Thursday, April 9, 2009

FF4 and vote

Fast and Furious 4

I am not an action movie lover, i hate watching blood in every scene, scream, wah, it such a nightmare to me, trust me hehehe. So, i was not that interest to watch this FF4, i prefer watch Knowing, starring Nicholas Cage. But, i realized i just want to watch movie, any kind of movie, except horror, which i won't think hard to understand. And, Inggrid and Loloy chose it, FF4 in Taman Anggrek XXI on 12pm.

Inggrid picked me and Loloy up and we got there in 11.30am, and guess what? The XXI still closed until 1.3opm! Then, we moved to Noodle Cafe to have lunch, and back to the cinema. And still have to queue for almost half hour, before we bought the tickets. But, it was worth enough to wait. I liked it anyway, eventhough in some scene, i thought it was so lebai, sorry to say, Thio, but it really was. I heart Vin Diesel in this movie, botaknya itu loh, ga kuat hahaha. He's cool, he really is. I recall that last night, Alexy gave me Johnny Depp picture by using SEXIEST MAN in facebook, but i prefer Keanu Reeves so much more, but, maybe added both Vin Diesel and Paul Walker seems great, ya? hehehe..

I heart the bald one =p

Today, i wasn't mencontreng, because i have no elector card. I have Jakarta ID card, but, got no right to vote. I want it so bad to use my right to vote, but, i couldn't. Oya, i saw a long queue in Starbucks. They made a cool promotion today, if you vote, show them your little finger with ink, then you'll get free coffee. And hundred people proved it today. Congrats to them. I won't be jealous if it just a coffee, but if it is a green tea frappucino, wah, i'll be mad on my uncle who didn't give me elector card to vote, hahaha. See their advertisement below.

vote first, hot coffee follow

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