Tuesday, September 22, 2009

we're on corridor 8

I woke up late (again) today. Finally i can enjoy of waking up late these days, eventhough yesterday i just made my homework and chat-ed with Desipus, who'd came to my room and had great time here. Hahaha, i am so lazy ya? But, for today, i felt so much excited, to eat out especially, since i was afraid to get migraine today due to my meals these days was so unhealthy. Yes, it was. I know i've been craving for that meals for a month, but, i also afraid or maybe scare to get migraine again. I ate no vegetables, since Saturday! I just had bananas, papaya, and oranges to balance my nutrition. I had no yogurt also, whuah, i was so unhealthy for these days. That's why i am so glad to eat out today, and even glad-er to go to this mall, PIM.

Yeah, it's been a long time since my last visit for this mall. It is located in South Jakarta, which is a bit far from my residence (halah!) in West Jakarta . But, thanks to Bus Transjakarta to make it more reacheable now, for just one trip, on corridor 8! One trip equal with IDR 3500, guys! Only IDR 3500 and you don't have to exchange bus, but arrive safely on that mall already. Just took Lebak Bulus bus, and there you are, in PIM already. You'll arrived at their bridge, next to Dairy Queen, how lovely, but i don't have them for this visit hehehe..

here's the whole map of Bus Transjakarta

We're sweeping this mall first, looked for Loloy's chair and a magnetic board for me in ACE Hardware, this shop was watering my mouth, i adore their kitchen collection! I was eye-ing for some stuff there, and planning to go there again with mom or daddy on their next visit hihihi.. Then, we went to the 3rd floor to had lunch. Me and Loloy ended with Dabu-Dabu Express, and had their spicy foods, while Desipus and Steffi had menus from Sumpit. We went to XXI afterward, to see what movies are playing on that time, and suprisingly they had 3 studios for G-Force, so we had no choice but G-Force. In 21 even worse, that had all Indonesian movies (Get Married 2- i want to watch it because i've watched Get Married 1 but they all didn't agree with me, Meraih Mimpi-Indonesian first cartoon movie, Preman In Love- i just saw Tora Sudiro as the actor, Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2- mm, no comment, but 2 studios playing it) and The Grudge 3, huff..

Actually, i liked to watch movie, too, but the thing is, it cost IDR 50000 for a ticket! Aaarrgghhh, for only seeing guinea pigs, i have to sacrifice my IDR 50000, tidak relaaa! But, i've bought the ticket already, so i just have to make my self enjoy the movie, well, not bad-lah hahaha.. I confused with the tittle first, until tonight, me and Inggi (i even discussed with her for this thing, hahahaha) and we conclude, that G for G-Force stand for Guinea Pig which is means marmut in Indonesian. Three guinea pigs also the main casts for this movie and one mole (tikus tanah) and many "kecoak" - iuwwwhhhh..

see? how weird they are ><

Finally, we stopped by at Hero in ground floor, they bought some food materials and fruit, while me myself just bought these cute snacks, my next-t0-be-breakfasts for tommorow, before i go to eat out again. Now, i am craving to vegetables and hate the fact that i can't cook here, eventhough i want to. Just a simple tumis bayam (how simple it is, but i miss it a lot!), huahh, i miss my cooking time in Manado and the fact i have everything to help me cook there. But, for what i had eaten today, i am glad. It turned out healtier than yesterday. I had vege-soup as my dinner actually, it made me so full now. Well, i still craving for vegetables and will have it tomorrow, yippie!! No more unhealthy day :)

i don't call them unhealthy snack hihihi

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