Tuesday, September 29, 2009

from jeans to blogs

Actually, i planned to watch movie today, since i went home earlier. But, later i spent my time with chatting with my lovely one, sent emails to friends, and packed some of my stuff. I checked out my unused jeans, and planned to give it to my cousin. Well, i got some problems with my current body now. Though i thought i gained weights, in fact, i loss some. Errr..., it's not what i felt, but what people told me and i just realized on this holiday.

Blame this holiday season (a full week), they gave me more chances to sweep mall and spent some money to buy things i want (read it CLOTHES). Yeah, i ended up my holiday with 2 jeans (i loved them both, both of them had faboulous colors i've never have before hohoho), a dress (i'll put my picture with it), and 1 luaran, the cutest thing i purchased lately, so cuteeee.. I can't wait to wear it, maybe next week hehehe.. I found dress and luaran easily from one store in Mangga Dua. But, for the jeans, it took hours, guys.

It's really hard for me to find a perfect jeans (imagine how to find more than 1 jeans!). I have to admit, i have a bit big hip. See, i bold the taboo word for a girl and it all was in my opinion. In one hand, it made me a bit hard to find jeans. But, it also helped me to shape my body and i love my looks in the mirror. I really am. So, why i have to hate my hip, right?

After i loss weights since the end of last year, i have to permak almost all my jeans. I have to resize them to smaller size. Firstly i thought i will solve my problems with jeans, because i hate to wear longgar jeans, and have crushed on skinny jeans since high school. And you know, it didn't work! Yeah, they all had been resized, but, it all made me uncomfort to wear. Some of them loss its taste. Got it? They loss its magic, the one that made me bought them. I felt gulity for them. How i loved them and wear it for long time, and now, i have to let them go. It won't suit on me anymore, so i chose 3 of them to be my cousin's soon. I will miss them. They all my favourite jeans.

Then, now, i have two newcomer on my jeans family. I'll have them ironed tomorrow, but i planned not to use them until next week. Because i planned to use my first skinny jeans this weekend. Ask me why? Because i will spend this weekend with my beloved one, yippiee.. That jeans really suit on me and i used it as the example jeans when i wanna resize my jeans. Huff, i just realized how sad my jeans now. I had exchanged them into something they won't be. I even sadder than them, i broke them, things i loved. But, i know, my cousin will treat them well, i hope it will suit on her (last time i met her, she's bigger than me). Just hopping they all will match each other.

Hahahaha, don't you feel funny, i could be this serious and wrote a long post just because of jeans. Actually it's just a simple part of my daily life. But, i put it here. I don't know why, i just wanna share my stories with jeans. Oya, today i was blogwalking and find an extraordinary blog from a girl, who'd tell her relationship stories widely. She's single for 2 years, and she even said that she started to blog since broke up. Because she had no 'pendengar setia' more. Suddenly i stopped click on hers. Started to ask myself, what about me? I have no 'pendengar setia' either. But, lucky me, i started to blog a long time before i lost it. And next month, this blog will celebrate its first birthday. 1 month from today actually. Whuah,, congratulation for you, bloggie, and for my self as the only author hahahaha..

What will you ask for the upcoming birthday, bloggie? Well, since i have no 'pendengar setia' yet 'pembaca setia', i don't know where to ask. I am confusing what post will i post on that day. But, i will think about it later, wishing i can post something important on that day. Though it's just me, who read my blog, i promise to post something regularly here. This i promise you bloggie (like N*Sync's song-i love this song) and it will be one of your presents hehehe.. Wah, October will come on Thursday, and i'll have a long weekend. Can't waittt!

me, wearing my new dress after Sunday service

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