Friday, September 11, 2009

cut off

I am kinda lazy to write a long post today. I'll have a busy day i guess, with a great mission for tonight, i wish i can past it well hehe.. But, i'd already know what to post, a simple yet important information for my life at least for the last 3 weeks. Well, wanna inform you (late already, i know haha) that since this fast-ing month for all Moslems, Starbucks came with an offer, special one, especially for me. Here's their ads.

So, i brought my tumbler yesterday (after several times before) and had Caramel Java Chip. I was about accompany-ing Arlene to find a gift for her sister's birthday next Sunday. It turned out 5pm suddenly, so we moved to Starbucks to buy my frappucino. Read carefully about the time, guys, just 5pm up to 8pm. Don't forget to bring your own mug or tumbler, to get their cut off. Until September 20th, guys, so be hurry :)

caramelo javo chipo

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