarannya salah, itu hak mereka. Namun, hukum bertindak dalam hal ini, karena ini sudah mengajarkan dan menunjukkan kekerasan dalam beragama, yang mana merupakan hak asasi manusia. Semoga kiranya masalah Pdt. Herman ini cepat selesai sebelum saya kembali untuk makan ayam goreng di depannya haha! Untuk umat lainnya, selamat beribadah, biarlah ada hukum alam yang mengatur masalah ini..

Agak aneh yah post yang ini, abisnya saya jadinya bingung mau cerita apa. Semoga yang baca ngerti, ntar kalau ada waktu dan berita terkini, akan saya post lagi. Negara kita memang lagi aneh2nya deh sekarang, semoga kita juga ga ikutan aneh dengan ajaran2 itu. Jangan jadi Kristen yang sesat, kawan! God bless ... x)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'd like to put many cute things on my post, better than posting all my daily activities. So, i put a new label here, called it miscellanies or various miscellaneous (collections). What i put here could be mine, i am dying to have, or just a thing. But not just an ordinary one. I have several ideas of my next miscellaneous posts, but i chose this one to start the label.

Here's my first thing in miscellaneous:

one word : CUTEEEEE :)

I can't help falling in love at the first sight with this cute thing. I don't know this things' name, how to call it. It is not a watch, either a stand character. It powered by solar, and all i know its function is for putting it on your car. So, it will swing, when it touched by the sunlight. For me, who don't have car in Jakarta, i'll better put it on my room. One thing i believe, my mom will love it so much. She was about searching for this things to put on our car, but she haven't got a good one. But, me, i wasn't searching for this thing, suddenly i bought it hahaha.. I am so happy to look this cute thing. Eeyore, i adore you so much *kiss kiss*

weird dawn

Judulnya aneh ya kawan? Kalau mau ditranslate 1 per 1 ya, weird itu aneh, dawn itu subuh, jadi bisa dibilang subuh yang aneh. Yah, itulah kejadian Sabtu subuh kemaren :p Saya ikutan Sahur On The Road yang dilaksanakan kampus soalnya. Karena ada masalah penerangan sebetulnya, disamping dah terlanjur nulis nama di papan pendaftaran. Padahal modal ga ada, secara saya ga bawa kendaraan hahaha, trus teman yang mau ditumpangin juga ga jelas, modal saya cuma 1 deh, modal nekat. Eh, plus 1 lagi, restu ibunda yang merelakan anaknya berkeliaran di jalanan subuh2 hahaha.. Mama malah awalnya ga ngasih, ntar katanya saya muncul di teve, lucu nian ibunda saya itu hahaha..

Tapi, kenyataannya saya cuma tidur di bangku belakang mobil anak Ekonomi, kalo ga salah namanya Ervan, sebelum akhirnya tidur di bangku tengah, dengan posisi yang bisa dengan mudah difoto orang, mana ga dibangunin lagi, parah kan? Yahh, ga bobo trus2 sih, saya ngeliat juga gimana acaranya, ngeliat anak2 UI yang juga bagi2 makanan, trus ada Trisakti juga. Selebihnya, saya liat jalanan padat, warung2 seafood ternyata banyak banget di daerah Mangga Dua, rutenya UNTAR tuh Kampus 1-Pluit-Mangga Dua-Senen-Monas-Kampus 1. Dan, berhubung peserta terbanyak itu motor, jadi mereka yang lebih banyak bagi2 makanan.

Well, for me it's not worthed! Oke, banyak orang yang bisa kita kasih makan, tapi pas putaran balik kampus, ga ada tuh pemulung di bawah jembatan ikutan sahur. Ngapain coba rame2 ngintarin Jakarta tapi yang di depan mata ga "terlihat"??? Ngapain kasih orang-orang di jalan, yang dekat warung seafood malah, mungkin mereka bisa beli. Dan 1 yang saya kaget, coba deh pas sahur jalan ke arah Monas, orang2 itu banyak banget!! Mereka nunggu dikasih makan. Nah, loh, yang ngajarin mereka minta2 berarti kita dong? Kok berasa salah tujuan ya Sahur On The Road ini?

