Thursday, April 30, 2009

mangdu to cemput

my recorder

I have a great day today. I woke up at 8am (was so happy with that hehe), had only 1 class today, then went to ITC Mangga Dua with Inggrid until 5pm. I already got my clutch to use in my cousin's wedding, on May9. I also found 2 necklaces, i loved them. But, still thinking where and when i can use it hehe, but, i still have lots time to use it, so, no need to worry now. And the big news, i got black Longchamp bag. Yeah, yeah, i know it's too late for me to buy that bag, but i liked it, so don't complain me hehe. But, eventhough it was not an original one, the price still expensive for this size. I bet you'll agree with me. I hope no one will yelling me about this bag, except Inggrid hehe.

Tomorrow, still will be a great and tired day. I have 2 classes, and still have to go to Cempaka Putih to interview HRD Manager of PT. Kalbe Farma, tbk. Both of us, me and Inggrid was so happy to know that we can interview her, hope that we'll get her point straightly so we won't interview her twice. And also it will be my first time to have an interview using my recorder. Ow, ow, such a lil curious about it, but, if i get problems i still can use my or Inggrid's handphone. So, we'll rock Kalbe Farma tomorrow and thanks for my beloved Kak Kiki, whose help us a lot :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

tweet tweet

tweet tweet tweet

I am twitter now. Well, actually i've been tweet since 2 or 3 months ago, if i'm not mistaken. I used Plurk before, but, i dislike because it has karma, if you wanna add your karma you have to post as often as you can. But, if you cannot post for a long time, they will subtract your karma. So, i made my twitter account, then i am now (became) addicted to twitter.

I kept telling what i've done to twitter, and i am not hoping any reply actually. I just want to tell what i feel at that moment, and it will be posted in my blog. Later i became some artists fan, to follow them on twitter, such John Mayer, Ashton Kuchter and Demi Moore (but i deleted them, they both such busy artists and they made my twitter full), Marcell Siahaan and Rima Melati or even Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barack Obama- US President. How lebay i am, huh? hehe.

So, make your twitter account now, and add me at Let's tweet :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince

Omigod, i've just seen this trailer with Arlene, we both loved it! Can't wait to see it. Hope they will show it in Indonesia at least the end of this year. Another movies to wait are 2012 and Twilight-New Moon. Owow, preparing ourselves to enjoy these movies, guys :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: family
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p.s : this is fun, i'll try later if i have more time and more picts to share hehe

Mr. Right

mr.right to complete my life

Well, maybe after posting this post someone will mad on me. But, i think i will post this, because this is my blog and i'm the one who decide what i'm gonna post, aren't i? So, let us go with this Mr.Right's post.

Yesterday i went to my cousin (far cousin actually from my mom's side) engaged service called Martuppol in Batak language. It was located in Tangerang or Karawaci, well i'm blank about the location, all i knew i passed UPH which i knew located in Karawaci. It was a cool and clean campus. I heard from my aunt, she is UPH student now, and she said that no one smoke there! No one! Even the security checked everyone's bag who will enter the campus. Can you imagine? And i was wondered what if i move to Karawaci, because many people told me that Untar will move to Karawaci. But, i won't think about that now, let me study as well as i can day by day, so i can graduate asap, Amien hehe.

After attended that service, me and some of my cousin have our lunch with a lot of my relatives from mom's side. Then, here we come, like every Batak party, i have to shaked hand introduced myself, give my mom's regards for them. Most of them didn't know me, and get a lil shock because they never thought that my mom has already have a 19 years old-girl like me. Well, some said i am pretty, as pretty as my mom, hihihi, i was happy on that moment. But, i really hate their smoke! Omigod, they made me mad! I was, really! But, i was blessed to met them. I felt happy to for Kak Erna and her fiance who will marry on May9. I promised them to come as my parents repressent.

I knew that my mom was happy because i went there. Why i was dislike to go there first? Because the night before i went out until 11.30pm! And got sleep at 0.30am. I travelled around Jakarta on Friday night with Novi and some of her girl friends before we reached Pantai Mutiara, Pluit at 10pm! So, in the morning i was lil unwell but, i knew i'll make mom sad, so i decided to go to their engaged service. Besides that i made him upset to me, the whole day actually. Sorry, i just want to tell you the truth, explain about my thoughts. Hope you tell me why you was upset, but until now, you haven't tell me. But, thanks for the pretty words this morning, ya. *klo ini dikategorikan berantem, kita baikan aja yuk hehehe*

Then, today, some quiz from facebook shocked me (lil shocked actually hehe) about to find another mr.right in life. I got the name, it is Dan, and i guess it is Danny or Daniel actually, but, the quiz just said Dan.

