Saturday, April 4, 2009

hoping for the better me


Huff, i felt so unwell these days. It all started after i back home from Penang. I knew that i didn't have enough sleep and meal there, and after back, i got busy with all campus stuff, remembering that mid semester test is not so far, and i'm doing it now. And, still i had problems with someone. So, after i fought with someone, and i won't to add this problem to my friends', i decided to go to doctor. That time, i had migran for 2 days. Doctor gave me 2 medicines, one i have to eat everyday, the other one i have to eat if i get migran again. Now, thanks be to God, i didn't get any migran or headache for this week, which i need the most, because i'm facing mid semester test now.

But, i got depresed after that. I failed my promise not to cry and i cried. And felt such a fool donkey for him. Yeah, he is my goddamn stressor, hey man, had you realized it, or not? Then, after discussed with my mom, i went to doctor again, and she said that i have to check my blood (pardon my very bad English, ya hehe). In the afternoon, i went back to hear the result and doctor's suggestion for me. Now, i have to manage my diet, at least for these 2 weeks, i hope everything will be fine and i will not have migran for a long time.

Today, i woke up early, and doing jogging, it's my very first time. A lil bit curious, but, finally, i found what i want. I have skin problem, both in my arms. Then, i searched the doctor's place (not to far from Desi and Meilan' crib actually) while jogging. After that, i went home again to take a bath and went back to doctor, and have to buy salep to reduce the problem, and he said i have to wear it for a month! Oh my God, how pity i am, i lost a lot of money this week for visiting one doctor to another. I'm so sorry mamapapa *huhuhu*

Then, after i tried to take medical way to solve my problems, i have to face the problem myself. He had no will to make me comfortable, well, it's your choice, man. I let you doing all the things you want, but, he have no will to forbid me doing things i wanna do. Now, i think i need some refreshment, and think where do i have to go this Easter and what i have to do, cause i'll be home alone in Easter day. Mm, would someone mind to accompany me?


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