Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hello Kitty candies

When i was on vacation with my mom, about a month ago, i was on the store in one mall, walked seperate with mom. I am a kind of girl who will always lost in mall, i guess hahaha. I like sweeping all part on the store, checking all lane, especially on a big mall. That's why i like going to grocery store, even an Indomaret. I have its card already! hahaha.. I love Carrefour, Hero, and Giant, even more when i got many cute things to buy. I am so ibu2 ya? hahaha..

Then, i got a package of Hello Kitty candies, so cute, and i bought it to be my souvenir for my college friends. I shared 3 candies to each of them. When i looked on its back, i got something. It putted some words in English and Japan, the same word. So, i checked all my girls' too. But, for what i got, i was happier than them.

What i've got were :

See? Kiss, Date and Marriage!

Three happy things in life in my hand. I wish i can have them all in life real soon hahaha.. Actually i planned not to eat those candies, but, i already ate 'date candy', so maybe 'kiss candy ' will follow and 'marriage candy' can close my Hello Kitty candies part. Ah ya, another special thing about Hello Kitty, she doesn't have a mouth. Why? Because Hello Kitty doesn't speak with mouth, but by her heart. She speaks us, with an universe language, called love. How sweeettt :)

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