Anna completed the quiz "What is the name of the man you'll marry?" with the result Dan.
The man you will marry is named Dan. You and Dan are both ment for eachother beacuse you are fun, smart, active, happy people. You are the perfect match..

Second quiz was "where will i meet mr.right?'. Guess where? In university.

Anna completed the quiz "Where will you meet "Mr. Right"?" with the result University/College Campus.
You are most likely to meet your "Mr.Right" at your local University or College campus. Avoid guys with torn clothing, t-shirts with slogans and backwards ball caps. Instead, look for a guy who carries himself with pride, is sitting outside with his lap top but gazing around or a guy who always arrives to class early. Consider it a bonus if he is in his graduate year or is in a medical program (he'll be too busy to have another girl) or if he has his own apartment off campus and vehicle (that he pays for himself). Also consider it important to find the man who also has a job while attending college/university- this shows a level of motivation. This particular breed of man needs you to share in common goals and striking up a conversation based on mutual interests or program interests is always the way to go....Smile and let the journey begin! .

Wawawaw, it's so silly, i've once dreamed about having bf from campus. But, lately i realized i didn't want to meet so often with my bf. So, it's better for me to have a relationship with someone out there, and i've found i guess hehe. I am happy now, no need to ask why, please, because i won't to reveal him now. But, he's neither Dan or university student hehe.

Okay, i haven't think if he's my mr.right or not. I am just 19 years old girl. The only thing that i have to do is study. The others are shopping, travelling, make my family proud of me first, before i can have my parents permit to marry someone i loved. I wish that i'll find him in the right time as my wish and he'll be my husband for the rest of my life. Amien :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

i love my room :)

Hehe, i have to admit that i love my room, no matter how ugly it is. I made it ugly, i put all stuff wherever i want, seldom re-arrange it, sometimes once in two weeks hehe. But, i still agree that my room is clean one, i won't tell whose room worse than mine, but, if you feel comfort in it, go your way. I went my way to change this stuff location, and i loved it :)

First, my working station. Well, it's not a real working station. As you can see, i just put laptop, donkey stand doll and watch there. Actually it is just a small desk, so i couldn't put as many things as i want there, besides that i rarely use desk to make homework or to study, i prefer to study in my bed, close to dreamland, it's really bother my parents, especially my mom hehehe. But, trust me mom, i won't get bad mark eventhough i studied while dreaming hihihi.

i wish my father will buy me bigger desk than this one

Second, my wardrobes. Yes, i have two wardrobes, but i just pictured one, fill with my campus and church outfit. The other one fill with my home outfit and some towels and sheetings. I have arranged it last whole day, arranged it by colors and seperated some of them to fix and gave it to Desi's maid. The bad news was i realized that i lost one brown shirt that my mom bought for me when i was in semester 1! I even remember it but I won't get it back, poor me. Oya, because this wardrobe was a small one, i put all my dress in my suitcase, it helps me a lot to find it actually.

sometimes i need bigger wardrobe, but this is fine

Third, this is a full picture hehe. I captured it once and try to figure out all the stuff and i think i did it well, didn't i? There are wash basin, foods, dispenser, books and some posters in the wall. Next to the table is my bed. I put some of my eeyore dolls there. I used my bed too often, so i loved it so much. I sleep there, cry there, get happy or sad calls there, study there, gossip there, eat there, and many things there hehehe.

i've dreamt about this location for so long actually, but just proved it last month

Four, my shoes. Not only shoes, but also bedcover, plastics, broom and mirror. I remember that my mom was mad on me, because i want to bring many shoes from Manado and also its boxes! But, mom, now you can see that i still need its boxes to keep my shoes and sandals clean and made me easier to arrange and find it. I did it well, right mom?

i still have two boxes of shoes outside my room, and wanting to add it more and more hehe

Five, some of the unique part of my room.

my eeyore baloon

butterfly in my ceiling, first saw every morning

things next to my bed, this blue box consists of my eeyore minidolls :)

some of dvds, chargers, cellophane tape, stamps, and so on

my lovely lamp, i liked it so much since the first time it came to my room

Well, that is my room, my new room actually. Sometimes i hope i'll get better room as soon as i can, but, for what i've got until now, i still glad on it :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

can i walk with you?

