Sunday, November 27, 2011

first year

Ta-daa, the day has come. Today is my first anniversary with Dave. Too bad he's not here and we can't celebrate it together, but thanks God today is Sunday which means we both can go to the church and pray, personally to God. We should ask Him to always protect us, give us more happiness and bless the relationship. Due to this long distance, we can't blow the candle (i love blow-candle thing, can't wait for my birthday hehe), eat the same anniversary cake or eat out in somewhere together, so we decided to give something to each other. I'm basically give him things he likes. Yeah, i'm not a surprise girl. I even told him what will i give him a week before i send it. Hihihi. I told him not to give me any gifts because he'd given me a lot already. Besides, my birthday, Christmas, and New Year will coming soon, so i'll make him broke. Hahaha. No, he had already known what i want, and i know it takes longer time for him to bring it to my hand, so let's keep waiting.

Anyway, he gave me this video this morning. I love that cartoon, most of my BBM friends -and i- used it as their display picture. Dave told me that he had 30 pictures of it, thats why he edited and send to my email. I love it. Thank you dearest boyfriend. Happy anniversary for us and can't wait to cuddle you real soon :))

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