Friday, November 18, 2011

What did Sour Sally change?

I felt so tired today that i haven't sleep well for the last 3 nights. For the record, I only slept an hour last night. We, me-mom-cousins-aunt, have to wake up on 3am and catch the first flight to them (minus me, I'm left in the city huhu) at 5am. One chaos dawn has driven us crazy, really! We arrived at 4.30am and have to run along the way and immigration station. Anyway their going to Penang (international flight) and it's a big no to arrive less than an hour before departure. Aahh!

Well now, here I am at Sour Sally, a froyo (frozen yogurt) store in one shopping mall. Some things has to be done tonight so here I am, preparing them. Listening to their music, watching people and did some picture-edit-process. Surprisingly I've been for an hour with older people. They are 2 couples, grandpas and grandmas. I did some observation (like the old days hehe) and fund out that they looked enjoy their froyo. Like a lot. Well, I remember the first time I tried SS I don't really like it because its sour flavor. Err, it took some time to me until I could enjoy it. I don't really know what older people want to taste on their old days cause my only grandma won't eat this kind of things. Hahaha. But these people seem enjoy it and they finished it. Great grandpa and grandma!

Then now where's the adult? Don't they need to consume yogurt too, since we don't have time to eat fruit? Cause I did it, I have a stomachade and don't really think that fruits are the solution but yogurt is. One cup will make me do 'my things' faster than before hahaha. Food nowadays made us difficult to maintain our health. But thanks to SS and friends, we coulf do our things plus get a healthy stomach hehe. So, i'm thinking to change my frappucino habit to a healthy one, froyo habit from today and ended like this older people who had their little date on froyo store. Hihihi.

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