I woke up this morning
You were the first thing on my mind

I don’t know were it came from
All I know is I need you in my life, yeah

You make me feel like I can be a better woman
If you just say you wanna take this friendship to another place

Can I walk with you through your life
Can I lay with you as your wife
Can I be your friend ‘till the end
Can I walk with you through your life

You've got me wondering if you know that
I am wondering about you
The feeling is so strong that I can't imagine
You're not feeling it too
You've known me long enough to trust that
I want what's best for you
If you wanna be happy then I am the one
That you should give your heart to

Now everyday aint' gonna be like the summer's day
Being in love for real it ain't like a movie screen
But I can tell you all the drama aside you and I
can find what the worlds been looking for forever
friendship and love together

This is India Arie's song. I liked how she sang it, made this song so
meaningful hehe.
I don't know yet, do i crushing him or not,
actually i just want my sister to listen to this song, hope she feel
better after that hehe.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kartinis Go To Rink

Happy Kartini's Day to all the women in Indonesia.

Let us shout together "GIRL POWER!" hehe. I was blessed today, had congrats my mom as my #1 woman in the world because i am her biggest fan. She replied me also, called me Kartini, too hehe. Then, after i finished my last class at 3.30pm, mom also called me, but, i couldn't answer her call because it was swift rain, i couldn't hear her voice and have to go quickly to AW while waiting to Loloy to come before we went to Taman Anggrek Mall (for the second time this week hehe).

We planned to watch Knowing, starring Nicholas Cage. It was Loloy who demanded to watch that, but we was late to see the current show of Knowing, so Inggi and I decided to play ice skating in the third floor. Me and Inggi was never have experience on playing ice skating, so we both felt so excited. Loloy and Desipus actually dislike with our idea, but they couldn't help when we insisted them to join us, while waiting to the next show of Knowing.

Then here we are. Paid the tickets, socks, and locker. Wore that skating shoes (don't know its name), dirty and black ones then we played. I felt such a sensation like playing roller blade when i was a child. I liked it, but still afraid to "dance"- i thought walking or gliding in the ice looked like dance in the ice, isn't it? especially when they make a circle, how pretty :)

Me, after played ice skating

Me and Loloy

Me, Ing and Loloy

Desipus, Ing, Loloy and Me in the rink

We spent half hour there, another half hour to prepare ourselves and took pictures hehe. Then Inggrid went home, but Me, Loloy and Desipus stopped by Planet Surf then have dinner in Platinum. Still continued our chit-chat there, before went home at 8.30pm. Wah, what a day! I have full class, started on 8am up to 3.30pm, still have mall walking, played ice skating and now, i am ready to sleep, i felt so tired actually hehe. Well, this is for today. Hope your Kartini's Day as good as mine :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

full-schedule weekend

Hai, bloggie. I was so tired today, i had full class from 10am to 3.30pm, still have to do assignment for Abnormal class tomorrow. Well, i've just finished it. Hope that i can print it tomorrow, nothing will bother me, God bless.

Actually, i had a great weekend. I went to Music Therapy Seminar in UNTAR at 9am. It was cool and great. The most part was healing time. Pak Monty played us some instrumental music, called Barok Music, such as Canon in D and maybe Mozart's too. It made us feel sleepy yet healed. As i told you before, i cut my hair the day before, so, i also took some picture with friends, introducing my new hair hehe. Lucky us, campus was quiet enough for us took some crazy pictures hehe. After that, me and Desi went to Ciputra Mall, looked for some carpet, later i bought one cream colored-round chair. I've seen it before, and I liked it, then i bought it.

My new hair

Me vs Ing

After the seminar with Lin

Then Sunday became greater, uhuy! I woke up early to go to church to have their first service at 7.30am. I felt so tired actually, but, still have to do one task before went to Taman Anggrek Mall with my High School' friends. Got it finish at 4pm, then took bath, prepared myself. I'm ready! hehe. I picked Loloy up, then we took taxi to go to there, still have to wait 15minutes for they to come and went to Sapo Oriental to have dinner. Here we are (minus Brenda).

Alumni Rex Mundi Senior High School

We've been there for almost 2 hours, if i'm not mistaken. We have a very loooooonnnngggg conversation there. Me and Thio actually, gossip-ed everything hahaha. Thio was our photographer on that dinner time so, see the pictures below taken by Thio-san.

Let's eat!

Minus Thio as a photographer

After have so goddamn-fancy-dinner (blame to Handoko Go hahaha) , we stopped by Sour Sally. Some of us bought it, so we still continued our chit-chat there until 10pm! The store was closed when we leaved it. So, we went home, me and Loloy went home by Inggrid's car, and after that i got my self clean before went to sleep. I still felt full actually but was so sleepy, i can't help to sleep, then i went to my dreamland hihihi.