Ini kali pertama saya ikutan di tahun ketiga saya puasa di Jakarta. Dulu bayangan saya kita turun ke jalan, kita bagi2 makanan, tapi kalo tahu begini mending saya bobo deh. Ini malah saya sampe meriang hari Sabtu siangnya, secara kena udara malam, ga tidur, dapat hari pertama pula! Lengkaplah sudah hahaha.. Tapi, hal yang buat subuh itu penting adalah pas liat anak2 jalanan lari2 bilang makasih karena udah dibagi makanan. Senanggg :)

Trus, jadi deh, saya pulang diantarin teman naik motor gede. Saya malu abis kalo ingat kejadian itu *wajah memerah, kalo ada yang nyindir pengen saya cubiittttt* Tapi, berhubung kita udah pulang pukul 3.30, diantar pulang adalah hal yang aman. Padahal saya kirain kita pada mau makan dulu dong, mereka pada makan sih, tapi baru kabarin pas saya dah mau bobo dan ga bisa keluar kamar lagi, sapa coba mau bukain pintu? Hadehh.. Yawdahlah, saya jadinya bobo sama Pussycat, kita tidur sampe pukul 10, bangun2 saya langsung mandi, minum susu kotak sambil guling2an ngecek hape dan telpon Arlene! Dia ulang tahun soalnya. Happy Birthday, dearest friend :)

Itulah subuh aneh saya. Cerita kecil2nya banyak sih, khususnya Marlon yang membingungkan, dan pendapat anak itu tentang saya dan Pussycat, hahaha, ga bisa protes sih Pussycat, kasian dia. Tapi, ada hal lain yang akan saya post tentang anak itu, moga2 penilaian saya ga salah ya. First impression dia cukup bagus di mata saya soalnya. Akhir2 ini subuh saya aneh, tapi ini yang teraneh haha.. What a weird dawn x)

Friday, September 11, 2009

cut off

I am kinda lazy to write a long post today. I'll have a busy day i guess, with a great mission for tonight, i wish i can past it well hehe.. But, i'd already know what to post, a simple yet important information for my life at least for the last 3 weeks. Well, wanna inform you (late already, i know haha) that since this fast-ing month for all Moslems, Starbucks came with an offer, special one, especially for me. Here's their ads.

So, i brought my tumbler yesterday (after several times before) and had Caramel Java Chip. I was about accompany-ing Arlene to find a gift for her sister's birthday next Sunday. It turned out 5pm suddenly, so we moved to Starbucks to buy my frappucino. Read carefully about the time, guys, just 5pm up to 8pm. Don't forget to bring your own mug or tumbler, to get their cut off. Until September 20th, guys, so be hurry :)

caramelo javo chipo

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

loves on 999

I love this date, since i love number 9. And, lucky me, today turns out great, at least until the half day. Well, i started today in a hurry, because i was woke up late haha (blame the electrical problem last night), then took a shower, still in a hurry, and run fast to the class, to collect my method research task (God bless ours, guys), and had a long class. After that, i had early lunch with Yolan, then we went to Taman Anggrek Mall to have ... RED MANGO!! Yayyy!!

still - my single plain with mochi topping :p

I love Red Mango so much, it tasted best from all yogurt, until now hihihi, highly recommended to ones who'd never taste it hehe. I also checked out their twist, i loved it also, it will be my next request. So, Red Mango, please wait for me hehe.. Me and Yolan also went to Hero to buy some girl stuff, and then went to The Body Shop to checked out their special promotion "3 for 2". And, i got nothing but a sweet package for foot treatment.

