Wednesday, September 9, 2009

loves on 999

I love this date, since i love number 9. And, lucky me, today turns out great, at least until the half day. Well, i started today in a hurry, because i was woke up late haha (blame the electrical problem last night), then took a shower, still in a hurry, and run fast to the class, to collect my method research task (God bless ours, guys), and had a long class. After that, i had early lunch with Yolan, then we went to Taman Anggrek Mall to have ... RED MANGO!! Yayyy!!

still - my single plain with mochi topping :p

I love Red Mango so much, it tasted best from all yogurt, until now hihihi, highly recommended to ones who'd never taste it hehe. I also checked out their twist, i loved it also, it will be my next request. So, Red Mango, please wait for me hehe.. Me and Yolan also went to Hero to buy some girl stuff, and then went to The Body Shop to checked out their special promotion "3 for 2". And, i got nothing but a sweet package for foot treatment.

I love to start my own pedicure at home, because it costs a lot in salloon. I don't really like to do manicure, because i like to bite my nails sometime, so it will be so lossy if i do manicure. Actually, i loved to do nail art in Manado and used to nail it at least twice in a month. I'd better nail my art than buy a dress. But, now, i guess i better buy a dress than just having a nail art. You know, their prices are similar, isn't it? So, do art your own nail, now i just colored my nails sometime, if i'm in mood hehe..

And, the one i love now is continue watching my Friends season 5 series. They had accompany my night, since last night actually hahaha.. So, i'd better refresh my body and mind with lots of laugh and some lessons from that sitcom. Well, for today, i just love the date. For the day, everyday is a great day i believe, hoping you all have a nice day too :)


Dewi Sutjiati Lestari said...

friends memangg menghibur. hehe :)

Anonymous said...

abg jg suka tanggal 9-9-2009

A.M.C -- Anna Mau Cerita said...

@ uwiuwi : iya, wi.. ini masih mau lanjut nonton lagi hehe..

@ i know who you are i guess (hahaha) : i like the date so much actually as i like number 9