Friday, April 17, 2009


"There are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year's course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word 'happy' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness."

-Carl Jung -


I just got home after cut my hair (second time this year) in Anthony Salon, near to my crib and had dinner. It healed me a lot after faced this bored week. I loved it. Well, maybe i get weird with my hair now, but, it's okay, at least for tonight, after Desi keep telling me that this cut is better. Thank you, Pussycat Dolls hehe.

I guess i can list some random for this week, here they are :
1. I have finished my mid-semester test, got better and more ready after i failed one subject, argh!
2. My mom got something serious with her health, and it made me more curious with her.
3. I had laryngitis, went to the doctor and have to drink some medicine, and still not finish yet, poor me.
4. Me and Desi went to RS Mitra Intl by busway visited Arlene, hope she'll get better soon and glad because we had tasty dinner in Grogol Food Centre after it.
5. He got "bintitan" hihi.
6. I owed Desi a lot, after i forgot to bring my wallet today. How stupid i am!
And that's the point i wanna say in this post, about wallet.

I forgot to bring my big wallet, so Desi paid my whole treatment and dinner first. Tomorrow, i promise her to return hers. I owed her for these two days. Wah wah. I really forgot to bring my wallet. And lucky me, i have Desi as a close friend. Wah, Desi, you have to thanks me for this writing, i have written your name here hahaha.

Well, I have changed 2 wallet in Jakarta. First, i bought a wallet before i went to Jakarta. I loved the style, instead of the skin. So, i changed it to my most favourite wallet, the maroon one, but, i forgot where i've put it, so i didn't picture it. I bought the maroon wallet in Plaza Semanggi, while having shopping spree with Arlene and Desipus. And at last i changed to this cute Betty Boop wallet from ITC Mangga Dua. As i can remember, this shop only selling Betty Boop and Olive Oyl' original merchandise (as they told me, and i proved it by the license card inside the wallet) . I felt lucky actually when i got this wallet because i love it's style, but once again, i wasn't conform with the skin until now. So, i kept on searching for a new one. Hope i can get it in the right time, because i still in love with this Betty Boops's wallet.

My last wallet in Manado. I remember i bought this in Planet Surf, Manado Town Square. I proved my nationalism by purchasing this wallet, didn't i? hehe.

My current wallet now. See how cute the Betty Boops here hehe.

In some event i used this small Roxy turquoise wallet, while shopping in rush hour especially and very crowded place. I have the bag, too. I loved them both. I used this wallet in High School, and kept it, still love the memories, colors, it made me miss my High School a lot!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

radang tenggorokan

Hai, bloggie. Pengen banget nulis pake bahasa Inggris, tapi apa daya, untuk post yang satu ini kosakata saya minim. Maap banget, tapi akan lumayan jelas kok. Saya juga yakin akan lebih mudah dimengerti kalau ga pake bahasa Inggris.

Saya kena radang tenggorokan. Lagi! Ini untuk keempat kalinya dalam 2 tahun kuliah, itu yang tidak ke dokter. Kalau yang pake dokter, hmm, ini udah kedua kalinya. Dan kali ini menyiksa, sama seperti bulan Oktober tahun 2007 lalu. Wah, demam saya aja udah masuk hari ketiga, seingat saya. Belum lagi UTS baru kelar pukul 2.30 tadi, bayangkanlah sakitnya mau belajar, susah banget huhu. Tapi, berhubung obat dokter sangat tidak enak (memang benar-benar sangat tidak enak) saya mau cepat sembuh. Belum lagi kegiatan saya agak ribet besok, takutnya malah lebih sakit, tapi semoga tidak. Amin.

Nah, untuk info, saya mau bagi-bagi info tentang radang tenggorokan. Saya usahakan banget supaya ga meng-copy paste materi orang, jadi ini deh rangkumannya dan juga pengalaman saya sendiri.

Ada 3 penyebab radang tenggorokan:
1. Infeksi
2. Iritasi, dan
3. Alergi.

Gejalanya dapat berupa rasa sakit di bagian tersebut, susah menelan, susah bernapas, batuk,
dan demam. Ada kalanya leher juga mengalami pembengkakan.

Infeksi sendiri bisa bersumber dari 3
hal, yakni kesehatan mulut dan
gigi, amandel sebagai sumber infeksi, dan sinusitis.
Berkaitan dengan gigi dan mulut, itu kemungkinan karena ada gigi berlubang atau gigi busuk. Makanya harus segera ke dokter gigi. Semalam dokternya nanya apa saya punya gigi berlubang, tapi saya ga punya, jadi dia ga saran apa-apa deh untuk ke dokter gigi.

