Thursday, November 10, 2011


- online on brother's crib, waiting for him to buy me some burgers from Burger King. i also am waiting for my dad to come from the airport. dad has just landed about an hour ago.

- i watched 3 eps of HIMYM. i missed those 3 eps due to lack of internet connection in my crib, graduation thingy and holiday. now i'm back and stick with Barney again hihihi. Btw, the last scene from ep9 is kinda cute for me, although it's not a proper thing to do between friends (Barney and Robin). but i love seeing them together.

- i already packed my bag and ready to go to Bandung for this weekend. a relative will marry tomorrow, on a perfect date, 11.11.11, so me, dad and brother will attend the holy matrimony. we will go at 3pm by travel bus. one big plan is me and brother will have fun in Trans Studio, may God bless the wheater so we can make it come true. i'll sleep in my best friends' crib while dad and brother in hotel. huhuhu, poor big daughter.

- anyway, i'm not feel good today. i guess my body still need some recovery, and brother's ac didn't help me at all. maybe some sleep in cab will make me better. ah, with some burgers too. hahaha. short escape is about to begin, and i'm excited! yippie!

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