Sunday, November 27, 2011

first year

Ta-daa, the day has come. Today is my first anniversary with Dave. Too bad he's not here and we can't celebrate it together, but thanks God today is Sunday which means we both can go to the church and pray, personally to God. We should ask Him to always protect us, give us more happiness and bless the relationship. Due to this long distance, we can't blow the candle (i love blow-candle thing, can't wait for my birthday hehe), eat the same anniversary cake or eat out in somewhere together, so we decided to give something to each other. I'm basically give him things he likes. Yeah, i'm not a surprise girl. I even told him what will i give him a week before i send it. Hihihi. I told him not to give me any gifts because he'd given me a lot already. Besides, my birthday, Christmas, and New Year will coming soon, so i'll make him broke. Hahaha. No, he had already known what i want, and i know it takes longer time for him to bring it to my hand, so let's keep waiting.

Anyway, he gave me this video this morning. I love that cartoon, most of my BBM friends -and i- used it as their display picture. Dave told me that he had 30 pictures of it, thats why he edited and send to my email. I love it. Thank you dearest boyfriend. Happy anniversary for us and can't wait to cuddle you real soon :))

Friday, November 18, 2011

What did Sour Sally change?

I felt so tired today that i haven't sleep well for the last 3 nights. For the record, I only slept an hour last night. We, me-mom-cousins-aunt, have to wake up on 3am and catch the first flight to them (minus me, I'm left in the city huhu) at 5am. One chaos dawn has driven us crazy, really! We arrived at 4.30am and have to run along the way and immigration station. Anyway their going to Penang (international flight) and it's a big no to arrive less than an hour before departure. Aahh!

Well now, here I am at Sour Sally, a froyo (frozen yogurt) store in one shopping mall. Some things has to be done tonight so here I am, preparing them. Listening to their music, watching people and did some picture-edit-process. Surprisingly I've been for an hour with older people. They are 2 couples, grandpas and grandmas. I did some observation (like the old days hehe) and fund out that they looked enjoy their froyo. Like a lot. Well, I remember the first time I tried SS I don't really like it because its sour flavor. Err, it took some time to me until I could enjoy it. I don't really know what older people want to taste on their old days cause my only grandma won't eat this kind of things. Hahaha. But these people seem enjoy it and they finished it. Great grandpa and grandma!

Then now where's the adult? Don't they need to consume yogurt too, since we don't have time to eat fruit? Cause I did it, I have a stomachade and don't really think that fruits are the solution but yogurt is. One cup will make me do 'my things' faster than before hahaha. Food nowadays made us difficult to maintain our health. But thanks to SS and friends, we coulf do our things plus get a healthy stomach hehe. So, i'm thinking to change my frappucino habit to a healthy one, froyo habit from today and ended like this older people who had their little date on froyo store. Hihihi.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


- online on brother's crib, waiting for him to buy me some burgers from Burger King. i also am waiting for my dad to come from the airport. dad has just landed about an hour ago.

- i watched 3 eps of HIMYM. i missed those 3 eps due to lack of internet connection in my crib, graduation thingy and holiday. now i'm back and stick with Barney again hihihi. Btw, the last scene from ep9 is kinda cute for me, although it's not a proper thing to do between friends (Barney and Robin). but i love seeing them together.

- i already packed my bag and ready to go to Bandung for this weekend. a relative will marry tomorrow, on a perfect date, 11.11.11, so me, dad and brother will attend the holy matrimony. we will go at 3pm by travel bus. one big plan is me and brother will have fun in Trans Studio, may God bless the wheater so we can make it come true. i'll sleep in my best friends' crib while dad and brother in hotel. huhuhu, poor big daughter.

- anyway, i'm not feel good today. i guess my body still need some recovery, and brother's ac didn't help me at all. maybe some sleep in cab will make me better. ah, with some burgers too. hahaha. short escape is about to begin, and i'm excited! yippie!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hey, happy November. I've just finished my late lunch alone and still have to sit here until brother finish his gym. So, I'd like to tell you some highlight for this week :

- I was graduated from Tarumanagara University, exactly last Sunday. Mom, dad and little brother were here. We took a family photograph together, attended the convocation and had a fine dinner with my relatives and friends.

- the next day, me, mom, dad and little brother went to Kuala Lumpur and Penang. We just came home yesterday and now they're on the plane to back home. I miss them already :(

- I decide to work, at least for a year before I take my master. I realize that I have nothing to be proud as a bachelor now, so let's find a job. Surprisingly, a friend texted me this morning and voilà, I have a psychotest at her office tomorrow.

- I love New Girl series. Hihihi, nothing serious, I just love seeing Zooey on screen.

- some new books from Border really made me happy. I bought some things in vacation, nothing (too) expensive, only books and earphone. I need them and they treated me well so far hihihi.

- The last but not least, I'm still in love with instagram and Smurf village. They make me happy. Hihihi.

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