Ada pula radang karena infeksi pada amandel. Amandel (ternyata) merupakan bagian pertahanan tubuh, jadi ketika amandel infeksi dan tidak berfungsi optimal, kuman pun berkumpul, jadi radang tenggorokan deh. Sumber infeksi terakhir adalah sinusitis. Pada orang dengan sinusitis kronis, lendir akan terus-menerus mengalir di belakang tenggorokan dan hidung. Hal ini menimbulkan iritasi ke tenggorokan dan menyebabkan radang. Jadi, kalau radang kita karena infeksi ketiga hal diatas, jangan cuma radangnya yang disembuhin, tapi penyebabnya juga, karena kalau ga, bisa kembali radang deh.

Selain kuman, radang tenggorokan juga dapat terjadi karena virus, yaitu saat pilek dan flu. Namun, radang tenggorokan akibat pilek dan flu akan hilang dengan sendirinya, seiring sembuhnya penyakit tersebut. Flu ringan dapat dikalahkan oleh daya tahan tubuh. Tapi, kalau lebih dari seminggu radang tenggorokan yang menyertai flu tidak hilang, apalagi jika ditambah suara serak, bisa dikategorikan serius dan bisa turun ke pita suara.Radang tenggorokan karena kuman dapat menular melalui ludah, sedangkan yang disebabkan virus lewat udara.

Wah, maap ya teman-teman kalau ketularan, ga maksud kok hehe. Saya lumayan menyetujui kalau saya kena radang tenggorokan karena virus deh. Udara sangat ga bersahabat sekarang, banyak banget orang kena flu, saya juga kena deh, tapi versi radang tenggorokan langsung hehe.

Iritasi juga bisa menjadi biang keladi radang tenggorokan. Hal ini disebabkan makanan masuk, yaitu makanan yangyang terlalu pedas, terlalu asam, terlalu panas atau dingin, dan makanan-makanan yang terlalu bergetah. Nah, ini nih kayaknya masalah saya selain virus diatas. Tapi, kalau kategorinya terlalu pedas, saya ga pernah dapat tuh di Jakarta makanan yang bikin saya nangis karena terlalu pedas. Ada yang mau rekomendasi ga? Kali-kali aja dengan makan yang pedas radang saya sembuh, tapi maag saya langsung kumat deh kayaknya haha.

Itu deh rangkumannya. Lumayan kan? Sekarang yang perlu saya lakukan adalah mengurangi makanan pedas (huhuhu), gorengan dan es krim. Yah, gorengan dan es krim saya bisa tahan, tapi makanan pedas??

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Jesus rose from death for us!

This tittle doesn't mean that i am happy to always say "hehe hehe". But, HEHE means RISE in Batak language. Today is Easter - Remembering Jesus rose from death, Paskah in Indonesia means Kebangkitan Tuhan Jesus. In Batak it also said Ari Haheheon. I felt so blessed because i can celebrate this Easter, eventhough i am alone in Jakarta, got laryngitis also. Huh. Poor me, but still felt blessed :)

I googled some pictures to put in this blog. And some articles also. Enjoy it. Above all, Happy Easter all. God bless, people :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ari Hamamate

Saya geli sendiri ketika ide menulis post ini datang. Saya sih ga harap yang baca ngerti, karena saya sendiri juga ga gitu ngerti, kecuali liat penjelasan di bahasa Indonesia. Makanya saya ga bikin post ini dalam bahasa Inggris, ntar ada 3 bahasa di dalam post ini, wah, saya aja yang nulis dipastikan ribet, apalagi yang ga ngerti, lebih ribet hahaha..

Nah, tadi pagi, seperti normalnya perayaan Jumat Agung di tahun-tahun sebelumnya, saya pergi ke gereja. Ini adalah tahun kedua saya merayakan Paskah di Jakarta, tahun lalu sih pas Jumat Agungnya kebetulan lagi di Bandung. Nah, ini baru pertama kali saya ikut ibadah panjang a'la HKBP (Huria Kristen Batak Prostestan) tepatnya di resort PETOJO. Saya bukan anak HKBP, di Manado saya gereja di GMIM Sentrum Berbahasa Batak. Sebagian tata cara ibadah memang menggambil garis besar tata cara ibadah HKBP, namun hal-hal seperti pergantian pendeta dan tata cara perjamuan memang sangat berbeda. Dan itulah yang saya alami tadi pagi.

