Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kartinis Go To Rink

Happy Kartini's Day to all the women in Indonesia.

Let us shout together "GIRL POWER!" hehe. I was blessed today, had congrats my mom as my #1 woman in the world because i am her biggest fan. She replied me also, called me Kartini, too hehe. Then, after i finished my last class at 3.30pm, mom also called me, but, i couldn't answer her call because it was swift rain, i couldn't hear her voice and have to go quickly to AW while waiting to Loloy to come before we went to Taman Anggrek Mall (for the second time this week hehe).

We planned to watch Knowing, starring Nicholas Cage. It was Loloy who demanded to watch that, but we was late to see the current show of Knowing, so Inggi and I decided to play ice skating in the third floor. Me and Inggi was never have experience on playing ice skating, so we both felt so excited. Loloy and Desipus actually dislike with our idea, but they couldn't help when we insisted them to join us, while waiting to the next show of Knowing.

Then here we are. Paid the tickets, socks, and locker. Wore that skating shoes (don't know its name), dirty and black ones then we played. I felt such a sensation like playing roller blade when i was a child. I liked it, but still afraid to "dance"- i thought walking or gliding in the ice looked like dance in the ice, isn't it? especially when they make a circle, how pretty :)

Me, after played ice skating

Me and Loloy

Me, Ing and Loloy

Desipus, Ing, Loloy and Me in the rink

We spent half hour there, another half hour to prepare ourselves and took pictures hehe. Then Inggrid went home, but Me, Loloy and Desipus stopped by Planet Surf then have dinner in Platinum. Still continued our chit-chat there, before went home at 8.30pm. Wah, what a day! I have full class, started on 8am up to 3.30pm, still have mall walking, played ice skating and now, i am ready to sleep, i felt so tired actually hehe. Well, this is for today. Hope your Kartini's Day as good as mine :)

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