I love to start my own pedicure at home, because it costs a lot in salloon. I don't really like to do manicure, because i like to bite my nails sometime, so it will be so lossy if i do manicure. Actually, i loved to do nail art in Manado and used to nail it at least twice in a month. I'd better nail my art than buy a dress. But, now, i guess i better buy a dress than just having a nail art. You know, their prices are similar, isn't it? So, do art your own nail, now i just colored my nails sometime, if i'm in mood hehe..

And, the one i love now is continue watching my Friends season 5 series. They had accompany my night, since last night actually hahaha.. So, i'd better refresh my body and mind with lots of laugh and some lessons from that sitcom. Well, for today, i just love the date. For the day, everyday is a great day i believe, hoping you all have a nice day too :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

looking for : self

I got an insight to write this post while watching Sheila Marcia Joseph's hot news on TV just now! Well, i won't tell her problems here, you can search it in all TV channels, but i wanna talk about how hard to find ourself. As a person, a college student, who took Psychology major, i can say that, Sheila's way to find herself is a wrong way. She used to be a drug user and it made her lived in prison for 7 months if i'm not mistaken. Now, the question is why?

As a adolescent, we love to try new things. We love adventures, we love to break the rules, especially our family ones. Men usually started with broke his curfew, smoked, drank or even used drugs. While girls (nows), yeah the same (i have to say the same, because all i wrote were all teen' problems, okei?). But if it all happened, who will be blamed?? Like Sheila Marcia, like any other teen, who will be blamed? Parents? teachers? nannys? their friends? No one, but themselves.

All i notice is, everything we did, the aim is to find ourself, to find which ones we love to do and make us happy, to find how to survive in life, how to reduce bad things, to determine our self, our own self. Abraham Maslow with his Motivation Theory said, that all things we do in life is to have our self actualization. You tried to fullfill your every need in life, you seek your self by others, by everything in life, but sometimes we took wrong way before the right one. And it all happened to us, it's humanity. But, if you did wrong again, you fell again and again in the same hole, it means you are worse than a donkey. Even a donkey won't to fall in the same hole.

Huahh, actually i don't know how to explain more about this self, because i, my self, am still on my way to find my self. I have many stories in life lately, i realize that i have to open my eyes, ears, heart, mind, to many things surround me. I loved my life, no regret to all i've been, i just do what i believe, with my heart completely. God bless..

p.s : i was so stuck with my research method task, so i started to edit my Japanese photos, here's one of them hehe..
i still laughed while seeing all the photos hehe

Sunday, September 6, 2009

the rangers family

Cast :
Babe as Ranger Black
Anna as Ranger Pink
Sintong as Ranger Red
Darling as Ranger Blue
Ibunda as Ranger Yellow

Miss them a lot!!!

after a week with never ending tasks

Mamon, Loloy, Handry and me (with our early proper dinner)

First, i wanna ask my bloggie, i can't arrange word, make them bigger than this. How can this happen? i even cannot see my pictures' appearance either and do know how to fix it, anyone?

Well, let me begin my last week's stories. Yeah, everyone knew that Jakarta had an earthquake last Tuesday, while i was in my room listening to music. At the time i guessed i am having "vertigo", but then i looked on my ceiling and found my bee's lamp was swinging and suddenly i was panic stricken (but still on bed hahaha)! I continued watched KD's gossip on TV, then TV announced it, and i thanked God, i am okay before called mom afterward. And it made me happier because they both got panic too hihihi, they called me more often after that, daddy especially :)

Then, the next days until Friday, i was stuck on my desk, to do some important tasks according to some of my subjects, and for one subject, i have just finished it before i start writing this post. Can you imagine how busy was my week? I hate Wednesday and Friday, the subjects are going to kill me soon huhuhu. I was trying and will always try to do my best on every subjects, but somehow i just lost my 'appetite' to do any homework. On the next Tuesday i'll have my first quiz, huff.. And will continue my research method on Wednesday, i am pretty occupied in college thingy now ><