Yah, bukan ngomentarin sih. Cuma berasa ga khusyuk aja pas perjamuan. Ribut banget. Trus metodenya rada ga efisien (menurut saya loh, ya). Tapi, saya berterima kasih kepada panitia-nya kok. Ibadahnya pas, apalagi pas lagi nyanyi lagu bareng, saya benar-benar ga merasa sendirian pas itu. Padahal, gereja tuh panas banget tadi, udah panas, saya dikelilingi oleh pria-pria ber-jas yang pake parfumnya kebanyakan. Wah, untung saya ga mual tadi. Kalau bisa saran, mandi aja yang bersih, jangan jadi pake parfum banyak-banyak hehe. Saya lebih suka cowo yang pake lotion, hayoo, siapa yang merasa make? hehe.

Abis itu, ada lagi yang lebih membuat sedikit kebingungan dan kesal. Kan kelar gerejanya pukul 11.30 tuh, sementara pukul 14-nya ada ibadah lagi, namanya Ulaon Na Hohom, ibadah peringatan wafatnya Jesus. Jadi, saya sedikit merasa capek pas pulang, mana panas banget lagi, huh. Tapi, atas dasar pengen tahu, saya balik lagi ke gereja. Saya ga pernah ikut ibadah kayak gitu sebelumnya, jadi amat penasaran, apalagi kata mama, ibadah itu khusyuk banget, makin penasaranlah saya. Akhirnya ngebut jalan ke gereja, akhirnya nyerah karena panas banget, yaialah hampir pukul 14, saya pun naik bajaj. Nyampe-nyampe, didatangin sama cowok botak. Yah, saya bukan ga bersyukur ada orang (baik) yang mau nemanin saya duduk, tapi dalam kondisi tadi (dan kondisi-kondisi sebelumnya) saya lebih milih duduk sendiri di gereja.

Trus, nunggu dan nunggu dan nunggu. Sampai akhirnya pukul 14.2o ibadahnya dimulai. Ada beberapa orang yang saya kenal ternyata, meski yang paling banyak ya ibu-ibu yang sanggulnya masih sama tinggi dengan tadi pagi, bapak-bapak ber-jas, tapi sekarang udah ga kipas-kipas kepanasan karena gereja udah sepi, calon pendeta yang pas khotbah bikin saya merasa sedang diwawancarain (hehe, maap, pak), dan beberapa pemuda usia lanjut (setidaknya itu menurut saya). Pemuda disamping saya bilang gini (saya setuju dengan kata-katanya) waktu saya nanya kok sedikit yang datang pas ibadah ini, " Semua dipanggil, tapi sedikit yang terpilih". Wah, sedikit terpana dengan jawabannya, dan seketika itu juga saya merasa, tak apa-apa duduk dengan dia, itu di gereja, dan kita semua saudara dalam Tuhan Jesus. Ibadah pun berlanjut.

Pukul 14.45, kita udah sampai di doa agung, dan selesailah ibadah itu. Ibadah itu cuma 20 menit-an. Sangat singkat. Dan penuh bahasa Batak yang membuat saya bingung. Wah, bukannya nyesel ya, cuma kok gini ya? Apa ekspektasi saya yang ketinggian, atau memang saya yang ga tau tata cara-nya? Wah, aneh juga ya? Tapi setidaknya saya udah tau apa itu Ulaon Na Hohom. Jikalau berkesempatan, mungkin saya akan ikut lagi tahun datang, jika mungkin, saya akan membawa seorang teman hehe. Ga sih, saya ga nyesal datang ke ibadah itu, karena memang itu ibadah peringatan wafatnya Jesus. Dan inti dari ibadah tadi adalah 7 perkataan Jesus di kayu salib. Saya akan nulis pake bahasa Batak, jika kalian ga ngerti, buka aja di Johannes 19. Baca terus dan kamu akan ngerti apa yang saya tulis ini. Selamat hari Jumat Agung ya :)

Perkataan Jesus di kayu salib (Bahasa Batak) :
1. Ale Amang! Marpamuati ma rohaM mida nasida, ai ndang diboto nasida na binahen nasida i.

2. Sadarion on do ho rap dohot Ahu di Paradeiso.

3. Ndi ma, inang, Anakmi! Ndi ma, inangmi!
4. Eli, eli, lama Sabachtani. Ale DebatangKu, DebatangKu boasa tung tadingkononMu Ahu?

