Sunday, September 6, 2009

after a week with never ending tasks

Mamon, Loloy, Handry and me (with our early proper dinner)

First, i wanna ask my bloggie, i can't arrange word, make them bigger than this. How can this happen? i even cannot see my pictures' appearance either and do know how to fix it, anyone?

Well, let me begin my last week's stories. Yeah, everyone knew that Jakarta had an earthquake last Tuesday, while i was in my room listening to music. At the time i guessed i am having "vertigo", but then i looked on my ceiling and found my bee's lamp was swinging and suddenly i was panic stricken (but still on bed hahaha)! I continued watched KD's gossip on TV, then TV announced it, and i thanked God, i am okay before called mom afterward. And it made me happier because they both got panic too hihihi, they called me more often after that, daddy especially :)

Then, the next days until Friday, i was stuck on my desk, to do some important tasks according to some of my subjects, and for one subject, i have just finished it before i start writing this post. Can you imagine how busy was my week? I hate Wednesday and Friday, the subjects are going to kill me soon huhuhu. I was trying and will always try to do my best on every subjects, but somehow i just lost my 'appetite' to do any homework. On the next Tuesday i'll have my first quiz, huff.. And will continue my research method on Wednesday, i am pretty occupied in college thingy now ><

But, above all, i was glad to know that my friends will always by my side at least for cheering my weekend after a week with never ending tasks. So, we chose to went out yesterday, to check Wondershoe and watched movie. Luckily, The Proposal was chosen by us, and it was great! Except Ramone's part hahaha, i can't help that part, and how Nannie enjoyed it, huekkk.. Then, enjoyed dinner, 4 of us :) We shared many stories on taxi, i never met Handry for a long time, so we had a long chit chat on taxi (no need to blame Jakarta's traffic jam for every Saturday night). Just three things i am about to regret, one, my handphone's batteries, two, my internet service- i had to realize how fool i am this morning! and three, i got no shoes on Wondershoe (well, he said it should no be regreted hahaha).

I love this weekend, thanku guys :)

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