But, above all, i was glad to know that my friends will always by my side at least for cheering my weekend after a week with never ending tasks. So, we chose to went out yesterday, to check Wondershoe and watched movie. Luckily, The Proposal was chosen by us, and it was great! Except Ramone's part hahaha, i can't help that part, and how Nannie enjoyed it, huekkk.. Then, enjoyed dinner, 4 of us :) We shared many stories on taxi, i never met Handry for a long time, so we had a long chit chat on taxi (no need to blame Jakarta's traffic jam for every Saturday night). Just three things i am about to regret, one, my handphone's batteries, two, my internet service- i had to realize how fool i am this morning! and three, i got no shoes on Wondershoe (well, he said it should no be regreted hahaha).

I love this weekend, thanku guys :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

jaman SD

Hai, bloggie..
Siang ini pas pulang rumah abis dibuat kesal sama tukang printer, saya buka2 twitter dan nemu bahasan para seleb Indonesia tentang jaman SD (jaman apa zaman ya?). Jadi coba2 ngingat jaman SD ni (pake jaman aja ya, seleb juga gitu soalnya hehehe), ada apa ya waktu itu? Ini hasil recall-ed saya deh, bikin jadi pengen SD lagi! hehehe..

1. Saya pernah jadi korban bully waktu SD kelas 1-2. Saya ga di-pajak-in sih, tapi bekal saya dirampas. Berhubung saya dulu cungkring abis (kata mama, udah syukur tu garis timbangan ga geser ke kiri, bayangkan betapa kurusnya saya sehingga mama bisa ngomong kayak gitu hahahaha), dan tidak kuat makan, jadinya bekal2 saya yang nikmat itu diambil sama anak yang badannya lebih gede. Nah, untuk yang 1 ini, saya lupa, makanan saya dirampas ato saya yang ikhlas membagi makanan saya? hahaha.. Trus mama saya tau ada anak itu, mama telpon rumahnya, marah2 sama mama anak itu, jadinya, sampe sekarang dia sayang sama saya, ga berani ngapa2in saya. Saya sekelas trus sama anak itu sampe SMP, dan selama itu saya dilindunginya :p

2. Saya punya adik kecil. Saya ingat banget, waktu itu saya kelas 2SD. Senang banget punya adik. Udah lumayan ngerti gimana maen2 sama dia. Berhubung adik pertama saya bedanya cuma 3 taun, saya yang lupa gimana waktu kita kecil dulu. Kalo sama yang ini, saya ingat banget, makanya mungkin kita juga jadinya dekat banget. Sampe sekarang malah bobo bareng hehe, wah, jadi kangeeennnn...

3. Saya ga dikasih duit jajan, ga pernah jajan. Bukan karena ga ada duit, tapi seperti saya bilang tadi, saya ga tukang makan pas istirahat, ato jajan2 yang aneh2. Percaya ato tidak, saya baru coba sate tusuk (kayaknya jajanan favorit anak-anak deh itu) waktu kelas 3 SMA! Dan saya langsung diare hehe.. Dan jadinya ga berani nyoba sate lagi, dan juga kawan2nya yang lain haha..Kebiasaan ga tukang jajan hingga sekarang nih, musim2an aja niat jajannya hehe..

4. Saya ga punya teman cowok, sampe kelas 5 SD. Sekolah saya khusus perempuan, di gereja, ga ada anak cowo seusia saya. Di sekitar saya yang ada hanya pria2 dewasa. Dan sekalinya punya teman cowok, kita ga omongan sampe sekarang karena disindir. Ntar kalo dia nikah baru saya sapa deh, kita bener2 kayak patung kalo dipertemukan soalnya, bukan karena saling naksir, tapi karena dari kecil dijodoh2in hehe.. Trus teman cowok pertama saya di sekolah ada teman baik saya, sampe sekarang masih ada kontak, meskipun cuma lewat fb. Tapi, sekarang, mayoritas teman baik saya cowo. Kebetulan mereka pada kuliah di Jakarta juga, mama kenal beberapa di antara mereka, dan itu membuat saya lebih nyaman, berhubung saya tinggal sendiri di Jakarta ini.

