Thursday, September 24, 2009

twitter shocks

I just wanna post some, errr... , fact, or maybe just issue (maybe) in Twitter lately. They are :

- Oprah Winfrey has passed away!!! OMG, i am not believing on this issue, so i won't tell more about it. I've just got the news today, so, forget it guys, just a silly issue.

- From Indonesia's director, Joko Anwar. Just check this one, and you'll know, why i am still confusing is it fact or just an issue. I have no idea, why he did it. I found this one yesterday on my friend's room while visited her. And we both laughed and questioned about it (well, both of us are Psychology students *hihihi).

Well, lately i got bored with Twitter but i still tweet, maybe more often then before actually (due to many complicated feelings lately) . So, i chose to protect my twitter account, for some good reasons actually. If you wanna follow me, send me a request first. I won't let everyone knows what i am thinking and has done. This blog has explained my life widely to the ones who wanna know me. Just explore it and enjoy it yourself yaa :)

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