Friday, September 25, 2009

Keenan, the third crush

you gotta 'taste' to find it's magic

I have to admit, i read no book this year! Can't you imagine it? I remember my last book in 2008 was another Dee's tittled Rectoverso, and i lend it to my friend, but i'll let her keep it. And this year, i just bought one book and i left it, my still unread Lolita (translation novel, a bored one -novel berat dengan kata lain, sangat Eropa dengan setting tahun 70an-) in my bookshelf, and have no interest in any other book. Well, i read Benny and Mice's caricature about Indonesian's presidents, but it's not a real book, which contents with words, not just silly pictures. SO, Perahu Kertas is my first real book (call it novel) this year. I was about wanted to read Twilight long-long-long time ago, since i watched in in December, last year. But, mm.., somehow, i just think it's not that worted to read, but Paulo Coelho's.

Then, i went to Gramedia yesterday, bought books for me, one from Dee and the other one from Paulo Coelho. I started with Dee's first, i even started read after i finished my previous post last night. This book kept me awake until dawn, really. I miss reading book until dawn. Cried, smiled, laughed because of book, special one. Dee made me happy last night. It was the third night she could me make awake until dawn. First, Filosofi Kopi, second with 11 stories by Rectoverso, and now, Perahu Kertas, with Keenan (and Kugy). Another confessions, i put Rectoverso's sticker on my kost's door and i started to go to Starbucks because of Dee. How to make perfect coffee, though i don't drink coffee. But, i love to smell coffee, and how people depend with coffee, no matter with it price. And, i was happier to know, that someone, was there also, accompany my reading time, he'd just like know, that i am having my time, i was relieved :)

So, here i am. Has just wake up, still not take a bath, but online, just to post about this book. I am in love again and again with Dee. And with Keenan, especially. Somehow, i remember someone when i read this book, similar with Keenan, no need to reveal him here hahaha. I am about name my son Keenan, silly idea, but i liked it's name. Simple, not like my long and meaningless name, but i love my name. Ah ya, about the other book, i planned it to give it to my sister. I know she'll like it, she's mature enough to find the aim of Paulo Coelho's book. How he appreciate woman, so romantic (as i read some opinions about his books). I am charged now, and get ready to falling love again, with book of course hehe. Can't wait till my time come, yippiie :)

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