5. WESTLIFE!! Ini yang paling saya ingat dari jaman SD. Saya fans beratttt dari Westlife, pas konser malam2 di RCTI saya nonton, tiap majalah saya beli, bahkan sampe dihukum sama wali kelas karena Westlife. Trus ada Amigos x Siempre, tokohnya kebetulan namanya Anna juga. Sampe bikin kliping loh tentang mereka. Bahkan jari manis kanan saya terpotong loh karena mau masukin gambar si Pedro itu ke kaca meja hahaha, ada nih bekasnya di tangan. Kisah yang aneh deh pokoknya tapi enak buat diingat2.

6. Saya juga udah mulai nilai cerita pendek pas jaman SD. Bukunya juga masih ada. Dulu tuh kalo ngarang cerita selalu tentang anak kembar. Saya suka sama anak kembar, moga2 ntar dapat anak kembar deh hehehe.. Mama saya juga suka sama anak kembar.

7. Saya ga punya barbie. Anak cewe lain kalo ulang taun dikasih barbie, tapi saya ga. Pernah punya barbie, tapi yang ada saya bawa dia mandi, saya gunting rambutnya sampe gundul, trus putusin kepalanya. Hahaha, psikolog bisa bilang saya punya gangguan tuh kalo saya bikin kayak gitu sekarang hahaha.. Saya ga tertarik sama boneka2 figur manusia kayak barbie. Saya justru lebih suka boneka yang besar. Dan inilah, baru sejak SMA saya mengumpulkan boneka. Boneka EEYORE lebih tepatnya. Mau tau boneka pertama saya waktu balita. Boneka SUSAN (itu terkenal banget waktu itu!!) dan boneka kelinci yang jarinya kelinci juga. Kayaknya masih ada tuh dirumah. Trus, saya ga punya boneka lagi sampe SMP, papa saya membelikan saya boneka lumba-lumba yang gede! Jadi, saya anggap itu boneka pertama saya, senangnya lagi itu boneka pemberian papa :)

8. Sepatu roda aka Roller Blade. Saya dan adik saya penggemar sepatu roda waktu jaman SD. Kita punya 1 orang 1, dengan merk apa gitu waktu itu. Parah mainnya, sampe dimarahin mama hehe.. Dan itu rupanya berfungsi ketika pertama kali nyobain Ice Skating. Padahal dah lama ga main, tapi jurus2nya tetap bisa diterapkan di Ice Skating dan terbukti sukses, saya ga jatuh sama sekali hehehe..

9. Punya geng! Dulu sih, gengnya cuma bertiga, saya, Loloy sama Kzee. Kita bertiga sama2 naik mobil jemputan Om Ven, jadinya kita akrab. Kebetulan kelasnya kecil juga, cuma 20-an orang, jadi kita pada saling kenal. Kita tetap 1 sekolah sampe SMP, aku sama Loloy bahkan sampe kuliah sama2 di UNTAR hehe.. Orangtua kita saling kenal baik, dan kayaknya memang beneran ngebentuk geng deh dulu haha. Wah, saya jadi kangen sama Zee nih, saya juga belum ketemu Loloy di Jakarta ini.. Geng anak kecil yang jadi dan bubar dengan sendirinya deh hehe..

Yah, begitulah kurang lebih kisah jaman SD saya. Ada sih kisah yang parah pas kelas 6 SDnya, tapi saya malu mau bilang hehe.. Ntar kalo ada waktu lagi saya cerita soal yang 1 itu. Jadi pengen SD lagi nih, pake baju merah putih, rambut poni, tas ganti tiap caturwulan! Alasan banget sih sebenarnya hahaha.. Pengen balik ke jaman SD!!!