5. Mauas Ahu!

6. Nunga marujung.

7. Amang! Tu bagasan tanganMu ma Hupasahat tondingKu.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

FF4 and vote

Fast and Furious 4

I am not an action movie lover, i hate watching blood in every scene, scream, wah, it such a nightmare to me, trust me hehehe. So, i was not that interest to watch this FF4, i prefer watch Knowing, starring Nicholas Cage. But, i realized i just want to watch movie, any kind of movie, except horror, which i won't think hard to understand. And, Inggrid and Loloy chose it, FF4 in Taman Anggrek XXI on 12pm.

Inggrid picked me and Loloy up and we got there in 11.30am, and guess what? The XXI still closed until 1.3opm! Then, we moved to Noodle Cafe to have lunch, and back to the cinema. And still have to queue for almost half hour, before we bought the tickets. But, it was worth enough to wait. I liked it anyway, eventhough in some scene, i thought it was so lebai, sorry to say, Thio, but it really was. I heart Vin Diesel in this movie, botaknya itu loh, ga kuat hahaha. He's cool, he really is. I recall that last night, Alexy gave me Johnny Depp picture by using SEXIEST MAN in facebook, but i prefer Keanu Reeves so much more, but, maybe added both Vin Diesel and Paul Walker seems great, ya? hehehe..

I heart the bald one =p

Today, i wasn't mencontreng, because i have no elector card. I have Jakarta ID card, but, got no right to vote. I want it so bad to use my right to vote, but, i couldn't. Oya, i saw a long queue in Starbucks. They made a cool promotion today, if you vote, show them your little finger with ink, then you'll get free coffee. And hundred people proved it today. Congrats to them. I won't be jealous if it just a coffee, but if it is a green tea frappucino, wah, i'll be mad on my uncle who didn't give me elector card to vote, hahaha. See their advertisement below.

vote first, hot coffee follow

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hayoo, pada tau ga apa artinya judul post di atas? Kata bapak KPU di sms semalam sih itu artinya contreng. Besok kan dah pemilu, artinya besok kita nyontreng deh. Saya kebagian jatah golput pemilu legislatif besok. Secara punya KTP Jakarta, tapi cuma yang ekspress, jadinya ga bisa nyontreng deh besok. Eh, meski begitu, tetap aja di sms sama KPU semalam.

07-April-2009 20.30

Ingat 9 April 2009, bagi yang telah terdaftar di DPT silahkan datang ke TPS dan berikan suara Anda dengan tanda centang (v) di surat suara.

Itu deh sms dari KPU semalam. Wah, pak, perlu ditegaskan sekali lagi, saya amat sangat pengen mencontreng, tapi apa daya, golput adalah satu-satunya pilihan yang saya punya. Ntar deh, pas pemilihan Presiden saya usahakan mencontreng (kalau istilahnya masih mencontreng ya hehe). Bagi yang kebagian kesempatan mencontreng, pergunakanlah sebaik mungkin. Trus ingat, kan kalian yang milih, jadi bersikaplah sportif jika negara punya masalah. Masalah negara kan masalah kita bersama, apalagi kita semua yang menentukan sendiri arah bangsa ini melalui memilih pemimpin yang kita sukai, maka izinkanlah pemimpin juga berusaha, tapi jika ada yang salah jangan langsung menghakimi, serahkanlah pada yang berwenang. Okei?

Salam saya untuk Indonesia - jangan asal contreng ya :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I think i will fail one subject this semester. I am not humble enough to make it best. I will fail :(

Sunday, April 5, 2009

God, donkey and me

The most gloomy animal of all.

Happy Sunday, bloggie.

I bet you'll be disoriented with this post's tittle. Well, i think it'll be the most suitable tittle, so i choosed it. This morning, when i woke up, i had 2 smses, one from Ando, and one from him. Then, after replied it, i started to pray and read my bible. Guess what i've found? A story when Jesus entered Jerusalem, before he'll be crucified on the next Friday (Good Friday) on Luke 19: 28-40. Have you guys read about it? Do you know, that Jesus riding a donkey to enter Jerusalem? See the bold one, yeah, donkey. Jesus riding a donkey, which us know, the fool and slow-moving animal.

Donkey isn't like horse, horse is more expensive than donkey, so does cow or even goat i think. Because as i read bible, i never find that people gave donkey as their sacrifice for God, or have you? See, donkey was not our favourite one, in every part of life. But, Jesus choose donkey to riding on, He didn't think about the price, didn't think about the most, but He think about the least.

Me myself love donkey. It's Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh's friends. He's cute and worth for me, eventhough he had gloomy face. But it doesn't mean that he always being alone and despresed. He had friends, who will always be his side. Like what my friends do for me. I am a person with smiling face, but has gloomy heart. Maybe Eeyore more luckily than me, he lived his life peacefully, and me? I have to face problems, i have to struggle to get what i want, but, the good news is I have God, who will always use me to do His miracles.

I am God's donkey. I didn't come to this world with strong muscles, briliant brain, and perfect face. I am not dearly enough to be wanted. I am a tiny person, who always gloom and protest God. I never surrender my body and soul for God forsaken. Now, I know, i have to let my body and soul for Him, surrender, then He'll make me better in His way. Let He ride on me.

God, please trust me to be your daughter, and make me trust you more. You have my life, i belong to You. Let me be your donkey, join you in every way, ready to serve You and be the living sacrifice for You. For You, who had been crucified for me, I'll have the very best miracle in my life, to know You.

God bless people! :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

hoping for the better me


Huff, i felt so unwell these days. It all started after i back home from Penang. I knew that i didn't have enough sleep and meal there, and after back, i got busy with all campus stuff, remembering that mid semester test is not so far, and i'm doing it now. And, still i had problems with someone. So, after i fought with someone, and i won't to add this problem to my friends', i decided to go to doctor. That time, i had migran for 2 days. Doctor gave me 2 medicines, one i have to eat everyday, the other one i have to eat if i get migran again. Now, thanks be to God, i didn't get any migran or headache for this week, which i need the most, because i'm facing mid semester test now.

But, i got depresed after that. I failed my promise not to cry and i cried. And felt such a fool donkey for him. Yeah, he is my goddamn stressor, hey man, had you realized it, or not? Then, after discussed with my mom, i went to doctor again, and she said that i have to check my blood (pardon my very bad English, ya hehe). In the afternoon, i went back to hear the result and doctor's suggestion for me. Now, i have to manage my diet, at least for these 2 weeks, i hope everything will be fine and i will not have migran for a long time.

Today, i woke up early, and doing jogging, it's my very first time. A lil bit curious, but, finally, i found what i want. I have skin problem, both in my arms. Then, i searched the doctor's place (not to far from Desi and Meilan' crib actually) while jogging. After that, i went home again to take a bath and went back to doctor, and have to buy salep to reduce the problem, and he said i have to wear it for a month! Oh my God, how pity i am, i lost a lot of money this week for visiting one doctor to another. I'm so sorry mamapapa *huhuhu*

Then, after i tried to take medical way to solve my problems, i have to face the problem myself. He had no will to make me comfortable, well, it's your choice, man. I let you doing all the things you want, but, he have no will to forbid me doing things i wanna do. Now, i think i need some refreshment, and think where do i have to go this Easter and what i have to do, cause i'll be home alone in Easter day. Mm, would someone mind to accompany me?


Thursday, April 2, 2009


I've been tag by Lin almost a month ago. Today, i have more time to think and repost her note. I had to find answers which started with letter G, according to my first letter from my real name. My name is Gressiana Siahaan, so i had to answers all the questions with words and they all had to start with G.

Here's my answers.

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. Have Fun!!

1. What is your name: Gressiana

2. A four Letter Word: Good

3. A boy's Name: Glenn

4. A girl's Name: Gloria

5. An occupation: Gardener

6. A color: Green

7. Something you wear: G-string hahaha

8. A food: Gado2, eventhough i dislike it

9. Something found in the bathroom: Gayung

10. A place: Greece, which i loved the most :)

11. A reason for being late: Gara2 bangun telat, gara2 sakit perut, dan gara2 lainnya hehe

12. Something you shout: GOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!

13. A movie title: Godzilla

14. Something you drink: Green tea

15. A musical group: Gigi

16. An animal: Gajah

17. A street name: Gadjah Mada

18. A type of car: Grandis-Mitsubishi

Make yours, i bet you'll enjoy it, too.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, today really seems better than yesterday. Yesterday i cried all day, i went to doctor in the afternoon, chit chat with Arlene and Desi until 9PM, then went home again, and study until midnight. But, i still not focus on what i've read, yah, i still thinking about them. They all came in one package, they really made me confused, but, i believe that today and the next days will be better. I can't deny that i want to forget all about it so bad, but i can't help, my heart refused me to do that. God help me..

Oya, today is soooo hoooottt!!! Inggrid said that today sun's location is near to earth, it makes today really badly hot! They heated my body so much, but, something surprise me. Guess what??

My wondie is in my room now!
Happy happy happy happy :)

" April Mop should be lie to me and treat me bad, but Wondershoe know how to treat me like a lady. Love you, Wondie. You made this day brighter. I got the happiest Wonder-Boo today "